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U.S. coal use rose in Q1, but declined over longer term

Coal consumption rose in the first quarter of this year, but annual use has declined.  More »

In 1776, energy was rooted in wood

Biofuel mandates may give trees a renewed, if small, role in providing U.S. energy.  More »

Commentary: Any surprises in President Obama’s speech on climate?

It has now been more than a week since President Obama gave his much touted speech on climate change at Georgetown University.  Much of what he said was unsurprising. There were however, three notable moments.   More »

Houston Community College plans solar energy training program

Houston Community College will begin a program next month aimed at training solar panel installation technicians.  More »

Commentary: Regulations for the oil & gas industry are a good thing

If we attempt to run roughshod over a region in ways that benefit us solely and say “well, we know better, please keep away and let us do our work”, then eventually that social license to operate WILL be revoked and WE will be the ones told to keep away.  More »

Shell says Gulf find may hold 100 million barrels

A drilling hunch with its roots in the Jurassic period is paying off for Royal Dutch Shell, with a potential 100-million barrel oil find adding to the company’s bounty in the Gulf of Mexico.  More »

Chesapeake has deal to sell $1 billion in assets

Chesapeake Energy Corp. announced this morning a deal to sell off assets for $1 billion in the Eagle Ford and the Haynesville shales to Dallas-based Exco Resources.  More »

Steelmakers file U.S. trade case seeking duties on oil pipes

A group of oil-pipe makers led by United States Steel Corp. filed a U.S. trade complaint against competitors in nine nations, alleging goods from those countries were sold in the U.S. market below cost and, in some cases, benefited from government subsidies.  More »

Apple to build solar plant to power data center

Technology giant Apple Inc. will pay for construction of an 18-megawatt photovoltaic solar plant in northern Nevada.  More »

Court rejects SEC rule on oil company payments

A federal judge handed the oil industry a big win on Tuesday, by tossing out a new financial disclosure rule that would require companies to reveal what they pay foreign governments in exchange for mineral rights.  More »

Natural gas production remains stable despite low price

Natural gas production is staying stable, despite a price drop of nearly a dollar in the past three months.  More »

Statoil officially an Eagle Ford operator

Statoil takes over as operator of acreage in four South Texas counties in July.  More »