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S. Carolina lawmakers take dim view of new light bulbs

This week state legislators will begin debating a bill that would allow companies to make incandescent bulbs in South Carolina, despite a federal law that is phasing out incandescent bulbs in favor of compact fluorescents.  More »

Is Texas electric competition working for consumers? Let’s look at an old bill

A colleague’s electric bill from 1995 seems to be quite a bit cheaper per kwh than her current bill. We look into whether current rates could beat her old bill.  More »

Getting at conflicting feelings on nuclear power

Nuclear energy hits all our hot buttons when we judge how risky something is: It’s invisible. It’s out of our control. It’s manmade, high-tech and hard to understand. It’s imposed on us, instead of something we choose. It’s associated with major catastrophes, not small problems.  More »

Solving the energy riddle won’t be easy

The Japanese nuclear crisis will undoubtedly be a setback for nuclear energy. But it also highlights a hard truth about energy: that every source — no matter how clean, low-cost or seemingly safe — carries risk. Indeed, if nuclear suddenly falls o…  More »

Texas nuke plant development moves to slow lane

Work on the two-reactor expansion of the South Texas Project nuclear plant near Bay City will slow down in the wake of the nuclear power disasters in Japan.  More »

Houston-area power bills may go up $3 a month

The Texas Supreme Court has granted CenterPoint Energy’s request to recover what may be more than $2 billion in deregulation costs, which could mean another $3 per month on customer electric bills over the next 15 years.  More »

New Air Toxic Control Rules for Coal Fired Power Plants Out

The EPA released its long awaited air toxic standards for coal fired power plants yesterday.  Though it is required by the implementation of the CAA 1990 amendments, it has been a long slog.  In particular, the Bush EPA wanted to control some of the toxics such as Mercury through a cap and trade program, which […]  More »

Analysts: New EPA coal plant rules not as tough as expected

The industry wasn’t exactly happy to see EPA’s long-anticipated rules on mercury emissions from coal-fired plants, but analysts said the new regs aren’t as bad as they expected.  More »

Japan struggles with power crunch after quake

Tokyo endured more rolling blackouts Thursday and faces at least six months of power shortages as earthquake damage to nuclear plants idles factories.  More »

More energy efficient consumers? Thank the recession

Love of the wallet seems to motivate more people to cut back on energy usage than love of Mother Earth, according to a Deloitte/Harrison Group survey.  More »

Fukushima, South Texas Project… what’s the difference?

Japan’s ongoing nuclear power disaster may be giving the industry a Chernobyl-sized black eye, but to those in the industry not all power plant projects are the same.  More »

Japanese disasters could have down-and-up impact on oil markets

Analysts expect the Japanese earthquake, tsunamis and nuclear power incidents that have sent oil prices down later will lead to a rise as recovery efforts take off and the need for gas-fired power plants picks up.  More »

Switzerland halts nuclear plans

Switzerland abruptly halted to build and replace nuclear plants amid safety woes in Japan.  More »

Japan Earthquake: Impact on Crude Oil, Fuel and Nuclear Power

Japan’s 9.0 earthquake is most likely a non-event for the crude oil, and the nuclear power basically has met its Deepwater Horizon.  More »

CERAWeek: Coal plant closures not as widespread as expected

The ongoing delays in federal regulations has meant operators are keeping their largely profitable coal units up and running, say CERAWeek panelists.  More »