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Exelon to buy Constellation in $7.9 billion deal

Exelon CEO John Rowe has tried and failed three times since 2003 to acquire a smaller rival. Maybe the fourth time will be a charm.  More »

Texas City’s plants yet to get full power

The town will continue to monitor air quality as an electric company cleans off salt, dust and other debris that can cause ceramic insulators to short-circuit. The debris normally is washed away by rain, which has been scarce during the continuing drought.  More »

Report: No market manipulation tied to Texas’ rolling blackouts

February’s rolling blackouts were not caused by power companies trying to create and take advantage of power price spikes, according to a report from the state’s power market monitor.  More »

BP Texas City without full power through Thursday *updates*

Dow Chemical says local grid operator Texas New Mexico Power still isn’t providing reliable service. BP’s refinery and chemical plant, which run on an onsite power plant, also appear to be having problems.  More »

Today’s mystery: Why did Texas City plants lose power?

Refinery and power company officials are trying to piece together why several Texas City plants lost power, causing shelter-in-place warnings, Tuesday school closings and emissions from plant flares that lit the skies over the coastal town.  More »

Texas City power outages: grid operator takes some blame, shelter in place lifted *update*

A buildup in salt on power distribution equipment on the site of several Texas City refineries may be behind the outages that shut those units down temporarily Monday night and Tuesday morning.  More »

Houston mayor seeks impact statement for coal-fired electric plant

The 1,200-megawatt White Stallion Energy Center project is proposed for Bay City, about 75 miles south of downtown Houston and outside the federal air pollution non-attainment area covering Houston, Galveston and Brazoria County.  More »

The market that never powered up

Waiting for innovation from electricity deregulation in Texas is like Waiting for Godot, Loren Steffy writes. So far, the only change customers have seen is an array of billing contracts making it difficult to compare one provider to another.  More »

TVA settlement another nail in coal’s demise

Last week the Tennessee Valley Authority settled with the EPA, and several states (most notably North Carolina) over charges of Clean Air Act violations and dangerous emissions from many of its coal fired power plants.   The settlement agreement requires the TVA to install several billion dollars worth of pollution control equipment or shut down eleven […]  More »

Oops: Face shield takes a face dive into Texas nuclear reactor

A worker’s face mask fell into one of the nuclear power plant’s reactors during refueling, leading to a delay in the operation.  More »

NRG to stop all funding of South Texas nuke expansion

The two-reactor expansion of the South Texas Project will really grind to a halt now that one of the primary partners, NRG Energy, says it will write down its investment in the project.  More »

Why electricity isn’t like airlines

There’s one key difference in electric deregulation compared with deregulation of airlines, Loren Steffy writes. In those industries, competition drove prices lower. In Texas, electricity markets were deregulated with the goal of benefiting the companies involved.  More »

TEPCO will use gas to offset nuclear power loss in Japan

Tokyo Electric Power Co. said it will install gas turbines at two thermal power plants to partially offset power shortages caused by the loss of generating capacity at disaster-stricken power plants including the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear complex.  More »

TVA will reduce its coal operations to settle lawsuit

The Tennessee Valley Authority over the next five years will shutter operations that account for about 16 percent if its coal-fired capacity and pay $10 million to settle lawsuits from several states, the Environmental Protection Agency and environmental groups over air quality.  More »

Dynegy names interim CEO

Former railroad executive E. Hunter Harrison, named a director last month with the backing of one of the Houston-based power producer’s biggest shareholders, takes over from David Biegler, an independent director who served in the as interim role after Bruce Williamson left the company.  More »