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Houston’s growing alternative-fuel fleet among nation’s largest

The nation’s oil capital has become a model for progress in electrically powered vehicles, boasting the nation’s third-largest municipal hybrid fleet, according to new report from advocacy group Electrification Coalition.  More »

Texas proposes to take over GHG permitting under Clean Air Act PSD program

Last week the TCEQ issued a proposed rule to allow it to regulate greenhouse gas sources under the Clean Air Act’s Prevention of Significant Deterioration Program.  No surprise here.  Texas business asked the state legislature to “authorize” the TCEQ to do this because it is more streamlined to have one permitting authority, and because of […]  More »

Court looks at EPA rule on cross-state pollution

The U.S. Supreme Court indicated Tuesday it could breathe new life into a federal rule requiring states to reduce power plant pollution from the South and Midwest that fouls the air in the eastern U.S.  More »

10 ways to slim your power bill this winter

Winter weather can send electricity costs soaring for people who like to keep their homes cozy. For ways to help slim your bill, take a look at these home heating tips from TXU Energy.  More »

Mississippi regulators reject Entergy-ITC merger

The merger request also was filed with regulators in the other areas that Entergy serves — including Texas.  More »

Renewable energy to soar on Texas grid, report says

Renewable energy could supply more than 40 percent of the electricity for Texas by 2032, according to a report issued Tuesday.  More »

Nine states tighten carbon dioxide pollution rules

Massachusetts and eight other states are part of the nation’s first multi-state “cap-and-trade” program known as the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.  More »

Population growth will drive energy demand higher, expert says

The world is becoming more efficient in how it uses energy, but growing economies and an ever increasing world population will still mean an overall growing demand for energy in the coming decades, an industry expert said Saturday.  More »

Wendy Davis joins PUC bashing over market vote

Skepticism over major possible changes to the Texas electricity market spilled into the governor’s race Thursday when Democrat Wendy Davis joined bipartisan scolding of state energy regulators who haven’t shown signs of backing down.  More »

Future grows dimmer for classic light bulb

Light bulbs are changing. Federal rules taking effect Jan. 1 ban the manufacture of incandescent bulbs using 40 watts of power or more, the third phase of energy efficiency legislation passed in 2007.  More »

Energy lawyers list industry’s hot topics for 2014

The prospect of U.S. oil exports and an increase in coal-related bankruptcies are likely to be major topics of conversation in energy circles next year, according to a discussion with lawyers from a leading firm serving the industry.  More »

Renewable energy leads growth for Texas’ electric grid

Renewable energy from windy West Texas has outpaced the growth of coal, natural gas and other power resources feeding Texas’ electric grid, according to a recent report by the Energy Information Administration.  More »