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County asks vice president, first lady to help stop drilling

Houston-based SG Interests wants more time to develop natural gas wells in Colorado’s Thompson Divide.  More »

Citgo to pay New Hampshire to settle MTBE suit

Citgo has 10 days to deliver the $16 million.  More »

New York town wages gas pipeline fight

NYC police officer Nick Russo and others in the town of Minisink, N.Y. are fighting the $43 million Minisink Compressor Project on the Millennium Pipeline, designed to help ease the power crunch in New York City, an hour’s drive to the south. They say the project is a health threat.  More »

California oil fields don’t all meet state carbon standard

Several California oil fields produce just as much carbon dioxide per barrel of oil as Canada’s carbon-intensive tar sands, raising debate over the state’s “low carbon fuel standard.”  More »

Houston company sued over oil discharged in Gulf

The Justice Department on Monday sued Houston-based ATP Oil & Gas Corp. accusing the bankrupt oil producer of illegally discharging oil from a platform in the Gulf of Mexico.  More »

Industry works to avoid listing of prairie grouse

Oil, gas and wind energy producers are working to persuade federal wildlife officials not to enact protections for the lesser prairie chicken, a move that could force them to halt or significantly alter their operations to protect the species’ dwindling grassland habitat.  More »

Ad war rages in New York over fracking

New Yorkers Against Fracking launched a TV spot this week on the heels of a new campaign by the New York State Petroleum Council. Watch the dueling ads over the state’s hydraulic fracturing ban.  More »

Commentary: The plight of the Nigerian energy industry

Nigeria is a fascinating country, with so much potential yet so many challenges. It is the largest oil producer in Africa, and has 37 billion barrels of proven oil reserves (10th largest in the world). It is also the holder of the largest natural gas reserves in Africa. For all intents and purposes it is also a […]  More »

Remember: U.S. Emissions are Falling

It is clear that in his second term, climate change is on the President’s mind. The subject was a major theme of his recent inaugural address and many in Washington are expecting him to lay out his policy goals for carbon reduction in his upcoming State of the Union speech. We expect the President will […]  More »

Fracking opponents grill NY environmental chief

New York Department of Environmental Conservation Commissioner Joe Martens endured a three-hour grilling by state officials on Monday, in a hearing room packed with hydraulic fracturing opponents. Martens was taken to task for an unreleased DEC assessment of the potential human health impacts of hydrofracking.  More »

Chemical maker turns to trees to clean air

Dow Chemical Co. is looking to combat smog at its rapidly expanding Freeport, Texas site by planting new forests of water hickory, cedar elm and other native trees.  More »

Like everything else, carbon emissions are bigger in Texas

Texas’ carbon dioxide emissions beat California and Pennsylvania combined.  More »

Obama faces angry liberals over pipeline

President Obama is barreling toward what one Bay Area activist predicts could be “all out warfare” with environmentalists who want him to stop the Keystone XL Pipeline.  More »

Environmentalists move to halt Whittier drilling

Environmentalists have been denied a restraining order to stop an oil company from clearing lands in Whittier, one step of many towards drilling for oil in the area.  More »

Offshore drillers could learn from aviation

Rather than using commercial aviation as an excuse, the offshore energy industry should use it as a model for improving safety.  More »