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Carter: Natural gas could give U.S. path to energy security

Former President Jimmy Carter said renewable energy is unlikely to produce large amounts of power in the near future, but the nation’s natural gas reserves could put the U.S. on a path to energy security, according to a Platts press release.  More »

China helps, but solar prices sink slowly in the West

The price of solar panels has plunged in recent years. But the price of a complete home solar system hasn’t kept pace.  More »

Is it really do-or-die for Texas power plants on Jan. 1?

Luminant has said it has no choice but to shut down two power units on Jan. 1 in response to new EPA rules. Some Wall Street analysts don’t think that’s necessary.  More »

After Irene, $100 million electric bill for utility company

LIPA officials are awaiting a final assessment by contractor National Grid on today.  More »

EPA won’t “force the lights to go out” *update*

A top EPA official today rebuffed concerns that some Texas power plants could shut down because providers do not have enough time to prepare for new requirements to reduce toxic emissions that cross state lines.  More »

Steffy: ‘Don’t blame EPA over Luminant woes’

Make no mistake, the 500 Luminant employees who will lose their jobs later this year are victims, but not of federal over-regulation.  More »

ERCOT official: Providers need more time to comply with EPA rules

Texas electricity providers may not have enough time to meet an upcoming Environmental Protection Agency rule on cross-state air pollution, a top state official said today.  More »

Electricity supplies at risk under EPA rules, FERC member says

Environmental Protection Agency rules might constrain U.S. electricity supplies, especially when customer demands are highest in summer and winter, a member of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission said.  More »

Luminant launches campaign against EPA

Dallas-based power plant operator launched a web site arguing its case against EPA emissions rules set to take affect Jan. 1, 2012. In an unusual move, the EPA has provided counter-points to the Luminant site.  More »

EPA says it tried to help Luminant avoid plant shut downs

In a letter to Luminant over the weekend made public, the Environmental Protection Agency said it tried to work with Dallas-based Luminant to find way to help it meet pending emissions rules without shutting down power plants or laying off workers. Luminant says the decision to shut down two units was the only viable option.  More »

Luminant sues EPA, says it will shut two coal units, cut 500 jobs

Dallas-based power plant operator Luminant said it will take two coal units, capable of generating 1,200 megawatts of power offline, when the federal clean air rule go into effect Jan. 1. Luminant is also suing the EPA, saying the rule is illegal.  More »

Iran’s first nuclear plant goes online

Iran’s first nuclear power plant stepped up operations today after more than a decade of delays, pumping out electricity at up to 40 percent capacity and marking a major step forward in the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program.  More »