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Exxon chief says BP’s Dudley was unfair to industry in CERAWeek speech

Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson said BP chief Bob Dudley did a “disservice” by suggesting oil industry safety problems led to the worst U.S. offshore oil spill. The Deepwater Horizon disaster resulted from BP management failures, Tillerson said.  More »

CERAWeek: Oil spill damage extended to land-locked natural gas producers

Energy producers are trying to convince skeptical state regulators and lawmakers on Capitol Hill that the industry is capable of extracting natural gas without contaminating drinking water supplies. Public opposition to hydraulic fracturing was already steep before the spill and now it’s even more so.  More »

CERAWeek: Federal spill panel leader repeats call for safety institute

William Reilly, a Conoco board member and co-chair of the presidential oil spill commission said much has been done by the industry and the government to make offshore drilling safer, but tougher standards are needed.  More »

CERAWeek: BP’s Dudley points to ‘cultural change’ on safety

The BP chief is saying — and to some extent doing — the right things after last year’s oil spill, Loren Steffy writes. Yet doubts linger about the company’s commitment to change.  More »

Rowdy Mardi Gras gives maskers a chance to mock BP

Some bared flesh and threw beads on Bourbon Street in New Orleans’ French Quarter during this year’s Carnival, while others took the opportunity for political commentary by wearing costumes lampooning the oil spill and other headline-grabbing events.  More »

CERAWeek: BP’s Bob Dudley addresses safety, other issues

The Gulf oil spill has changed forever how the industry operates offshore, said BP CEO Bob Dudley.  More »

CERAWeek: Oil service firms say Gulf slowdown will last for years

The leaders of companies that provide rigs, manufacture drilling equipment and install it offshore said the current slowdown in drilling permits will translate into dropped demand for their products months and even years from now.  More »

CERAWeek: BP’s Bob Dudley apologizes

BP CEO addresses the CERAWeek crowd, beginning with a mea culpa from the company. Read the complete text of his prepared remarks here.  More »

Louisiana seeks $1M plus a day in spill damages

The state of Louisiana is suing BP and its Macondo well partners, asking for at least $1 million in penalties for each day of the spill plus full reimbursement for cleanup and remediation costs.  More »

Feds name new head of oil spill investigation

The Department of Justice is consolidating its criminal investigation of the Deepwater Horizon under a prosecutor with a background fighting organized crime.  More »

Gulf spill investigators: Flaw possible in BOP

There may have been a fundamental safety design problem with the pods that controlled the massive device that failed to stop the Gulf oil spill, federal investigators said Friday. They asked for more testing to confirm the findings.  More »

Noble rig leaves U.S. Gulf for Brazil

The Noble Clyde Boudreaux, an ultra-deepwater semisubmersible, is one of several such rigs to depart the Gulf as oil companies wait for regulators to approve new drilling permits after the BP spill.  More »