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Discussing the `War on Coal’ on Fox Business

Yesterday, I was on Melissa Francis’ show on Fox Business discussing the “war on the coal,” which dovetailed with a column I wrote in May looking at how coal plant operators were trying to blame the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for their …  More »

Steffy: Fixing Texas’ power market woes

We made it through the summer, and the lights stayed on.  More »

Blow-by-Blow PV System Efficiency: A Case Study for Storage

This is a guest post by Tom Murphy. Tom is an associate professor of physics at the University of California, San Diego. This post originally appeared on Tom’s blog Do the Math. A short while back, I described my standalone (off-grid) urban photovoltai…  More »

Trash-to-energy plan worries New Delhi ragpickers

Leaning on a battered set of scales while flies swarmed his piles of trash, Akbar said he wasn’t demanding much: “All I want is continued access to waste.”  More »

FERC says JPMorgan power-trading unit faces suspension

The order is part of FERC’s effort to eliminate manipulation of the electricity market.  More »

Getting more juice may squeeze electric customers

State officials in recent months have been trying to figure out how to get more money out of consumers to give to power companies.  More »

New plant to ease strain on Texas grid in 2013

Wood Group GTS will build a new 75 megawatt natural gas power facility in Texas for NRG Energy, the company announced Thursday.  More »

U.S. solar industry anticipates utility metering backlash

The growing use of rooftop solar systems are spurring concern that U.S. utilities may decline to purchase power generated by the panels, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association.  More »

An electricity plan fueled by natural gas pride

A new retail energy plan offers electricity exclusively generated in Texas using Texas natural gas.  More »

Democrats seek probe of climate change effects on thirsty electric sector

Two top Democratic representatives are asking the House to probe whether climate-change related heat waves and droughts jeopardize the nation’s electric supply.  More »

The Long Term Tie Between Energy Supply, Population, and the Economy

The tie between energy supply, population, and the economy goes back to the hunter-gatherer period. Hunter-gatherers managed to multiply their population at least 4-fold, and perhaps by as much as 25-fold, by using energy techniques which allowed them …  More »

Power plant operators say they need to generate more cash

Texas electric generators say they need more money if they’re going to provide power plants that may be idle except when demand is highest.  More »

Texas power supply problem in focus today

The Texas Public Utility Commission is hearing arguments today on the best ways to inspire power companies to build new plants in anticipation of growing electricity demand.  More »

Power retailer’s entry sheds light on green gains

A new retail electric brand offering customers power generated exclusively from renewable sources illustrates Texas’ growing demand for clean energy, a consumer advocate says.  More »

Groundbreaking Thursday for new Temple power plant

Groundbreaking is set for Thursday for a 758-megawatt, natural gas-fueled power plant to serve Central Texas.  More »