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Some Non-Technical Advice For Starting Your Career In Oil & Gas

It should be obvious that I think very highly of the newest generation of oil & gas professionals, but in no way will I ever say that every one of us acts perfectly from day one on the job, or is equipped right from the beginning to deal with the rigors of the oilfield.  More »

Chevron enters midstream deal in Delaware Basin

In another sign of the growing importance of the West Texas oilfields to Chevron U.S.A., the company announced a joint development agreement with Cimarex Energy Co. for Delaware Basin acreage in Culberson County.  More »

Government by King Kanute and the Non-Elected

President Obama is scheduled to lay out his vision for what the US must do to “lay out my vision for where I believe we need to go: a national plan to reduce carbon pollution, prepare our country for the impacts of climate change, and lead global efforts to fight it,” The steps that he […]  More »

Israel approves export of 40 percent of its gas

The Israeli Cabinet on Sunday approved exporting 40 percent of Israel’s newfound natural gas reserves, keeping a larger amount for local consumption than originally expected.  More »

Natural gas boom cools nuclear prospects — for now

Cheap natural gas, high construction costs and a disaster in Japan have combined to dim prospects for a resurgence in nuclear power — especially in Texas’ unregulated market where utility companies must bear all of the financial risk of building new plants.  More »

Calgary to begin flood cleanup as downtown to remain closed

Calgary’s downtown, home to Canada’s oil industry, will remain closed through the early part of next week after swollen rivers flooded parts of the city, cutting off power and forcing evacuations. At least three deaths due to the flooding were reported Saturday.  More »

Senator: Coastal states getting raw deal with federal drilling dollars (video)

Sen. Mary Landrieu isn’t picking a fight with Wyoming, and she says she has nothing against the Great Plains state. But the Democratic senator from Louisiana insists Wyoming is exhibit A in an argument that coastal states are getting a raw deal when it comes to collecting federal dollars tied to energy development.  More »

“Experience” Is Not The Same Thing As Achievement

In oil & gas I’m dismayed to see that the phrase “has more experience” is sometimes used interchangeably with the phrase “has been around longer”. There’s a clear difference, and it’s important to see both what that difference is and what its implications are.  More »

LNG Exports – First Mover or Laggard?

The American shale gas revolution has led to a strong and growing interest in liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports as a result of domestic supply far outstripping domestic demand, coupled with strong international demand. Current U.S. policy requires Department of Energy (DOE) approval for exports to countries with which the US does not have free […]  More »

Houston firm to buy Tesoro’s Hawaii refinery

Houston-based Par Petroleum Corp. will pay Tesoro $75 million, plus working capital of $225 million to $275 million, for the 94,000-barrel-a-day refinery in Kapolei, Hawaii. The deal includes the purchase of retail stores and associated logistics.  More »

Emcor to buy RepConStrickland for $455 million

Emcor said Monday it would pay cash to purchase the privately held Texas-based firm, whose majority shareholder is an affiliate of the private equity fund ArcLight Capital Partners.  More »

Is Shale Revolution Helping With Climate Goals

This post was written by Rosa Dominquez-Faus, post-doctorial researcher at the Institute of Transportation Studies, UC Davis. Author Michael Levi in his new book Power Surge argues that renewable energy and the shale revolution are complementary rather than competing energy strategies for the United States. Indeed, analysis shows that CO2 emissions from the power sector […]  More »