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The Road to Rio

Many of you may have seen the recent publicity for the upcoming United Nations summit commonly known as Rio +20. The title refers to the 20th anniversary of the Earth Summit, which occurred in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. That meeting produced both the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change as well as a […]  More »

Republicans accuse ex-EPA official of ducking House hearing to meet with Sierra Club

“The fact that Dr. Armendariz was just blocks away and still refused to testify at our hearing raises even more questions. If he had time on his schedule to meet with the Sierra Club, it is even less clear why he was unable to fulfill his prior commitment to testify,” said Rep. Fred Upton.  More »

EPA sues India-based firm mining coal in Kentucky

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says coal companies owned by a massive India conglomerate ran illegal surface mines in eastern Kentucky that polluted waterways.  More »

Industry: EPA overstates pollution from gas production

The Obama administration overstated the greenhouse-gas emissions from unconventional natural-gas production, the American Petroleum Institute and the America’s Natural Gas Alliance said today in a study.  More »

‘Crucify’ comment prompts House inquisition

Al Armendariz, the EPA official who once joked about crucifying corporate polluters, may be in for a more modest form of torment this week at the hands of House Republicans.  More »

UN study foresees job gains with greener policies

Some 15 million to 60 million jobs could be created worldwide over the next two decades if nations took better care of the planet, according to a U.N. study released Thursday ahead of an international summit on sustainable development.  More »

Chevron sued in Canada by Ecuadorans over pollution

Ecuadorans who have waged a bitter legal battle against Chevron over pollution in the Amazon rain forest sued the company in Canada Wednesday in an attempt to seize $18 billion of the oil giant’s assets, after Chevron refused to pay a verdict against it in their homeland.  More »

Exxon Mobil boss hears shareholders’ praise and gripes

At Exxon Mobil’s annual shareholders’ meeting, CEO Rex Tillerson said the company is considering exporting North American natural gas.  More »

Activists gathering at Chevron’s annual meeting

Activists held a press conference and teach-in on Tuesday in San Franciso, and plan to protest outside the gates of Chevron headquarters during Wednesday’s meeting. Some will try to enter the meeting and address shareholders directly.  More »

IEA: Global best practices needed in shale gas boom

Failing to adopt best practices in shale gas production could fuel public opposition and “halt the unconventional gas revolution in its tracks,” the head of the International Energy Agency said today.  More »

Steffy: How Exxon Mobil missed the climate debate

I spent part of the long weekend catching up on a substantial pile of reading, including more than a month of New Yorkers. Among the more interesting pieces I read was Steve Coll’s article on Exxon Mobil’s lobbying.  More »

EPA teams up with NASCAR to promote green initiatives

NASCAR fans get ready for the EPA.  More »

Amid adversity, Chesapeake offers daily tweet-spiration

[View the story "Tweeting inspiration" on Storify]  More »

The oil spill ethics discussion revisited

A few weeks ago, I attended a discussion about ethics and oil spills at the Offshore Technology Conference. I was critical of the presentation by W.C. “Rusty” Riese, a geoscientist and adjunct professor at Rice University, for directing much of the criticism over the Gulf oil spill outwardly at the media, lawmakers and regulators. After [...]  More »

Report: Carbon capture not growing fast enough to reduce CO2 pollution

Analysis by the Worldwatch Institute found that global spending on carbon capture and storage technology has stagnated, at $23.5 billion.  More »