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Embassy of the Philippines vows to protect claims of workers hurt in Gulf blast

Officials from the Philippines vowed to protect the rights and claims of workers from the country who were injured and killed in last year’s fatal Gulf platform blast.  More »

Black Elk-funded investigation blames contractors for fatal platform explosion

The fatal explosion of a Gulf of Mexico production platform last November was sparked by contractors conducting maintenance work at the site, according to an investigation commissioned by the Houston-based company that owned the facility.  More »

Feds push stricter rules for offshore production systems

The Obama administration on Wednesday proposed a rule to tighten standards for oil and gas production systems used offshore, in a bid to keep pace with the industry’s march into deeper waters and more challenging terrain.  More »

Anadarko pushes boundaries with newest deep-water platform (video)

Anadarko’s Lucius truss spar project would have seemed unreasonable a decade ago. It’s the culmination of a multibillion-dollar effort to pump up to 80,000 barrels of oil per day from a set of Gulf wells under about 7,100 feet of water.  More »

Foreign payments fight could jeopardize US-Mexico drilling pact

The oil industry is jeopardizing efforts to open drilling in international Gulf of Mexico waters by aggressively opposing a federal mandate to disclose foreign payments, according to a former State Department official.  More »

Black Elk Energy: Fatal fire hit finances, production

Houston-based Black Elk Energy said Thursday it was still dealing with economic fallout from last year’s fatal explosion at one of its Gulf of Mexico production platforms, even as federal investigators continue to probe the company’s overall safety.  More »

Bond market underwhelmed by Mexico reform plan

President Enrique Pena Nieto’s plan to loosen Mexico’s 75-year-old oil monopoly is underwhelming the bond market after he unveiled fewer incentives for private drilling companies than his political rivals advocated.  More »

Deadline set for responses to BP fraud allegations

A federal judge has set an Aug. 26 deadline for court-supervised claims administrator Patrick Juneau to respond to BP’s allegations that it has uncovered new allegations of fraud and conflicts of interest inside a settlement program that has awarded billions of dollars to Gulf Coast businesses and residents.  More »

Commentary: A tough month of July provides plenty of opportunities for reflection

It’s definitely been a rough couple of weeks for everyone in the oil & gas industry. On almost exactly the same day, a blowout lead to the total destruction of a jackup rig in the Gulf of Mexico, and Halliburton admitted to destroying after the Macondo incident cementing-related data. Add to that the death of George Mitchell, and you have one pretty sad month of July, one that I definitely would like to put behind me.  More »

Workers begin relief well at site of Gulf blowout

Workers on Sunday began a month-long quest to plug a gas well that blew out in the Gulf of Mexico in July, forcing the evacuation of 44 people and igniting a fire that raged for two days.  More »

Olympus offshore platform arrives at deep-water destination (photos)

Shell’s massive Olympus production platform has reached its destination in the deep-water Gulf of Mexico, ending an 18,000-mile journey that began last year in South Korea.  More »

Accidents show depth of danger in shallow waters

Recent incidents have brought new attention to dangers that still lurk on the shallow continental shelf, where companies rely on decades-old pipes and platforms to tap aging fields.  More »