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Energy Dept. finds stricter EPA rules won’t threaten electric reliability

A Department of Energy analysis of how the electricity system would respond to far more stringent versions of upcoming air-emission regulations found the rules won’t threaten electric reliability.  More »

ERCOT warns of possible rolling blackouts this winter, next summer

Last winter’s rolling blackouts in Texas and the summer’s near-blackouts could occur again in the coming year if extreme weather stresses the power grid more than normal, the state’s grid operator said Thursday.  More »

Electricity officials say US should use tools to prevent reliability issues

Electricity industry officials on Wednesday raised concerns that upcoming environmental regulations will force plant shutdowns that could threaten grid reliability, but they stressed the government has tools to stave off such problems.  More »

EPA could give power companies options to delay pollution rule

The Environmental Protection Agency would let power plants apply for more time to comply with new pollution standards under a rule sent to the White House for review, according to people familiar with the process.  More »

Luminant asks EPA to ease new regulation further

Dallas-based Luminant Generation Co. asked the Environmental Protection Agency to further ease an upcoming power-plant emissions rule to allow companies to better adhere to stricter standards.  More »

Democratic aides cite report in saying EPA air rules won’t threaten electric reliability

The EPA has strongly rejected concerns the rules would cause electric reliability problems. EPA officials have cited 40 years of Clean Air Act rules that haven’t caused a single incident.  More »

Report raises concerns about future electric reliability in Texas

Growth in electricity demand will outstrip capacity additions in the Texas electricity system in the coming decade, reducing excess capacity and raising the risk of reliability problems as soon as 2013, a new analysis suggests.  More »

Utilities may need to build plants under EPA rules, group says

Utilities may need to build high-voltage electric lines and power plants to cope with pending U.S. pollution regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency, a grid watchdog said.  More »

GM will offer loaner cars to Chevy Volt drivers

General Motors announced today that it would offer loaner cars to Chevrolet Volt owners to alleviate any concerns about potential fires in the all-electric car.  More »

Houston wants to help residents trim energy waste

Feel a draft around your home’s electrical outlets? If so, you’re wasting energy.  More »

Houston: Survey says … consumers still confused?!

As a media spokesperson and vice-president of Corporate Communications for CenterPoint Energy, I’ve known for a long time that unless there’s a natural gas leak or widespread power outages, much of what our businesses do is “out-of-sight, out-of-mind” for most consumers. But last week, I read a consumer survey report from the Guild Group out […]  More »

Guest Voice: Texans paying more for electricity under deregulation

Is the deregulated electricity market finally paying off for Texas consumers? After all, average prices statewide have come down since 2008. Consumer complaints also are falling. Doesn’t that mean that success has arrived at last?  More »

The hidden cost of smart meters

CenterPoint Energy, which is both the Houston area’s electric transmission company and its natural gas provider, is installing smart meters on homes across the greater Houston area with the promise that they will spark an array of electrical innovations, from more flexible billing to quicker recovery from disasters like hurricanes.  More »

Democrats, environmentalists seize on U.N. report showing extreme weather from climate change

Environmentalists and Democrats on Friday pressed for policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, seizing on the United Nations’ finding that climate change probably will increase certain extreme weather events.  More »

EPA power plant rules will boost supply chains and create jobs, group says

Two future emissions rules for power plants would encourage electric utilities to spend cash they’ve held onto during the sluggish economic recovery, creating jobs and increasing business for the power sector’s supply-chain companies, a group said in a report. The group also has challenged claims by Texans and others that the two EPA rules would cost jobs.  More »