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Penn. fracturing health project puts numbers to debate

A project examining the local health impacts from natural gas drilling is providing some of the first preliminary numbers about people who may be affected, and the results challenge the industry position that no one suffers but also suggest the problems may not be as widespread as some critics claim.  More »

Frank’s International: A business goes public but keeps family roots

CEO Donald Keith Mosing spoke with FuelFix about the service company’s roots, its IPO and his family’s legacy.  More »

More died on the job in Texas last year

Michael Cunningham, executive director of the Texas Building & Construction Trades Council for the AFL-CIO in Austin, hadn’t seen the data but suspects a sizable portion of the increase comes from the surge in oil and gas exploration and production in Texas.  More »

Review of Keystone contractor won’t be done before January

The investigation of an alleged conflict of interest by a U.S. State Department contractor reviewing the proposed Keystone XL pipeline won’t be complete until January  More »

Mexico seeks tax similar to Brazil for private oil producers

The government plans to significantly reduce oil-drilling royalties paid by Pemex as the oil company is known, as soon as an overall energy overhaul is approved, Mexico’s deputy finance director for revenue told Bloomberg News.  More »

Rocky reception prompts state to slow down on gravel roads

After lawmakers objected, the state is delaying a plan to replace some paved rural roads with gravel rather than repair the pavement.  More »

Commentary: “Back to school” crucial for the oil & gas industry…and America is failing

Are we up to the challenge of educating the country’s children in a meaningful, rigorous way? I sure hope so: the futures of the oil & gas industry and the US as a whole depend on it.  More »

Capacity Markets for Texas Electricity: The Real Story

The issue of further refining Texas’ electric markets to ensure adequate investment to meet peak electric demand has continued to receive increasing attention since the blistering summer of 2011.  Justifiable concern exists among power companies, policy makers and companies regarding the reliability of the state’s electricity supply given the economic growth of the state.  At […]  More »

Yucca Mountain and the Rule of Law

In 1982, Congress passed and the President signed the Nuclear Waste Policy Act that directed the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to approve or disapprove DOE’s application to store nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain.  Although Yucca Mountain was extensively studied for over a decade, confirming it the best site for nuclear waste, nothing was done until […]  More »

Bond market underwhelmed by Mexico reform plan

President Enrique Pena Nieto’s plan to loosen Mexico’s 75-year-old oil monopoly is underwhelming the bond market after he unveiled fewer incentives for private drilling companies than his political rivals advocated.  More »

Valero’s convenience store spin-off reports slight revenue drop

Customers may see new soda and electronic cigarette offerings at some of CST Brands Inc.’s convenience stores as the San Antonio-based company aims to increase same-store sales in the second half of the year.  More »

Groups protest gas pipeline at Ky. Capitol

Land owners joined environmental activists at the state Capitol Wednesday to oppose a pipeline that would carry flammable liquids through several counties in northern Kentucky.  More »