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Four nations urge US gas exports amid Ukraine crisis

Ambassadors from Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic made their appeal Friday in a letter to House Speaker John Boehner.  More »

The Wrong Kind of Bi-Partisanship

Senators Levin (Michigan) and Inhofe (Oklahoma) have recently introduced legislation to promote the adoption of natural gas vehicles( NGVs).  While the nation would benefit from a greater effort between republicans and democrats to find common ground, this initiative would take us further down a road that should be less traveled.  When legislation is introduced to […]  More »

More megaprojects mean growing delays

As the oil and gas industry build a growing number of multi-billion dollar “megaprojects” each year, they face another trend: a growing number of delays.  More »

Feds could order more natural gas export studies

Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz went further than ever before Wednesday in suggesting the Obama administration could redo the economic analysis that is underpinning each of its case-by-case decisions on exporting American natural gas.  More »

Oil and gas flow may not meet pipelines’ cash flow expectations

Pipeline companies are competing for reliable, long-term customers to meet the demands of investors expecting steady cash flows.  More »

US Supreme Court seeks middle ground on shareholder suits

Hearing arguments Wednesday in Washington, the justices considered a bid by Halliburton Co. to overturn a 1988 decision that forms the legal basis for 80 percent of the group securities suits filed each year.  More »

Oil prices slip

The price of oil slipped to near $103 a barrel on Wednesday as concerns over Russia’s military advance into Ukraine eased, but the situation remained tense overall.  More »

Coursework is the fastest way to transition into the oil & gas industry

There is no “magic bullet”: finding a new job is hard enough, and it becomes even tougher if that desired new job is in an industry you’re unfamiliar with, let alone a highly technical and complex one such as oil & gas.  More »

Don’t expect international shale boom quite yet, experts say

While tight oil plays in the U.S. are booming, reproducing that success abroad could be challenging for American companies, energy executives and analysts said Tuesday.  More »

Crude oil drops after big jump over Ukraine crisis

The price of crude oil dropped sharply Tuesday after a big jump the day before over concern that Russia’s military advance into Ukraine could result in economic sanctions against one of the world’s major energy suppliers.  More »

Oil export ban can be lifted piecemeal, analysis says

President Barack Obama should follow the lead of previous commanders-in-chief by creating exceptions to the United States’ 39-year-old ban on exporting American crude, Sen. Lisa Murkowski argued Monday.  More »

Natural Gas Vehicles: Good or Bad for Climate?

This post was written by Rosa Dominguez-Faus, post-graduate research fellow at the Institute for Transportation Studies, University of California, Davis Private businesses, municipal fleets and state governments are increasingly embracing natural gas vehicles (NGVs) as a cleaner, cheaper alternative to traditional oil-based fuels, gasoline and diesel, but new scientific studies are calling into question the […]  More »
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