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Natural Gas Vehicles: Good or Bad for Climate?

This post was written by Rosa Dominguez-Faus, post-graduate research fellow at the Institute for Transportation Studies, University of California, Davis Private businesses, municipal fleets and state governments are increasingly embracing natural gas vehicles (NGVs) as a cleaner, cheaper alternative to traditional oil-based fuels, gasoline and diesel, but new scientific studies are calling into question the […]  More »

Grid operator asks for conservation as cold grips state

The state’s grid operator is asking electric customers to conserve power as more cold moves through Texas and heating demand rises.  More »

Iraq official says oil exports jump in February

Iraq’s daily oil exports surged to 2.8 million barrels per day in February, some half million barrels more than in the previous month.  More »

Calpine buys San Antonio-area power plant for $625 million

Houston-based Calpine Corp. has added a Guadalupe County power plant to its fleet of nearly 100 in the U.S. and Canada.  More »

Growing Momentum for Energy Exports?

Support for lifting restrictions on U.S. energy exports is gaining momentum in Congress.  Recently, members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee put their support behind the growing chorus to lift restrictions on U.S. energy exports.  They join Senators Murkowski and Landrieu, the ranking member and now-chair of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources committee. […]  More »

Freeport LNG gets $1.2B in equity from Japanese utilities

Freeport LNG, which plans to build a major natural gas and liquefaction facility, signed an agreement that provides the final piece of equity it needs for the initial phase of its plans.  More »

Regulatory limbo keeping safer crude cars off the tracks, lawmaker says

The government’s long delay in drafting mandates for stronger tankers to haul crude across the nation’s train tracks is paralyzing companies that want to invest in safer cars, a Democratic lawmaker charged Wednesday.  More »

Spain’s Repsol accepts $5 billion for Argentine unit

The approval marks the end of a bitter dispute that hurt relations between the two countries.  More »

Google Glass is one example of wearable tech in the oil & gas industry…what about smart watches?

My brother and I were driving home together this evening, and given that he works in tech and I have been even more interested in tech than usual since I started my project with Google Glass, naturally the conversation turned to….tech. Specifically, the conversation turned to smart watches, since Samsung has just announced their second […]  More »

Houston-area company lastest to seek approval to build LNG export facility

Excelerate Energy, based in The Woodlands, is the latest in a long line of companies looking to cash on the natural gas boom via an LNG export facility.  More »

Kinder Morgan shares fall amid cash flow questions

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Rich Kinder purchased 199,165 shares of Kinder Morgan Inc. Monday.  More »

The Death Knell for Climate Change Orthodoxy?

In the short space of less than two weeks, there have been several  climate change actions that might be signs bordering on desperation.  First, Secretary of State John Kerry stated that climate change was like a weapon of mass destruction.  And then, President Obama announced plans for additional heavy-duty vehicle fuel efficiency and greenhouse gas […]  More »

A highly positive initial reaction to Google Glass from the oil & gas industry…and some skepticism too

I shouldn’t have been surprised then that, despite the highly positive response I received towards my efforts, there were some skeptical comments, most revolving around the possibility of even taking Glass out into the field. Today still, cell phones for instance aren’t allowed in certain field areas: there would be catastrophic HSE consequences if a signal accidentally triggered a piece of equipment like a wireline gun.  More »

Duke earnings rise 58 percent in 4th quarter

Duke Energy Corp., based in Charlotte, N.C., is the nation’s largest electric utility.  More »

Washington Needs to Embrace the New American Century: More Thoughts on US Exports

I don’t always agree with New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman but his column today is a must read. In a nutshell, he is arguing that innovation in the United States is driving us to greatness again (shale, the internet of things, 3-D printing, etc.) and potentially fantastic job creation but he notes correctly that […]  More »