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Obama’s energy secretary nominee consulted for BP

President Barack Obama’s nominee to head the Energy Department, Ernest Moniz, consulted last year for oil giant BP, and General Electric Co., while serving on the boards of other energy and investment firms, according to newly released financial disclosure forms.  More »

Obama’s War on Mobility

The Obama Administration has decided to once again tinker with the chemical composition of gasoline with a rule that would force another reduction in the sulfur level of gasoline by two-thirds.  The alleged justification is clean air and protecting the catalytic converters on cars and trucks.  EPA claims that this is a minor change that […]  More »

Chesapeake names interim CEO

Chesapeake Energy Corp. picked Chief Operating Officer Steven C. Dixon to be interim chief executive as co-founder Aubrey K. McClendon steps down from the natural gas explorer he led for almost a quarter century.  More »

Feds to unveil new sulfur standards for gasoline

The Obama administration on Friday is expected to unveil a long-delayed plan to slash smog-forming sulfur emissions from gasoline, despite objections from the oil industry.  More »

Legislature tackles revamping of Texas energy regulator

At least one thing was clear after a contentious four-hour meeting of the Energy Resources Committee this week: Passing a bill to reauthorize the Texas Railroad Commission won’t be easy.  More »

Gulf Coast refineries good place for Canadian crude, IHS analysts say

Building brand new facilities in Canada to upgrade the tar-like bitumen harvested in Alberta is a costly investment that no longer pays off, especially since many refineries in Texas and Louisiana are already capable of processing the fossil fuel or can be more cheaply modified to do so, analysts say in a new report.  More »

Shipping riskier than drilling in Arctic, senator says

News reports focused on Arctic drilling problems experienced by Shell, but the unregulated ship traffic is a bigger concern up North, said Begich, D-Alaska.  More »

Corn supply slumps most since ’75 on ethanol profit

Corn supplies in the U.S., the biggest grower, are shrinking at the fastest pace in almost four decades as improving demand from ethanol refiners drains reserves already diminished by drought.  More »

Refiners boost output, pushing crude price higher

West Texas Intermediate crude traded near its highest in five weeks and was set for a quarterly gain after U.S. government data showed refineries raised operating rates.  More »

New York gasoline strengthens on East Coast supply drop

Spot gasoline in New York Harbor strengthened against futures after the Energy Information Administration reported the largest drop in East Coast stockpiles of the fuel since November.  More »

Ethanol weakens against gasoline on record low seasonal demand

The Energy Information Administration says ethanol stockpiles are at the lowest level in almost four months while gasoline demand is the weakest since Jan. 11, shrinking the potential pool of the motor fuel with which ethanol can be blended.  More »

Oil spill response group forming emergency strike team for Gulf

The Marine Well Containment Co., formed in the wake of the 2010 Gulf oil spill to tackle runaway deep-water wells, on Tuesday announced it is assembling a 100-member strike team to be at the ready in case of another deep-water drilling disaster. View photos of the massive equipment that the group will operate to cap wells and siphon oil in an emergency.  More »