Category: Environment

Investors raise environmental concerns about oil sands

A coalition of 49 investors representing $2 trillion in assets, including investments in companies that operate in Canada’s oil sands, Monday called on those companies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts of their operations.  More »

USGS head to be questioned in oil spill deposition

A critical issue in the ongoing litigation of the 2010 Gulf of Mexico rig explosion and oil spill is about to take center stage in a deposition of a key U.S. government figure — how the amount of crude that spewed from an undersea well was calculated.  More »

Shale video talks jobs, not fracking or traffic

A group supporting shale drilling released a 7-minute video today filled with sound bites from industry proponents about the benefits of increasing natural gas production from shale, but didn’t address many environmental concerns.  More »

API blasts government’s hydraulic fracturing probe

The Environmental Protection Agency’s approach to groundwater testing near Wyoming drilling sites raises concerns about its broader nationwide study on hydraulic fracturing, the nation’s leading oil and gas industry group said Thursday.  More »

Professor offers salt solution to fracturing problem

Since hydraulic fracturing involves mixing salt with water, an academic asks, wouldn’t it work to start with saltwater and conserve fresh water?  More »

Land commmissioner: time for protestors to leave the treehouse

Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson says the Keystone XL Pipeline protestors are “eco-anarchists.”  More »

EPA approves more flexible rules for plant expansions

The EPA has approved permitting rules that will let large industrial facilities expand if the changes don’t increase air pollution.  More »

Nigerian farmers sue Shell in Dutch court

The case marks the first time a Dutch company has been sued for alleged environmental mismanagement caused by a foreign subsidiary.  More »

Gas producers join methane leak study

Nine gas producers are teaming up with an environmental group and the University of Texas to conduct a study into one of the biggest climate change questions facing their work.  More »

EPA asks court to reconsider rejected pollution rule.

The EPA wants a Washington appeals court to take another look at a rule governing power plant emissions that cross state lines, which the court threw out in August.  More »

Chesapeake testing ‘green’ fracking fluids in U.S. shale wells

Chesapeake Energy Corp., the second- largest U.S. natural gas producer, is testing hydraulic- fracturing fluids composed solely of environmentally-benign components in wells.  More »

Chevron seeking emails from Google, Microsoft and Yahoo in Ecuador case

The subpoenas, served this month, are Chevron’s latest effort to prove that a $19 billion judgment against the oil company in Ecuador was the result of fraud. An Ecuadoran judge last year ruled that Chevron should pay to clean up a portion of the Amazon rain forest where Texaco, bought by Chevron in 2001, used to drill for crude.  More »