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Foreign Policy Considerations Need to Be Central in Debate on US Energy Exports

Foreign policy considerations should be central to the discussion of U.S. oil and natural gas export policy. Barriers to energy trade and investment between major oil and gas rich regions and consuming countries can harm the global economy, leave the U.S. and its allies subject to energy blackmail, and create artificial shortages of vital energy […]  More »

Salty sea yields a fresh drink of water

The same platforms that produce oil also turn seawater into freshwater by filtering it through fine membranes in a complex process called reverse osmosis.  More »

Contractor is killed at Eagle Ford construction site

A contractor working in the Eagle Ford Shale was killed Monday morning at a BHP Billiton Petroleum construction site in Karnes County.  More »

It’s not a sports bar, it’s OTC: TVs, top-shelf beer and subsea oil storage

In addition to more television screens than a typical sports bar, Kongsberg Marine AS carved out a spot among the popular booths by offering top-shelf beer and wine served from a full-sized bar area.  More »

National oil companies invest in renewables, but remain committed to oil and gas

Chief executives of some of the world’s largest national oil companies said they are bullish on fossil fuels, even if their companies are also investing in biofuels and other forms of renewable energy.  More »

Need a sugar fix? Head to Germany

One of the companies in the Germany pavilion has a special treat for its homesick visitors hankering for a treat from back home.  More »

3M’s virtual person attracts visitors to its booth

3M Co. debuted its talking hologram at OTC this year, drawing visitors into the company’s booth with a looped presentation delivered by a life-size virtual woman named Meisha.  More »

Thermal vision beats night vision

Thermal imaging displays tiny differences in heat and technology has allowed it to become miniaturized, and commercialization has caused its price to drop.  More »

Shape-memory alloy makes its way from space to sea

If metal that changes shape with a gust of warm air sounds like something that came from outer space, that’s because it did. The metal — known as shape-memory alloy — has been used in aerospace for decades, but it’s just beginning to make its offshore drilling debut. It also had its coming-out at the Offshore Technology Conference on Monday.  More »

Inergy to buy gas processor Crestwood for $1.25 billion

Inergy Midstream LP, the pipeline partnership that began trading publicly 18 months ago, agreed to buy Crestwood Midstream Partners LP for $1.25 billion in stock and cash, adding natural gas processing capabilities as it seeks to capitalize on rising U.S. output of the fuel.  More »

OTC Guide to Houston’s restaurants and entertainment

Looking for ways to spend your free time during the OTC? Here are guides to some of Houston’s best restaurants, bars, clubs and sites, plus trails for running, which you’ll need to do to work off all those margaritas.       Food, Drinks & Entertainment   Best spots for barbecue Houston’s most memorable barbecue […]  More »

Buzz-worthy restaurants step out

Lucky you: You’ve arrived in Houston during the most dynamic time on record for the city’s restaurant scene. This past year has seen the debut of enough high-profile spots to rattle the pecking order, grab national attention and give you something to brag about when you go back home.  More »