Category: Electricity

Wildfires dim some sections of Texas power grid

Fire-related outages on some high voltage transmission lines have led to brief electric price spikes in part of Texas, but there haven’t been any significant outages.  More »

2 Texas projects get federal wind research funds

Two projects in Texas will share part of $43 million in federal grants for offshore wind energy improvements.  More »

Houston public car charging stations launch this week

The first of what will be dozens of electric vehicle stations spread around Houston will open on Thursday near Buffalo Speedway and U.S. 59.  More »

Obama’s withdrawl of ozone proposal illegal (and immoral)

Today’s decision of the Obama administration to withdraw new ozone rules is illegal, immoral, and costly to boot.  The Clean Air Act requires the EPA to revisit its National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) every five years to ensure that they are adequate to protect the public health and safety.  In 2006, the Bush Administration […]  More »

Irene power outages put the Northeast on edge

Up and down the East Coast, the wait for power remains, with an estimated 1.38 million homes and businesses still without electricity, down from a peak of 9.6 million, and criticism of the utility companies mounting.  More »

ERCOT says EPA’s rules may force power failures

Texas would have faced blackouts last month had Environmental Protection Agency rules to curb interstate air pollution been in effect, according to the state’s main grid operator.  More »

The ABC’s of Conservation

Schools have been teaching energy conservation for decades. Now more of those schools are able to incorporate a little math into their lessons about the value of turning off the lights. The New York Timesreports that one Long Island school district was able to achieve some $350,000 in annual utility savingssimply by sticking post-it notes by classroom […]  More »

IEA: Solar generators may produce most of the world’s power by 2060

Solar generators may produce the majority of the world’s power within 50 years, slashing the emissions of greenhouse gases that harm the environment, according to a projection by the International Energy Agency.  More »

Heat sparks shock in variable-rate electric plans

Paying 7.8 cents per kilowatt-hour seemed like a good deal to John Wheat when he signed up for a month-to-month electricity plan in June.  More »

Irene could leave many without power for weeks

It could take weeks to restore power to millions of people left in the dark by Tropical Storm Irene.  More »

Record power use less likely today, conservation urged *update 2*

Texas broke its weekend power use record twice this past weekend and could break it’s all time record today. Grid operators are practically begging for conservation.  More »

Energy and Adapting to the Changing Climate

As Houston and Texas set new temperature and drought records, the power grid has come under increased stress.  Not just from demand, but because the water for cooling of some steam generation plants has become too warm for the the generation system.  While scientists have considered this possibility, the scale of the problem in Texas is quite problematic.  […]  More »