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Bill would force firms to remove wave-energy buoys

Oregon lawmakers don’t want the state to get stuck with the bill if a wave-energy company installs equipment off shore and then goes belly up.  More »

GOP House members demand answers on Obama administration’s fracking oversight

While championing the benefits of new energy extraction methods, Republican House members accused energy oversight agencies of research that misled the public on environmental and health risks. The accusations came at a joint Energy and Environment subcommittee hearing focus on hydraulic fracturing—often called “fracking”—an extraction technique pioneered in Texas in the 90s, which taps deep […]  More »

What is the likelihood that the Supreme Court will take review of EPA’s greenhouse gas regulations?

On Friday, Texas lead a group of states in asking the Supreme Court to hear (and overrule) the DC Circuit case of last year upholding EPA’s regulation of greenhouse gases from stationary sources. A group of industry representatives have joined in asking for Supreme Court review. Given the DC case and Texas’s petition for certiorari, […]  More »

Texas buildings, from San Antonio to Fort Hood, recognized by EPA for energy savings

Yesterday, the Environmental Protection Agency announced the winners of its third-annual “battle of the buildings” Energy Star National Building Competition. 3,000 institutions from around the country competed to see which could reduce its energy use the most in a year, and several Texans came out on top. The winner of the competition was an elementary school from […]  More »

Tar sand spill poses unusual threat

Dilbit has now become the focus of intense debate. Environmentalists say it can corrode pipelines more quickly than conventional oil, increasing the risk of spills. The oil industry disagrees, saying dilbit is no more difficult or dangerous to transport than crude. Independent studies are rare.  More »

3 years later: Gulf oil spill impact

Three years after the nation’s worst offshore oil spill, the long-term environmental impact is not fully known. Here’s a look at Cat Island in Barataria Bay near southeastern Louisiana, then and now.  More »

The Danger of Politics – Europe Fails to Support Carbon Market

The EU Parliament unexpectedly shot down a proposal to reduce the supply of greenhosue gas credits entering the EU market, going against the recommendation of the Environment Committee, the EU Climate Action Commissioner, and the European Commission itself. While some of the negative votes were expected (Poland has fought vociferously against any action that would […]  More »

Flatt out environmental comments on the last few months of the greenhouse gas regulatory world

It has been a while since my last blog post. In the climate change legal world, most of what has happened in the past few months has been of the utilitarian, and not the showy variety. California continues to implement its Global Warming Solutions Act (A.B. 32) and has already held two auctions of the […]  More »

Who’s driving the social media debate on #KeystoneXL? It might surprise you.

Texas on the Potomac is pleased to launch a new Sunday feature, Driving the Debate.   Each weekend, we will look at a widely used #hashtag and examine which people, media outlets or pundits are driving the social media debate on the issue.   We kicked off our new feature last week with #immigration and […]  More »

Consultant’s flip-flop weakens pollution case against Chevron

Another player in the long-running, $19 billion pollution lawsuit against Chevron Corp. in Ecuador has switched sides — and accused former colleagues of hiding the truth.  More »

House GOP proposal would overturn EPA regulations deemed harmful to the economy

The deeply divided House of Representatives divided, well, deeply along partisan lines Friday over a GOP bill to curb the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulatory powers. The proposal, aimed at preventing energy regulations that would damage the economy, was the subject of a highly charged hearing of the House subcommittee on Energy and Power. A spokesman […]  More »

Arkansas water supplier seeks plan for moving pipeline

The move comes nearly two weeks after Exxon Mobil’s Pegasus pipeline ruptured.  More »

Texans answer the ‘hard question’ on Keystone XL: They say it needs to be approved

On Wednesday night, the National Press Club in Washington hosted a debate on the passing of the most famous pipeline that doesn’t actually exist: Keystone XL. The debate was part of a series of discussions on energy issues called “The Hard Question” and hosted by Texan journalist Blanquita Cullum. The two “hard questions” posed to […]  More »

Rep. Joe Barton points to biblical flood as evidence climate change may not be man-made

Rep. Joe Barton called upon an event of biblical proportions to support his beliefs climate change isn’t entirely caused by humankind. Barton acknowledged his skepticism on the cause of climate change during an Energy and Power subcommittee hearing on legislation that would give authority to Congress to approve the Keystone XL pipeline, first reported by Buzzfeed. “I would point out […]  More »

Family sues over Texas man’s Dow plant death

The mother and son of a Friendswood man who died after being burned in an explosion at a Dow Chemical Co. plant in Deer Park last year has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the chemical manufacturer, a subsidiary and two employees.  More »