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2 Texas plants are considered for endangered list

The humble yellow flower, no bigger than a quarter, shows itself only three months a year, in places where few people will ever see it.  More »

Anti-fracking activists plan global day of protests

Mock wrestling matches against oil executives are among the demonstrations organizers of #GlobalFrackdown hope to hold on Sept. 22. More than 100 protests are scheduled worldwide.  More »

Environmentalists fault oil industry for Hurricane Isaac accidents

Environmental groups say more than 90 possible leaks occurred during the storm. But many cases were small and federal agencies say damage to oil and natural gas facilities has been minor.  More »

Shell Oil poised for new era on cold frontier

Shell Oil is set to begin work in a new frontier this weekend, as it begins drilling in the Chukchi Sea off Alaska’s northwest coast.  More »

More political rhetoric on energy, the Democrat version

President Obama’s speech to the Democratic convention touched on some familiar energy themes, but they reinforce an unrealistic view of imminent energy challenges.  More »

Appeals court affirms freeze on Utah gas leases

The decision appeared to end years of discord after the Obama administration upended an auction held in the final months of George W. Bush’s administration.  More »

EPA grants 8 states clean gas waiver after Isaac

The Obama administration is temporarily waiving clean gas requirements in eight states affected by Hurricane Isaac.  More »

Shell to build world’s first oil sands CCS project

The carbon capture and storage project will cut more than a million tons of carbon from oil sands production in Alberta annually, Shell leaders said.  More »

Moscow police nab Greenpeace polar bear protesters

Put your paws in the air.  More »

Fracturing sand industry launches group to address local worries

A new trade group in Wisconsin has developed standards for its members, which produce sand for hydraulic fracturing, to reassure skeptics that the business is safe and environmentally responsible.  More »

Greenpeace activists intercept Russian ship

More than a dozen Greenpeace activists have intercepted a ship carrying Russian oil workers to a floating oil platform in Russia’s Arctic.  More »

Greenpeace activists storm Russian oil rig

Greenpeace activists have stormed a floating oil rig in Russia’s Pechora Sea, hundreds of miles from the nearest port, to protest oil drilling in the Arctic, the environmental organization said on Friday.  More »

DC Panel Goes “Through the Looking Glass” in Cross State Air Pollution Rule decision

On Tuesday, a panel of the DC Circuit released its long awaited opinion in EME Homer City Generation v. EPA. This case was brought about on consolidated challenges to the EPA’s attempt to implement the Cross State Air Pollution Rule, a follow up to the CAIR (Clean Air Interstate Rule) that the DC Circuit found […]  More »

Federal appeals court overturns Cross-State Air Pollution regulation

A federal appeals court overturned an Obama administration rule today that requires aging power plants to sharply reduce emissions that cause smog and soot in neighboring states.  More »

Ruling against EPA may not mean much

A fight between energy companies and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency over clean air regulations took a turn in the industry’s favor this week – but only a few businesses seem to have a stake in the outcome anymore.  More »