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WSJ: China’s Sinopec in talks for Texas clean-coal investment

The Chinese energy behemoth is negotiating an investment of up to $1 billion in the Texas Clean Energy Project near Odessa, according to The Wall Street Journal.  More »

Opinion: needs to fix the complaint data

When shopping for power, always check the company’s complaint record. It’s just common sense, right? The Texas Public Utility Commission lists this information on the website. So sorting out the bad actors from the good — and avoiding a rotten experience down the road — shouldn’t be too difficult.  More »

New consumer energy website lacks power players

Energy companies know that many of us have no idea how to shop for electricity.  More »

Thermostat thinks for itself, while saving you money

Jennifer Roane says she’s saving energy an money by using a new, self-programming thermostat.  More »

New plant to generate power ahead of schedule

A new power plant designed to help reduce global warming will go online earlier than expected to help beat back Texas heat.  More »

CenterPoint reviewing India’s power failure

CenterPoint Energy officials said they are reviewing India’s historic electric grid failure this week to see what lessons can be gained for Texas’ sometimes strained utility system.  More »

In Texas, a push to save power at peak times

Last summer, when temperatures soared above 100 day after day, Robert Rhea’s thermostat took on a life of its own.  More »

Steffy: More questions about wholesale electric market

A new report makes the latest developments in Texas’ deregulated electricity market look more and more like a scene from “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.”  More »

Wholesale electricity price cap study raises questions on increase

Today the new price cap for wholesale energy will go into effect, increasing prices by 50 percent to $4,500 per megawatt-hour, as Texas electricity planners attempt to create more electricity supply by increasing its price during high demand periods.  More »

House poised to pass legislation to keep power flowing

In a rare moment of accord on energy and environmental policy, House Democrats and Republicans are expected to come together and pass legislation that would insulate power utilities from environmental fines when the federal government orders them to keep generating electricity.  More »

Power restored across India after historic failure

Factories and workshops across India were up and running again Wednesday, a day after a major system collapse led to a second day of power outages and the worst blackout in history.  More »

Electricity grids fail across half of India

Electric crematoria were snuffed out with bodies inside, New Delhi’s Metro shut down and hundreds of coal miners were trapped underground after three Indian electric grids collapsed in a cascade Tuesday, cutting power to 620 million people in the world’s biggest blackout.  More »

Wait-and-see mode for Texas electric consumers

The much-discussed wholesale electricity price hike starts tomorrow, leaving some to ponder whether electricity providers will pass on the higher costs to consumers.  More »

Power provider loses appeal of EPA oversight

The largest power generator in Texas lost an appellate court challenge Monday over federal supervision of state clean-air regulations.  More »

Weakness exposed in Calif. electricity trading

A big electricity trader may have figured out a way to exploit vulnerabilities in the state’s $8 billion-a-year electricity market, just as Enron Corp. did a decade ago, state officials said.  More »