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Seven plead guilty in Gulf oil spill settlement fraud

Seven people have pleaded guilty to stealing money from an oil spill settlement fund, Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange announced Monday.  More »

BP: State can’t order removal of anchors

BP has filed a federal lawsuit against Louisiana authorities over an August order that the oil giant remove anchors that were placed in the Gulf of Mexico following the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster.  More »

Skilled trade workers may get scarce as energy construction booms

IHS conference speakers say a building boom in the downstream energy business, especially along the Gulf Coast, will create a shortage of skilled trades workers, although competition for them will be less fierce than before the recession.  More »

Commentary: Looking past isolated incidents to see the big picture of safety in oil and gas

It has always frustrated me that the industry keeps relatively quiet following high profile incidents. Rather than take control of the narrative and seize the chance to provide as much clarity as possible, it tends to fall back on itself. This allows other groups to shape events to their advantage, and the damage to the industry’s reputation grows larger and lasts longer.  More »

Wildcatter hunch unlocks $1.5 trillion oil offshore US

Texaco Inc. geologist Robert Ryan didn’t suspect he was helping change the energy future of the Gulf of Mexico when he gave the go-ahead for a well that would break the world record for deep-water drilling.  More »

Mexican energy reform proposals may include made-in-Mexico rules

A proposed energy reform in Mexico could likely include increased requirements for international companies to use locally produced products and services, experts said Friday morning in a Houston-based conference sponsored by Mayer Brown.  More »

Noble Energy discovers oil and gas at Gulf of Mexico site

The Houston company said it has discovered between 50 million and 100 million barrels of oil equivalent at its Troubadour exploratory well in the deep-water Gulf of Mexico.  More »

Blown out Gulf well secured — but not killed

A natural gas well that blew out in the Gulf of Mexico in July has been plugged, though it may be a long time before it is permanently killed, federal regulators confirmed Monday.  More »

Tech Talk – A Dickensian Situation Revisited

Back in March 2005, I posted my first offering to the new site that Kyle and I had agreed to call “The Oil Drum.” Now, some eight years later, this will be my final Tech Talk to appear on the site, and it is perhaps appropriate to go back to that f…  More »

Recent accidents highlight shallow water dangers, departing regulator says

Recent accidents at offshore oil and gas facilities highlight the risks of producing energy on the shallow continental shelf as well as the Gulf of Mexico’s deepest frontiers, said a departing U.S. regulator James Watson.  More »

Feds net $102.4 million in Gulf lease sale

Dozens of companies submitted $144.6 million in bids to drill in the Gulf of Mexico during a government auction Wednesday, guided by fresh seismic research offering new hints about oil and gas that could lurk underground. BP skipped out on the sale because it is suspended from new government contracts.  More »

Western Gulf lease sale draws tepid interest

The federal government will open bids from a dozen companies seeking new drilling leases in the western Gulf of Mexico on Wednesday. But none of them will be from BP, which is suspended from new government contracts in connection with the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster.  More »