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Sandy’s blackouts pressure utilities to bury power lines

Super storm Sandy’s record blackouts and prolonged recovery laid bare the U.S. electrical grid’s vulnerability to wind and flood, renewing calls for utilities to invest billions to toughen their defenses against extreme weather that may become more common.  More »

US OKs permit for last coal power plant in Conn.

Connecticut’s last coal-fired power plant has received another five-year permit to operate.  More »

N. Texas nuke plant unit shut down for cooling pump repair

High-temperature readings in a cooling pump forced the shutdown of one of the units at the Comanche Peak nuclear power plant in North Texas.  More »

Steffy: Texas needs to make hay on power while the sun shines

Much as lawmakers had done with wind power, the plan authorized the utility commission to mandate generating 500 megawatts of renewable energy from sources other than wind, which essentially means solar. That generation would then be tied into the new transmission lines. The commission never followed through on that provision.  More »

Regulated utilities increase investments due to regulation and expansion

Investor owned, regulated utilities in the United States are raising their capital investments to accommodate population growth and stricter regulatory requirements.  More »

W. Pa. duo uses solar, recycling to live off grid

How great would it be to have all the conveniences of modern life without most of the bills — or worries about power outages?  More »

Texas grid will keep us warm this winter — probably

Texas will have enough generation capacity to meet its needs this winter, the grid operator expects — barring the unexpected.  More »

Analysis shows engaged voters are more energy efficient

Voters heading to the ballot box next Tuesday may be divided when it comes to their presidential picks, but a new report suggests they might have at least one thing in common: how they use energy.  More »

Study: Water takes more electricity than lighting

Energy used to pump, treat, heat and cool water accounted for 12.6 percent of the nation’s energy use in 2010, a UT study found.  More »

Sandy knocks out power for some Internet players

Huffington Post and Gawker were among a series of websites that have gone down because of data center flooding and power outages at facilities containing servers, according to the websites.  More »

See the explosion that blacked out lower NYC

An explosion rocked a power substation yesterday belonging to Consolidated Edison Inc., New York City’s utility, near East 14th Street as Sandy, the Atlantic Ocean superstorm, combined hours of pounding wind and rain and left parts of Manhattan without power.  More »

Utility commissioners decline calls for mandatory solar energy targets

The Texas Public Utility Commission rejected a proposal to mandate that the state develop 500 megawatts of non-wind renewable power generation by 2015.  More »