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Think your electric bill is high? Check out this one

An Abilene woman latest bill might come as a shocker — $1,381,783.92.  More »

Cyber attacks on power grid could be costly and possible

Hackers could cause blackouts to the nation’s power grid by feeding the system incorrect load data that forces officials to mistakenly believe they need to conserve power supply, according to a new report.  More »

Coal-generated electricity hits historic low

Coal’s popularity in the power industry has hit its lowest level since at least 1973, generating 34 percent of the electricity in March.  More »

Texas officials and House GOP members blast EPA

Al Armendariz, the ex-chief of the EPA region that covers Texas, failed to appear at a congressional hearing Wednesday about energy disputes in the state.  More »

Chilling for less: Efficiency can lower AC bills

As Houston’s temperatures and electric bills head for their summer heights, it may be a cool decision to take a look at home energy efficiency, even if it requires spending some cold cash.  More »

Report: Electric bills rising, renewables slowing down

Despite falling natural gas prices, electricity bills are rising, driven by new regulations and smart grid installations, according to a report by consulting firm Black & Veatch.  More »

Power plants are vulnerable to climate change, study says

Climate change could hinder the efficiency of nuclear and coal-fired power plants in the future and could mean higher costs and a less reliable power grid, according to an article published in Nature Climate Change.  More »

Steffy: Electricity prices could be a rising target for Texans

This is the summer of truth for Texas’ costly experiment in electricity deregulation. By the time the first cool front rolls across Texas in the fall, it should be clear that under our current system, electricity can be cheap, or it can be reliable, but it can’t be both. And it may be neither.  More »

Companies asking to change fixed-rate contracts

Several retail electric providers are asking whether changes to wholesale power prices could allow them to break current fixed-rate contracts with consumers.  More »

Texas should triple wholesale prices to avert blackouts

Texas regulators should triple peak wholesale power prices to avert blackouts later this decade when electricity demand is predicted to outstrip supply, according to a report today by Brattle Group Inc.  More »

Cyber attacks on power generation, transmission companies rising

State politicians are warning utility companies of the rising risks from cyber attacks, prompting some utility provides to unplug critical functions from the internet, according to an Austin American-Statesman story.  More »

IEA: U.S. emissions plummeting on greater use of natural gas

The power sector’s switch from coal to natural gas generation has caused major reductions in CO2 emissions, the International Energy Agency says.  More »