Category: Electricity

Houston neighborhood turned into smart meter laboratory

Reliant Energy has equipped 12 homes in the 6th Ward just West of Downtown Houston with a wide range of smart meter-enabled devices.  More »

Groups sue Obama for scrapping stricter smog limit

Environmental groups sued the Obama administration today for scrapping a stricter limit for smog-forming pollution, saying the decision violated the law and put politics ahead of protecting public health.  More »

Jobs council urges clean energy financing, power grid improvements

President Barack Obama’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness today recommended a host of ways to revive the U.S. economy, including lowering regulatory hurdles for energy projects and upgrading the nation’s aging electric grid.  More »

UN chief calls for energy revolution to help poor

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has called for making electricity available to all by 2030 saying energy poverty threatens global economic growth and the creation of jobs.  More »

Dominion seeks exports of Marcellus Shale gas

An energy company is seeking federal approval to allow exports of liquefied natural gas from the booming Appalachian drilling industry, saying that the nation’s natural gas supply is outpacing demand.  More »

4 generator failures hit US nuclear plants

Four generators that power emergency systems at nuclear plants have failed when needed since April, an unusual cluster that has attracted the attention of federal inspectors and could prompt the industry to re-examine its maintenance plans.  More »

A tough time to be an electric company in Texas

Past purchases of wholesale power price spikes in Texas has led to multiple failures among electric retailers. So far, the impact of this past summer’s prices spikes seem more muted, although lots of companies have been bought and sold in the past month.  More »

Texas not satisfied with EPA changes to cross-state rule

The Environmental Protection Agency, facing intense opposition from some states and industry, on Thursday softened a new rule that requires aging power plants to sharply cut emissions that cause smog and soot in neighboring states.  More »

Proposed coal plant changes cooling plans

Operators of a proposed coal-fired power plant in Matagorda County announced Thursday that they will drop their request for a 40-year water contract with the Lower Colorado River Authority, opting instead for a more expensive but less water-intensive technology.  More »

New power plant could be built in Bay City

An executive for a company planning to build a coal-fired power plant in Southeast Texas says the company will change how it would cool the plant, allowing it to operate with trillions of less gallons of water annually.  More »

Texas agency considers giving water to coal plant

A private Texas landowner wants to sell some 391 million gallons of water annually to a proposed coal-fired power plant on the Texas Gulf Coast, a move that would help pave the way for the facility to be built.  More »

TNMP to Valero: What we have here is a failure to communicate

The company that runs the power lines supplying Texas City’s vast refining complex said it is taking measures to deal with ongoing power outages that have hit the facilities this year.  More »