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Shell shuts Gulf crude pipeline after leak

Royal Dutch Shell Plc shut a 170,000-barrel-a-day pipeline that moves Gulf of Mexico crude to Houma, Louisiana, after the pipe leaked in Terrebonne Bay in Louisiana.  More »

Steffy: Ethanol law has become a mandate to nowhere

We’re squabbling about legislation that clearly hasn’t worked.  More »

Ohio lawmakers take up wind, solar energy rule

Battle lines are being drawn over whether Ohio should scrap its renewable energy standard, which requires power companies to generate a portion of their electricity from renewable sources such as solar and wind.  More »

US gas prices drop 3 cents over past 2 weeks

The average U.S. price of a gallon of gasoline has dropped three cents over the past two weeks.  More »

Hydrocarbons Forever?

Beginning with King Hubbard, the creator of the Peak Oil Theory, geologists and others have been predicting the end of the oil and gas era for decades.  In fact the predictions of resource exhaustion predate Hubbard by decades.  And, like the horizon these predictions keep receding as the end dates are approached. In this decade, […]  More »

Sinopec yearly profits fall

China Petroleum & Chemical Corp., Asia’s biggest refiner, joined PetroChina Co. in posting lower 2012 profits, as the nation’s largest energy companies look to overseas growth to counter the impact of price controls at home.  More »

States call Halliburton’s conduct in Gulf spill trial ‘bad faith’

Halliburton heightened the “severity of its misconduct” when it failed to turn over for nearly three years cement samples that may have been used with the undersea well that blew out in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, the states of Alabama and Louisiana said in a court filing Saturday.  More »

Low energy stock prices make for bargain buys, venture capitalist says

Most energy stocks are priced far below the value of their assets, leaving the door open for investors to profit greatly from the recent energy boom, according to Joseph Dancy, a venture capitalist and law professor at Southern Methodist University, speaking at an energy media breakfast on Thursday.  More »

Senator calls for explanation of ethanol’s volatile value

The value of ethanol RINs, certificates used by refiners and the EPA to show compliance with government biofuel mandates, reached a record $1.06 on March 8, data compiled by Bloomberg show.  More »

Fuel demand hits 20-year low for February

As other economic indicators are headed up, the American Petroleum Institute reported this week that U.S. petroleum demand was down by more than 4 percent in February compared to a year earlier.  More »

UH adds new emphasis on energy

In an acknowledgment of the role energy plays in modern life, the University of Houston has added an interdisciplinary minor in energy and sustainability to its academic offerings.  More »

BP announces $8 billion share buyback following deal with Rosneft

BP’s sale of its 50 percent stake in TNK-BP to Russian state oil company Rosneft is allowing the British oil giant to launch an $8 billion share buyback program.  More »