Category: Environment

Russian officials board environmentalists’ vessel

The environmental group Greenpeace says that Russian authorities have boarded their ship which is in the Arctic to protest against oil drilling.  More »

Penn. fracturing health project puts numbers to debate

A project examining the local health impacts from natural gas drilling is providing some of the first preliminary numbers about people who may be affected, and the results challenge the industry position that no one suffers but also suggest the problems may not be as widespread as some critics claim.  More »

California carbon price slumps as state considers more permits

Carbon prices in California have slumped to the lowest level this year as the state weighs increasing the number of free permits offered to polluters in an effort to kick-start the fledgling market.  More »

Lizard’s fate hinges on oil and gas-related foundation

A plan to save the dunes sagebrush lizard from extinction may do more to shield energy companies from scrutiny than to protect the imperiled reptile dwelling in the West Texas oil patch.  More »

Report: Oil and gas can boost economies and outdoor recreation

Oil and gas development can coexist with hiking and hunting — and sometimes even fosters that outdoor recreation — according to a new study on how counties are balancing the activities.  More »

UK lawmaker arrested at anti-fracking protest

A British lawmaker is among several people arrested at a protest against shale gas extraction in southern England.  More »

Chemical plant would turn emissions into useful products

A construction materials company and a chemical company have teamed up to build a $125 million chemical plant that proposes to demonstrate to the world how greenhouse carbon dioxide emissions can be captured and converted to marketable products.  More »

EPA sues Luminant over Texas clean air violation claims

Luminant Generation Co., the largest power generator in Texas, was sued by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for failing to meet air-pollution standards at two power plants, the Sierra Club said in a statement.  More »

Building Keystone XL could damage US parks, Interior Dept. says

Building the Keystone XL pipeline would lead to more manmade light and noise in sparsely populated regions, which may harm natural resources, wildlife and visitors to national parks, the U.S. Interior Department said.  More »

Hybrids vs. electrics: Cars’ climate-friendliness questioned

Electric cars are currently more damaging to the climate than some other vehicle options, mainly because of the emissions involved with producing large batteries, according to a report from Climate Central.  More »

Commentary: “EVs, hybrids & diesels! Oh my!”

If we’re really serious as a country about curbing emissions and altering driving behaviors for the betterment of the environment, let’s be prepared to make tough choices and institute real measures to encourage those positive shifts in individual behaviors.  More »

Keystone foes step up protests with State Dept. demonstration

More than 100 Keystone XL pipeline critics protested outside the State Department for the first time today, arguing that the government’s analysis of the project is biased and flawed.  More »