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Spill hearings: Signs of trouble at 8:58 p.m.

There was a 43 minute lag between the first sign of trouble in the well data and when the crew first acted, according to one of BP’s in-house investigators. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)  More »

Spill hearings: Day 2, BP engineers on tap

Yesterday’s hearings were notable for admissions from a Sperry Sun worker that he was on a break when monitors he was supposed to watch showed signs that could have been a clue to the pending blowout. Today two BP employees are set to testify. (Photo: Melissa Phillip/Houston Chronicle)  More »

Rig worker was on coffee break when possible signs of blowout occurred

Mud logger Joseph Keith told investigators he took the 10-minute break on the evening of April 20 while the crew of the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig displaced a portion of the well’s drilling mud with seawater. (Photo: Nick de la Torre/Houston Chronicle )  More »

After the drilling ban, a drilling ban remains

The Obama administration’s response to the Deepwater Horizon disaster has been reduced to a bad joke, Loren Steffy writes, but no one in the oil industry is laughing. (AP Photo)  More »

Spill hearings: 8 months later, the data’s still inconclusive

Testimony reveals that a great deal of data was collected right up until the rig blast, but with many variables in play getting an accurate picture of the well was difficult. (Photo: Nick de la Torre/Houston Chronicle)  More »

Spill hearings: Second witness in the hot seat

John Gisclair is considered the authority on data that was recorded from the doomed Macondo well and transmitted for storage onshore. (Photo: Nick de la Torre/Houston Chronicle)  More »

Spill hearings: Lunch break, first witness is through

A Sperry Sun employee and a Transocean drilling officer are expected to testify this afternoon. (Photo: Nick de la Torre/Houston Chronicle)  More »

Darkness on the edge of the Gulf

Companies aren’t willing to pay to keep rigs idled indefinitely as they await permits, Loren Steffy writes: “The administration has managed to take a difficult situation and make it untenable.” (Photo: Melissa Phillip/Houston Chronicle)  More »

Spill panel returns, will there be fireworks?

As joint investigation kicks off in Houston this morning, some observers expect verbal sparring between the panel co-chair and witnesses’ lawyers. (Photo: Pixel Addict/Flickr)  More »

BP weighs North Sea asset sales to fund Gulf spill cleanup

The oil giant may sell some fields and infrastructure in the region where it has operated for more than 40 years to raise capital after the Deepwater Horizon disaster. (Photo: Sullom Voe Terminal via Bloomberg)  More »

Coast Guard spill hearings resume today in Houston

The joint investigation into the Deepwater Horizon disaster resumes in Houston today with testimony on data from the well’s final minutes and a possible defense to claims that one of the panel’s co-chairs is biased. (AP Photo)  More »

President’s spill commission complains National Oilwell Varco won’t cooperate

The panel investigating the Deepwater Horizon disaster says the probe has run into “a roadblock:” Houston-based National Oilwell Varco. (Photo: Brian Forbes/Flickr)  More »

Lawyer calls spill hearing co-chair biased, asks that he step down

Curt Kuchta, right, master of the Deepwater Horizon rig, testifies at a May 27, 2010 joint Coast Guard/BOEMRE hearing. His attorneys are asking that the co-head of the investigation, Capt. Hung Nguyen, be removed from the panel. (Photo: U.S. Coast Guard)  More »

What went wrong on Macondo? Another theory

A well-completions expert believes a failed casing shoe and clogged kill line set the stage for missed readings on the Deepwater Horizon. (AP File Photo/Gerald Herbert)  More »

Yes, oodles of wells drilled, but still it’s no time for complacency

Just because 50,000 wells have been drilled right doesn’t mean that the next one won’t be drilled wrong, Loren Steffy writes, nor does it mean another 50,000 will be drilled before there’s another disaster like the Macondo well blowout. (Photo: Heather Vescent/Flickr)  More »