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GOP ex-lawmaker: Warming up to climate ideas is the right thing

former Republican Rep. Bob Inglis visited Houston Thursday on a quest to get conservatives involved with an issue that historically has been dominated by the political left.  More »

Top lawmaker proposes California fuel tax

California’s Senate leader on Thursday proposed a tax on consumer fuel purchases of gasoline, oil, diesel, ethanol and natural gas, with the money raised diverted to mass transit projects and households making less than $75,000 annually.  More »

Eagle Ford is nation’s top guzzler of water for fracking

Find out which drilling regions in Texas — and across the country — use the largest amount of water for hydraulic fracturing  More »

Records: Ohio governor’s aides knew of pro-drilling plan

A memo labeled the so-called eco-left, including the Sierra Club, Ohio Environmental Council and others as adversaries. Halliburton and other energy companies the department is charged with regulating were named as allies, as were national, local and state chambers of commerce.  More »

Anadarko deal boosts investor confidence in face of large liabilities

Anadarko Petroleum’s deal to sell its stake in a Chinese offshore oil field should ease investors’ fears about environmental liabilities that could reach billions of dollars, analysts said Tuesday.  More »

Toxins leaking from 2nd pipe at coal ash dump

Duke Energy had downplayed concerns water in the pipe is contaminated.  More »

Exxon-backed system to curb gas leaks at plants

Exxon Mobil Corp. said this week that a new leak detection system it has tested at facility in Qatar will be available for sale to other companies.  More »

Pennsylvania settles Halliburton case for $1.8 million

The state said Halliburton’s Homer City facility stored, treated and transported hydrochloric acid without obtaining proper permits between 1999 and 2011.  More »

Obama to talk up benefits of fuel-efficient trucks

President Barack Obama says having a more fuel-efficient truck fleet will boost the economy and help combat climate change.  More »

Texas heading for major water shortage with limited oil field recycling

Breaking into massive shale-oil reservoirs could push Texas toward a water shortfall of 3.5 trillion gallons by 2060, unless water recycling gains a foothold in the state’s oil fields, a recent Bloomberg analysis shows.  More »

Q&A: Industry veteran brings fossil fuel priority to Rice

Charles McConnell, the head of Rice University’s new Energy and Environment Initiative, speaks with FuelFix recently about technology, energy policy and his new job.  More »

Guest commentary: Ceres report misses key facts on oil industry’s water use

Oil industry consultant David Blackmon says the new Ceres report on Texas water use focuses on the oil and gas industry for ideological reasons. Anyone interested in really addressing this state’s looming water issues in any real way should focus their attention elsewhere, he says.  More »

Oil industry seeks break on gasoline sulfur limits

Oil industry lobbyists are making a last-ditch appeal to the Obama administration to soften looming new limits for sulfur in gasoline, warning that without changes, the mandates could send fuel costs up and force some refineries offline.  More »

Federal authorities investigate coal ash spill

A Duke spokesman confirmed the nation’s largest electricity provider received a subpoena.  More »

Methane emissions higher than federal estimates, study shows

National methane emissions are up to 75 percent higher than the Environmental Protection Agency has previously estimated, according to a study to be published Friday.  More »