Category: Electricity

Going off-grid with solar holiday lights

If you’re in the market for new holiday lights, this season may be the right time to think about going solar.  More »

Consumers may be able to opt out of smart meters

Months after the installation of smart meters was finished in Houston, and with the rollout mostly completed elsewhere in the state, the Public Utility Commission may consider letting people opt out of using the high-tech meters.  More »

Report: Higher costs, lower demand for power generators

A new report from the Deloitte Center for Energy Solutions makes a couple of predictions: the cost of providing electricity will go up in the future, as will the price for buying that electricity.  More »

High-tech, energy-efficient homes will be in historic neighborhoods

Independence Heights earned a place in history as Texas’ first African-American city, settled in 1908 and sovereign until it was swallowed by the city of Houston 21 years later.  More »

Duke Energy CEO to leave in merger settlement

Duke did not name a replacement CEO immediately.  More »

Increased cap comes with positives and negatives

The increase of the cap for maximum wholesale electricity prices to $9,000 will help meet the generation demand, but the cap is likely increase rate volatility electricity retailers, a former Texas utility regulator said.  More »

Coal power plants to lose up to a quarter of capacity by 2035

Stiffer environmental regulations and the falling price of natural gas could cause the nation to lose between 15 percent and 24 percent of coal power generation by 2035, according to a GAO forecast.  More »

Electric grid will need advancements to keep pace with consumption

America’s increasing thirst for energy will bring about more plants and wind farms, but will also create major challenges for moving and balancing power on electric grid systems, experts said at a Houston convention Wednesday.  More »

Hydrogen could help with power storage systems

While storage systems involving water, compressed air or lithium ion batteries have gotten the bulk of attention among the nascent energy storage industry, systems that use excess power to generate hydrogen gas could provide a flexible and highly effective solution, said Daryl Wilson, CEO of Hydrogenics, while speaking at the Total Energy USA Conference at George R. Brown Convention Center.  More »

Okla. power line shortage hampers oil production

Companies trying to extract oil and natural gas from the Mississippi Lime formation and other fields in northwest Oklahoma and western Kansas are dealing with insufficient access to electricity.  More »

Despite carbon concerns, new coal plants planned globally

About 1,200 coal-fired power plants have been proposed worldwide, including 36 in the United States, according to a report by World Resources Institute.  More »

IEA: Renewable energy to approach top spot in world electricity

The International Energy Agency came out with some startling predictions this week, including this: Renewable energy sources will approach coal as the primary source of world electricity by 2035.  More »