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IEA: Renewable energy making global gains, but so is coal

Renewable energy grew at an extraordinary pace worldwide in 2012, but it’s not enough to curb the march of climate change, because coal has continued to dominate growth in power generation around the world, the IEA said in a report this week.  More »

Some residents oppose Wyoming fracking study deal

Some Wyoming residents say they were excluded from a deal that has the state government taking over further study of tainted drinking water in their area from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  More »

Top Republican: Obama’s climate change plan ‘absolutely crazy’

The top Republican on Capitol Hill on Thursday called the Obama administration’s possible plan for reigning in greenhouse gas emissions “absolutely crazy.”  More »

Top White House adviser: Meaningful climate action coming soon

While the Obama administration won’t put its weight behind a carbon tax, it is preparing to “take meaningful action” to prevent a warming planet, the top White House energy adviser said Wednesday.  More »

Houston area sees a couple of oil spills a day (photos)

Oil spills along the Texas coast are declining, but the Houston region still reports one or two a day.  More »

Poll: Environment beats drilling for voters in Western states

Westerners are more concerned about preserving public land than drilling on it, according to a new poll that bucks the conventional wisdom about the public’s view of energy development in the region.  More »

Companies growing focus on cutting energy use

Globally, 64 percent of organizations in a recent study reported they had carbon reduction goals in 2013 and 73 percent had energy reduction goals.  More »

Fracking fuels water fights in nation’s dry spots

In South Texas, where drought has forced cotton farmers to scale back, local water officials said drillers are contributing to a drop in the water table in several areas.  More »

Economist: Climate change a financial threat to oil companies

Energy companies are facing the prospect of physical and financial losses because of climate change, and the oil industry needs to take the threat more seriously, the chief economist of the International Energy Agency said Friday.  More »

Chevron CEO: Industry must address ‘legitimate concerns’ about fracking

Oil and gas producers must deal with the “legitimate concerns” that hydraulic fracturing is unsafe by adopting tougher self-imposed standards, Chevron Chief Executive Officer John Watson said in Washington.  More »

IEA: Energy sector source of 2/3 of greenhouse gas release

The International Energy Agency on Monday warned that growing energy-related emissions have put the world on track to hit a troubling rise in temperatures.  More »

IEA: Energy emissions rose to record high in 2012

The International Energy Agency says the world’s energy-related carbon dioxide emissions rose 1.4 percent in 2012 to a record high of 31.6 gigatons, even as the U.S. posted its lowest emissions since the mid-1990s.  More »

McKinley: New coal-ash bill tackles EPA concerns

For two years, one of the two professional engineers in Congress has pushed a bill to let states regulate fly ash from coal-fired power plants, a move U.S. Rep. David McKinley says would benefit coal and power companies and the construction industry he’s worked in since the 1960s.  More »

Lawsuit filed to block bridge to Alaska reserve

An Army Corps of Engineers permit granting ConocoPhillips permission to build a bridge across the Colville River to reach oil leases within the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska was challenged in federal court Wednesday by an environmental group.  More »

Private Sector Moving on Climate Change

  Yesterday, the Cooperative Institute for Climate and Satellites (CICS), in partnership with NOAA’s National Climate Data Center, took a major step in trying to transmit data on a changing climate to a high level business audience. (Pictured above, representatives from CICS, Duke Energy (including Heath Shuler), and the Center for Law Environment, Adaptation and […]  More »