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Commentary: On climate policy, a consumer focus is needed

While the President may be reacting to years of congressional inaction on climate-related issues since the failure of cap-and-trade legislation in 2009, the Administration and Congress must thoroughly consider the impacts that regulating or legislating carbon emissions will have on energy consumers. With coal producing over 40% of our nation’s electricity, limiting its potential will […]  More »

Keystone XL foes turn focus to local government

Frustrated with state and federal officials, opponents of the Keystone XL pipeline are turning to low-level county commissions and zoning boards in a new attempt to slow a project that has become a focal point of national battle over climate change.  More »

Obama administration boosts oil industry with $8B in loan guarantees

When President Barack Obama unveiled a broad plan for combating climate change last week, few observers would have predicted one of his administration’s first steps would be aimed at giving a boost to fossil fuels.  More »

Small businesses crank up pressure on EPA confirmation vote (video)

Supporters of Gina McCarthy’s nomination to head the Environmental Protection Agency are cranking up the heat on key senators to confirm her after they return to Capitol Hill from a week-long July 4 recess.  More »

Western governors promote energy development

The American West contains abundant sources of traditional and renewable energy, and developing both while protecting the environment is a goal that can be achieved, Western governors said at a weekend conference.  More »

Kalamazoo River cleanup plan prompts concerns

A dredging plan to help clean up the Kalamazoo River after a 2010 southwestern Michigan oil spill is prompting concerns from area residents and the owner of Bell’s Brewery.  More »

Moniz: CO2 could enhance US oil by millions of barrels a day (video)

The future of coal-fired power may lie in still-developing technology to capture the carbon dioxide it produces and put it to work in the oil field, Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz suggested.  More »

Obama says climate change is make-or-break issue

President Barack Obama is trying to frame climate change as a make-or-break political issue, urging Americans to vote only for those who will protect the country from environmental harm.  More »

Geothermal leaders: Don’t overlook us

Ratepayers, policy makers and utilities continue to overlook geothermal energy, a renewable power resource with that can provide clean, consistent electricity, geothermal industry leaders said at an annual gathering in Nevada this week.  More »

Climate speech puts EPA nomination in further peril

By rolling out a big plan for combating climate change, President Obama may have just delivered a fatal blow to his nomination of Gina McCarthy to head the Environmental Protection Agency.  More »

Federal study touts Gulf Coast for carbon sequestration

The Gulf Coast has the greatest potential of any region in the nation for storing carbon dioxide, according to a study released Wednesday by the Interior Department.  More »

NRG Energy: ‘We welcome the renewed focus on climate change’

In response to Pres. Obama’s landmark message on climate change this week, power provider NRG Energy issued a response that noted its investments in solar and carbon capture systems.  More »