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Report: Fracking colliding with other water uses during drought

Hydraulic fracturing is competing for water in some of the driest regions of the U.S., including the Eagle Ford Shale in South Texas, according to a research paper released today by the nonprofit Ceres.  More »

Being strategic in attending industry events to build your network in oil & gas

Of course, in networking having a strategy is mandatory, and career fairs and industry events should factor into that strategy. Which one of these particular events you attend also requires considerable thought: you only have so much time and money after all!  More »

Does the Google Glass design philosophy clash with oil & gas industry trends?

The biggest challenge I see as I embark on this journey to explore how Glass (and wearable technology generally) can be adapted to oil & gas applications is that the oil & gas industry’s data needs are growing larger and larger (the result of more challenging wells) while displays continue to shrink.  More »

Chevron, GE form pact for oil and gas research

Two of the world’s biggest companies plan to come together to develop and commercialize oil and gas technology at a newly minted research center in Oklahoma City.  More »

US Export Bans 101: Markets Defy Artificial Barriers

Environmental advocates weighing in against US oil and gas exports and Keystone XL Pipeline need to be wary. The belief that creating barriers to exports and infrastructure will lock oil and gas under the ground is a misplaced one. Markets will clear, as long as the demand for fossil energy remains.  The United States as […]  More »

Pipeline trial kicks off as if nasty divorce case

The billion-dollar legal battle among three oil and gas giants – Energy Transfer Partners, Enterprise Products and Enbridge – that went to trial last week sounds like a bitter divorce case, complete with accusations of a lovers’ triangle.  More »

Gas no longer escaping from rig off La. coast

The operator and federal regulators say the flow of natural gas, water and sand has been stopped at a drilling rig off Louisiana’s coast.  More »

The beginning of my adventure with Google Glass for oil & gas

In order to show just how great the potential for Glass is, Google is actively looking for storytellers or “Explorers” (like this fireman) to show how they can apply this technology to their areas of technical expertise. Today I am incredibly excited that I was invited to be a part of the Explorer program.  More »

Crews lose control of gas rig off Louisiana coast

Officials say no injuries or pollution have been reported and efforts are underway to stop the flow of gas.  More »

How can you mitigate the cost of retraining for an oil & gas career?

How can you undertake more training to join the oil & gas industry in a way that is still within your financial means?  More »

Juror interviews at issue in ex-BP engineer’s case

A former BP engineer is basing his request for a new trial on improper interviews with jurors who had convicted him of trying to obstruct a federal investigation of the company’s 2010 Gulf oil spill, federal prosecutors say.  More »

Pemex sees production ventures as early as year end

Petroleos Mexicanos, Mexico’s state- owned oil company, expects to sign its first exploration and production agreements with international companies as early as year-end after Mexico ended its 75-year monopoly.  More »

Texas grid smoothly weathers its way through freezing temperatures

About three weeks ago, a capacity shock nearly caused blackouts during a cold snap – this time, rigorous preparations appear to have paid off: the Texas grid hummed along this morning with ample capacity and reserves, even as early morning Houston temperatures still hover around freezing.  More »

Oil slips to $97 after rally

The price of oil slipped back to near $97 a barrel Friday, interrupting a sustained rally on expectations for increased demand.  More »

Energy subsidies rebound to pre-financial crisis levels

Grants and tax breaks designed to lower energy production costs fell sharply after commodity prices plunged in 2008. A new report points out they have returned to levels not seen since the financial crisis, reaching up to $1.9 trillion.  More »