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Authorities: 12 arrests after oil pipeline protest

Authorities say they’ve arrested 12 people protesting a Michigan oil pipeline project.  More »

Fracking films reflect twists in drilling debate

The boom in natural gas drilling has cast two opposing documentary filmmakers in unlikely roles.  More »

Poll finds broad public support for Obama’s climate change plan

A poll conducted for the Natural Resources Defense Council found two-thirds of registered voters approve of one of the most controversial components of President Obama’s proposals to combat climate change: setting limits on carbon emissions from existing power plants.  More »

Gulf of Mexico stingray deaths investigated for oil link

Mexican authorities investigating the deaths of at least 250 rays found on a beach say they are studying whether work being done by the country’s national oil company in the Gulf of Mexico might have been involved.  More »

Texas ranks last on green state list

Texas has been ranked dead last in the “How Green Is My State?” assessment by MPH Online, ranking high for its friendliness to renewable energy, but losing points for air quality.  More »

Commentary: “Celebrities Against Fracking”? Please…

In a sea of valid facts and concerns coming from both the “pro” and “anti” hydraulic fracturing groups, I think we can all agree that in contrast celebrities provide the LEAST reliable frame of reference from which to carry on the discussion and create nothing but “noise” that prevents real progress from being made.  More »

Study: Distant quakes can affect oil, gas fields

The powerful earthquake that rocked Japan in 2011 set off tremors around a West Texas oil field, according to new research that suggests oil and gas drilling operations may make fault zones sensitive to shock waves from distant big quakes.  More »

Drilling protesters arrested after scaling London’s tallest tower (photos)

Environmentalists opposed to Arctic oil exploration scaled the tallest building in western Europe Thursday in a day-long climb that drew worldwide attention.  More »

Shell reaches settlement in Houston pollution case

Shell Oil Co. on Wednesday agreed to spend about $160 million to settle legal complaints about chronic pollution problems at its refinery and petrochemical plant along the Houston Ship Channel.  More »

Texas regulators begin aerial surveys of oil and gas facilities

Several weeks into an assessment of air quality at oil and gas production facilities in South and West Texas, officials with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality say it’s too soon to say whether the survey will lead to action against companies working there.  More »

Study urges spending on coastal restoration

Wildlife tourism, from hunting and fishing to bird and dolphin watching, is a $19 billion-a-year business along the Gulf of Mexico, and states spending their settlement money from the 2010 BP oil spill should focus on restoring ecologically sensitive areas that keep guides, hotels and others working, a study says.  More »

Fervent foes devote their lives to fracking fight

The anti-fracking movement has inspired a legion of people — idiosyncratic true believers, many of them middle-aged women, who have made it the central mission of their lives to stop gas drilling using high-volume hydraulic fracturing in the Marcellus region that underlies southern New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia.  More »