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Higher natural gas prices will boost companies’ profits

A recent rise in natural gas prices is expected to give natural gas companies a much needed boost in first quarter earnings, an analyst’s report said Tuesday.  More »

Route change forces Keystone foes to shift aim to climate change

Opponents of the Keystone XL pipeline used to have a simple argument: the project would endanger Nebraska’s delicate Sand Hills region, a vast network of dunes and wetlands that have been designated a National Natural Landmark.  More »

Energy as dirty as 20 years ago on slow climate effort, IEA says

The level of carbon emitted in global energy supplies has barely changed in 20 years amid stalled efforts to curb pollution and increased coal use, the International Energy Agency said.  More »

BP sued for gas release at its former Texas City plant

A lawsuit alleges that residents living near a Texas City refinery suffered health effects because of emissions from the plant.  More »

The Danger of Politics – Europe Fails to Support Carbon Market

The EU Parliament unexpectedly shot down a proposal to reduce the supply of greenhosue gas credits entering the EU market, going against the recommendation of the Environment Committee, the EU Climate Action Commissioner, and the European Commission itself. While some of the negative votes were expected (Poland has fought vociferously against any action that would […]  More »

Environmentalists: Feds overlooking climate costs of Keystone XL

As House Republicans advance legislation to expedite the Keystone XL pipeline, environmentalists on Tuesday released a new report insisting the State Department is ignoring the full climate change damage that could result if the Obama administration approves the project.  More »

Report: Seismic research on East Coast could harm 140,000 whales & dolphins

Nearly 140,000 whales and dolphins could be injured if the Obama administration allows energy companies to conduct seismic research aimed at identifying oil and gas along the Atlantic Coast, according to a new report issued Tuesday.  More »

Guest Commentary: The shale gas revolution demands change on export policy

The Department of Energy has overseen an energy sector in the US which has stood solidly on an import footing. The US is now grappling, I believe, not with whether to export more gas but with how much more gas to export.  More »

New Opportunities for US Natural Gas Industry with Japan’s Entry to TPP

During his confirmation hearing, Secretary of Energy designate Moniz gave a strong endorsement for the export of natural gas, and just last week the US Trade Representative gave the go ahead for Japan’s entry into the Trans-Pacific Partnership(TPP). The Trans-Pacific Partnership was one of the first Obama initiatives to strengthen trade between the US and […]  More »

Flatt out environmental comments on the last few months of the greenhouse gas regulatory world

It has been a while since my last blog post. In the climate change legal world, most of what has happened in the past few months has been of the utilitarian, and not the showy variety. California continues to implement its Global Warming Solutions Act (A.B. 32) and has already held two auctions of the […]  More »

Energy independence will depend on economy’s overall health

Assumptions on such as the growth of labor, the amount of capital invested and availability of tax credits could shape supply and demand for different forms of energy decades down the road.  More »

It Works in Theory Just Not in Practice

On April 8, George Schultz, one of the nation’s most distinguished public servants, and Nobel laureate Gary Becker wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal explaining Why We Support a Revenue Neutral Carbon Tax. The Foundation for their argument is that a different approach is needed to address environmental externalities, reduce C02 emissions because […]  More »