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Federal appeals court overturns Cross-State Air Pollution regulation

A federal appeals court overturned an Obama administration rule today that requires aging power plants to sharply reduce emissions that cause smog and soot in neighboring states.  More »

Ruling against EPA may not mean much

A fight between energy companies and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency over clean air regulations took a turn in the industry’s favor this week – but only a few businesses seem to have a stake in the outcome anymore.  More »

Anadarko’s bid for Tronox settlement at ‘impasse’

Anadarko said the “reasonable range” of a potential loss in the case is zero to $1.4 billion.  More »

Environmental groups sue EPA for stronger dispersant rules

Environmental groups are suing to force the Environmental Protection Agency to issue a rule on the use of dispersants, such as were used to break up crude after the 2010 Gulf oil spill.  More »

EPA agrees to fine with Yuma Ethanol

Federal regulators say Yuma Ethanol LLC has agreed to pay $5,850 to settle allegations of violating risk-management rules under the Clean Air Act.  More »

Former Texas EPA official talks about state’s biggest problem

Former EPA regional chief Al Armendariz, who resigned amid a flap over his suggestion that the agency should “crucify” violators, spoke with the Texas Tribune about EPA’s relationship with the energy industry and Texas environmental regulators.  More »

Coal industry wins challenge to EPA water standards

The coal industry won a court ruling that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency water-quality standards infringed on state authority to regulate surface mining.  More »

Power provider loses appeal of EPA oversight

The largest power generator in Texas lost an appellate court challenge Monday over federal supervision of state clean-air regulations.  More »

Environmentalists spy coral near Shell Arctic drill site

Environmental activists have documented thick accumulations of soft coral in the Chukchi Sea near an area where Shell plans exploratory oil drilling.  More »

Protesters urge EPA to reject Arctic waiver

About a dozen Alaskans rallied Monday outside the Anchorage federal building to urge the Environmental Protection Agency to reject Shell Oil’s request for a waiver of requirements in the company’s air permit, which it needs to drill exploratory wells in the Arctic Ocean.  More »

NM fuel spill threatens Albuquerque water supply

Environmentalists call it the largest threat to a city’s drinking water supply in history, as much as 24 million gallons of jet fuel – or twice the size of the Exxon Valdez oil spill – seeping into an underground aquifer and steadily toward this drought-stricken city’s largest and most pristine water wells.  More »

Teen pop star Selena Gomez a future employee of the EPA?

Selena Gomez working for the Environmental Protection Agency might seem like a nightmare for some, but it’s a dream for EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson.  More »

Coalition offers vision for Gulf restoration

More than two years after the catastrophic BP oil spill, environmental groups say billions of dollars the British oil giant is expected to spend on restoration should go toward buying tens of thousands of acres of coastal land for conservation, rebuilding Louisiana’s eroding wetlands and creating nearly 200 miles of oyster reefs.  More »

Lawmakers ask feds to step up scrutiny of Arctic-bound Greenpeace ships

With Greenpeace protesters planning to shadow Shell’s drillships in the Arctic this summer, some lawmakers want to know why the environmentalists’ vessels aren’t getting as much scrutiny as the energy giant’s fleet.  More »

Enbridge faces proposed $3.7 million penalty for Michigan spill

Enbridge committed “multiple violations,” the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration said.  More »