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Q&A: Dormant issues thaw along with a melting Arctic

By Deb Riechmann,  Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) — The United States and other nations face many challenges and opportunities in the Arctic, a frozen frontier where melting ice is creating new shipping lanes, opening up access to massive oil, gas and mineral deposits, threatening coastal villages and posing possible future security threats. Key questions and […]  More »

Marine emergency group relocates HQ to Houston

The Marine Response Alliance has moved it headquarters from Pompano, Fla., to a facility near Bush Intercontinental Airport.  More »

Top 5 Ways Energy Production Benefited Consumers in 2013

Its been a busy year for U.S. energy production with consumer prices on the decline due to increasing domestic supplies of natural gas and oil. Here are the Top 5 energy related news stories that benefit consumers in 2013.  More »

West Texas wind soon will light up the region

A 3,000-mile network of transmission lines designed to bring wind-generated power from West Texas to homes and businesses from Dallas to San Antonio should be fully operational by Tuesday, year’s end.  More »

Q&A: “The old rules don’t apply” in Mexico energy sector

On Dec. 20, Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto signed constitutional reforms into law to open Mexico’s energy sector to private investment. The reforms will allow international companies for the first time in decades to share in the risks and rewards of oil and gas production. Mexican lawmakers hope the reforms will attract much needed capital […]  More »

Keystone XL foes want focus on spill clean up

Dilbit is made up of bitumen, a thick, sticky hydrocarbon harvested in Canada that is too hard at room temperature to flow through pipelines on its own. To ready it for pipeline transport, companies dilute the bitumen with natural gas liquids or other substances.  More »

Biofuel scientists making headway on cheaper algae-based crude (photos)

Government engineers say they have developed a cheaper way to turn wet algae into crude oil, but it may take a few years to impact the market.  More »

Delta Air Lines joins fight against renewable fuels standard

Through its Monroe refinery unit, Delta Air Lines is now fighting the renewable fuel quotas the Obama administration’s Environmental Protection Agency established for 2013, saying in legal filings that it is “powerless” to comply with the mandates.  More »

Oil extends rise on South Sudan worry

Oil prices rose further above $99 on Friday as violence in South Sudan stoked concerns about the African nation’s oil production. Benchmark U.S. oil for February delivery gained 27 cents to $99.82 in electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange. Oil prices gained nearly 3 percent last week as optimism about the U.S. economic […]  More »

Oil edges closer to $100

Worries over instability in South Sudan have led some analysts to predict the contract may top $100 a barrel for the first time since mid-October.  More »

Deregulation has brought $22 billion more in electric bills for Texas residents

Texans living in deregulated electricity areas paid about $22 billion more in the last decade than they would have under a regulated system, according a recent analysis by a consumer group. Texas residential consumers have paid as much as 45 percent more for deregulated electricity than their counterparts in regulated areas of the state since […]  More »

Quit Digging

An old adage about life is that when you are in a hole quit digging.  With trust in government at an all time low, actions that further erode trust and credibility are just more examples of keep on digging.  The Wall Street Journal recently reported a case of EPA doing exactly that. It is no […]  More »