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Melting Arctic easing access to fossil fuels

More direct northern sea routes may be opening up in the Arctic, as the melting of the ice has made previously unnavigable routes a growing possibility for large ships, including tankers carrying oil and gas, an expert said Wednesday at the Third Houston Shipping and Offshore Conference.  More »

Keystone foes pledge sit-ins if pipeline advances

Critics of the Keystone XL pipeline say they’re still optimistic President Barack Obama will block TransCanada Corp.’s project. But to be sure, they’re organizing a nationwide civil-disobedience campaign to keep up the pressure should the U.S. State Department recommend Obama approve the project.  More »

Energy policy shifts needed to combat extreme weather, British adviser says

The British government believes global warming caused by increased carbon emissions from human activity has serious implications for the world, a senior British scientific adviser told an audience at the University of Houston Monday.  More »

US carbon pollution drops, despite growth worldwide

The United States cut its energy-related carbon dioxide pollution by 3.8 percent last year, the second biggest drop since 1990, the Department of Energy said Monday.  More »

Protesters arrested at Irving Oil building

Five protesters, including one from Texas, have been arrested after they locked themselves to each other with steel pipes and refused to leave the Irving Oil corporate building in New Hampshire.  More »

Dutch want tribunal to make Russia free Arctic drilling protesters

The Netherlands asked an international tribunal Monday to order Russia to release a Greenpeace protest ship and the activists who were on board.  More »

Fracking opponents find lawyers beat superglue in slowing shale

Campaigners desperate to prevent the birth of a U.K. shale-gas industry have glued themselves to walls, barricaded country lanes and climbed drill rigs. Yet their most potent weapon is more prosaic: lawyers.  More »

Charges allege man dumped gas drilling waste

Federal prosecutors have charged a man with illegally dumping gas drilling waste into a tributary of the Chagrin River in northeast Ohio.  More »

Environmental groups fighting Exxon expansion at Baytown

Exxon Mobil regional spokesman Russ Roberts said the TCEQ’s decision to issue a draft permit shows that the proposal meets the commission’s various standards.  More »

Supreme Court takes limited review of consolidated greenhouse gas cases

Well today I was surprised that the Supreme Court granted certiorari to one of the questions from the consolidated, complex, greenhouse gas cases decided by the DC Circuit Court of Appeals.  In that case, the DC Circuit upheld the EPA’s endangerment finding for greenhouse gases, held that plaintiffs didn’t have standing to challenge another part […]  More »

Supreme Court will hear challenge to EPA’s greenhouse gas rules

The U.S. Supreme Court will review whether the EPA can limit carbon emissions from refineries and other fixed industrial facilities.  More »

UH presents a polite debate on a fractious topic

Considering the sparring partners — representatives of an oil company and an environmental group — the bout over hydraulic fracturing was pretty friendly.  More »