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Gulf lawmakers want Congress to study drilling permits

With gas prices on the rise and jobs nationwide on the line, a group led by Gene Green of Houston today asked House leaders to convene a hearing to study whether the Obama administration is moving too slowly in approving offshore drilling projects.  More »

Tired of waiting for BP, Louisiana puts $2M toward spring oyster crop

As much as half of Louisiana’s oyster crop was wiped out this past summer not by oil, but by freshwater diversions opened by the state in an effort to flush oil out of wetlands. The state decided to make the investment rather than wait for BP to pay $15 million state officials requested in November to address oyster deaths.  More »

Scientist finds Gulf bottom still oily, dead

Oil from the BP spill remains stuck on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, according to a top scientist. That report is at odds with a recent report by the BP spill compensation czar that said nearly all will be well by 2012.  More »

DOJ conducts criminal probe of BP spill estimates

Were early oil spill flow rates misrepresented in order to slow a crash in BP’s stock price? Investigators with the Justice Department and Securities and Exchange Commission want to know.  More »

Spill panel blames lax oversight of well cementing

BP failed to keep a close watch on work done by the cement contractor at its doomed Macondo well, even though an audit spotlighted problems with Halliburton Co. three years before the Deepwater Horizon disaster, the presidential oil spill commission said.  More »

Judge gives feds 30 days to act on Gulf drilling permits

A federal judge gave offshore energy regulators a month act on five permit applications filed by companies that have drilling contracts with Ensco Offshore, the Louisiana drilling company leading the legal challenge to the government’s offshore drilling ban.  More »

Lawsuit: BP took advantage of cleanup workers

Three workers who helped BP in its oil spill cleanup efforts after last year’s disaster accuse the oil giant in a federal lawsuit of denying them overtime pay and other benefits.  More »

BP calls oil spill claims methodology too generous

The oil giant took exception with a Feb. 2 report by Feinberg, the Washington lawyer heading the Gulf Coast Claims Facility, that outlined how he planned to judge final claims. BP said Feinberg’s methodology artificially inflates future expected losses for victims of the spill.  More »

Oil companies unveil spill containment system

The Marine Well Containment Co. announced Thursday that it has assembled and tested the equipment and support vessels needed to contain a spill similar to BP’s massive accident last year, which took 85 days to plug. Some of the equipment was used by BP in its containment efforts.  More »

Spill commission report sheds new light on problems at Macondo well

The presidential oil spill commission’s chief investigator, Fred Bartlit, today provided new details about what may have caused the Deepwater Horizon disaster — including problems mixing and testing the cement pumped at the Macondo well and a BP reorganization that distracted key personnel working on the project.  More »

Food for thought: Pondering the offshore permit problem

The federal offshore energy bureau’s statistics don’t tell the whole story about permitting in the Gulf of Mexico, Loren Steffy writes, but the industry also seems to be overstating the size of the backlog.  More »

Second round of relief grants available for workers affected by drilling ban

The grants are limited to people who were working as of May 6 in direct support of any deep-water drilling rig that was subject to the moratorium. Eligible applicants include people working for offshore supply companies and offshore support companies such as fuel, industrial chemical and food supply firms and diving and crew boat service businesses.  More »