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Household electricity bills are rising

Household electricity bills have risen sharply over the past five years after years of stable prices, but Texans are still paying slightly below the national average for electricity, according to a USA Today story.  More »

Top Republican to float bill adding flexibility provision to EPA power-plant rule

Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska says she plans to introduce a bill to give some power plants more time to comply with a proposed Environmental Protection Agency rule for reducing mercury and other toxic air emissions. She says she’s concerned the rule would pose a threat to electric grid reliability, a claim the EPA has long denied.  More »

Energy efficiency programs save customers cash

Natural gas-powered utilities are taking credit for shaving $62 off the electricity bills for customers enrolled in their energy efficiency programs.  More »

Holiday spirits are bright with either kind of light

As holiday festivities prompt decking of halls and stringing of lights, energy-conscious merry-makers may wonder just how much electricity it takes to be so jolly.  More »

Regulators approve Houston-company’s power line application

A Houston company says its planned power line across Kansas will spur wind farm development and establish the state as a national leader in clean energy production.  More »

Opinion: Competition is helping Texans pay less for electricity

The business of electricity is complex, but for Texas consumers eligible to shop around in the competitive retail market, the data is clear: competition is saving you money.  More »

Worries about blackouts cloud business climate

Texas companies got a rude awakening last February when colder-than-normal weather wreaked havoc on the state’s power grid, triggering rolling blackouts. This summer, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, the state’s power grid operator, took emergency measures to reduce electricity demand and avert more blackouts.  More »

Panelists debate the impact of electric cars on the grid

As hybrid and electric vehicles become more common, questions are swirling about whether the electricity grid can handle the resulting new demand for power.  More »

Energy companies continue S.A. expansion

GreenStar Products Inc., the Boerne-based lighting company that announced six months ago it would build a manufacturing plant and move its headquarters to San Antonio, will begin relocating to its new facility next week.  More »

MIT study shows U.S. must protect power grid from cyberattacks

The U.S. should implement standards to reduce the risk of cyberattacks on the electricity grid and should designate one agency responsible for overseeing grid cybersecurity, a new report from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology said.  More »

MIT study shows U.S. must protect power grid from cyberattacks

The U.S. needs standards to guard against cyber attacks on power lines that run to homes and businesses, according to a Massachusetts Institute of Technology report.  More »

Experts differ on how to prevent rolling blackouts

When the state electrical grid operator warned Thursday that Texas could be hit with blackouts next summer in part because its cushion of reserve energy is less than hoped, reaction was swift – but all over the map.  More »