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Fracking bonanza eludes wastewater recycling investors

Cleaning up water in the oil patch is a tougher slog than many expected. Geology and water chemistry vary so much by location that no one has devised a cheap, one-size-fits-all technology to convince most producers to recycle.  More »

Big hedge funds slow pace of energy investments

The world’s 50 largest hedge funds snapped up stock in Microsoft, Facebook and consumer-products giants like Procter & Gamble, but they only increased their stake in energy stocks by a net $1 billion in the July-September period, FactSet data show.  More »

Bill would make Vermont 1st state to drop oil stocks

To Sen. Anthony Pollina, it makes sense that if Vermont wants to strike a blow against climate change, it should have its pension funds divest from oil, coal and other fossil fuel companies.  More »

Black Elk Energy still feeling financial effects of blast

Black Elk Energy told investors on Wednesday that it is still dealing with financial damage from the fatal explosion at one of its Gulf of Mexico production platforms last year, even as the Houston-based company faces fines and a potential criminal investigation from the incident.  More »

Coal investors’ backlash draws parallels to tobacco

About $8 trillion of known coal reserves lie beneath the earth’s surface. The companies planning to mine and burn them are being targeted by a growing group of investors concerned with the greenhouse gases that will be made.  More »

Oil’s future draws Blood and Gore in investment portfolios

Bloomberg New Energy Finance says peak demand for fossil fuels could happen in 2030. The risk: Oil and coal companies worth more than $7 trillion may be sinking billions of dollars today into projects that will never make sense to finish.  More »

Tesoro Logistics to buy assets, issue units

Tesoro Logistics LP said Monday it will buy certain logistics assets in California from refiner Tesoro Corp. for $650 million in a deal that’s expected to close in the current quarter.  More »

Supreme Court to decide if Halliburton can try to block suit

The case could make it more difficult for shareholders to sue companies for alleged misrepresentations to prop up stock prices.  More »

Berkshire Hathaway juggles oil stocks in third quarter

The size of the Exxon Mobil investment suggests it was Warren Buffett’s decision.  More »

Shell to sell off $15B in assets to offset spending

Royal Dutch Shell Plc is gearing up to sell about $15 billion of assets as Europe’s largest oil company accelerates disposals to offset the cost of projects from Australia to Canada.  More »

Carlyle seeking $7B for energy by 2015 to meet demand

Carlyle Group LP, the world’s second-biggest manager of alternative investments to stocks and bonds, plans to raise $7 billion for energy funds in the next two years.  More »

Companies face the bill for shale rush borrowing

But investors, anxious over debt-laden balance sheets, have started to turn on the producers this year, at times balking at large compensation packages, throwing out managers and installing penny-pinching replacements.  More »