Category: Electricity

Luminant restarts power units early as natural gas prices rise

Luminant is bringing three coal-fired power units back online two months earlier than originally planned, saying higher natural gas prices now make the plants economic to run.  More »

Report: Lower power reserve margin would be more economic for Texas

Texas should keep a 10.2 percent to 14.1 percent cushion of electric generation capacity, according to a report Friday that will inform and probably intensify a politically charged debate over the future of the state power market.  More »

Energy is the Key to Solving Income Inequality

When exploring solutions to income inequality policy makers pay close attention to the costs. The cost of healthcare. The cost of food. The cost of child care. The cost of housing. What about the cost of energy? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2012 the average U.S. family spent over $4,600 or about […]  More »

New power lines may be coming to Houston

Texas grid planners are evaluating proposals for $3.6 billion in transmission projects over the next five years, including upgrades in lines serving the Houston area.  More »

New forecast challenges views on Texas electricity crunch

Calculations based on new data challenge the notion that Texas’ growing population soon will overtax its electric power grid.  More »

Debate on revamping Texas grid delayed

Texas regulators put off further discussions on modifying the electricity market until mid-May.  More »

First Solar announces plant for West Texas

First Solar Inc. has announced plans for a power plant in West Texas.  More »

Texas grid operator: Cold snap won’t spark another power emergency

The operator of the Texas power grid, which had a close call with generating capacity when temperatures dropped earlier this month, says it has extra reserves ready for the cold snap expected Thursday and Friday.  More »

NRG offers free charging for some electric cars

Buyers of some electric cars will have an added incentive starting this year: Free charging for a year.  More »

Houston Auto Show electrifies some before they know it (photos)

As car enthusiasts streamed past sparkling SUVs and sleek coupes at the Houston Auto Show on Wednesday, some found themselves sitting in electric cars without even knowing it.  More »

Super Bowl organizers seek to avoid another power debacle

Power failures have plagued at least four high-profile sports games including the Super Bowl since 2010, dimming the glow of good feelings such events are supposed to generate for their host cities.  More »

Some Key Takeaways from BP’s Latest Outlook to 2035

Here are the key observations and takeaways from BP’s recently released 20-year forecast on global energy.  More »