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Ex-BP engineer who deleted texts heads to trial

Nearly a year after energy giant BP cut a deal to a resolve a criminal investigation of its role in the nation’s worst offshore oil spill, a jury is set to hear the Justice Department’s case against a former company employee accused of trying to stymie the federal investigation.  More »

BP builds its largest-ever Gulf of Mexico fleet (photos)

Three years after the Deepwater Horizon disaster, BP has built up its largest fleet ever in the Gulf of Mexico, adding two new drilling rigs to its U.S. offshore operations, the company said Tuesday.  More »

BP releases Gulf of Mexico environmental data

BP on Monday released water chemistry and oil data it uses in its efforts to clean up the Gulf of Mexico, and plans to publish information on everything from aquatic life and birds to shorelines and  More »

Transocean profits on increased drilling contracts

Rig operator Transocean earned $546 million during the third quarter.  More »

BP launches website to “set the record straight” on the Gulf

British oil giant BP has set up a website to “set the record straight” about the economic and environmental recovery in 2010 the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.  More »

OceanGate uses manned submersible to observe Rigs to Reefs (photos)

OceanGate, a Seattle-based provider of deep-water submersible vessels, has released a new crop of underwater images from the federal Rigs to Reefs program, showing sea creatures swimming among the steel legs of an old Black Elk Energy platform.  More »

Growth likely as long as oil stays above $40

Oil companies are rapidly cutting their costs as they produce at higher rates in the United States, with output likely to continue growing as long as oil prices stay above $40 a barrel.  More »

Feds: Safety culture ‘poor, at best’ before fatal Black Elk platform blast

In their report on the fatal explosion of a Black Elk platform last year, the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement and the Coast Guard said that workers who were “worried about losing their jobs if they raised safety concerns” did not call a halt to work “despite apparent anomalies.”  More »

Appeals court to review approval of BP settlement

Plaintiffs’ attorneys who brokered the deal want the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to uphold the class-action settlement.  More »

Feds launch probe into death of Gulf worker

Federal investigators said Thursday they will launch a probe to determine what caused the death of an oil platform worker, after he fell into the Gulf of Mexico on Sunday evening.  More »

Anadarko erects newest oil platform in the deep-water Gulf (video)

Anadarko has released a series of videos providing a cool look inside the journey of its Lucius platform, the company’s latest technological marvel to work in the deep-water Gulf of Mexico.  More »

BP opens Houston home for massive supercomputer

BP opened a new computer center on Tuesday that is home to what the oil giant calls the world’s largest supercomputer for commercial research, part of BP’s efforts to more quickly analyze scans of underground rocks, the company said.  More »