A new group, called Texans for Reliable Power, ran a full-page ad Thursday in the Austin Statesman that warns of future power shortfalls in Texas if market modifications are not made. This is the top of the ad.

Interest groups point fingers over Texas’ near-blackout

Generators are arguing that Monday’s electricity shortage is related to poor incentives for construction; opponents say that poor planning and maintenance could be the root cause.
An electric company worker changing ballasts and lamps on the iconic "Welcome to Las Vegas," sign in Las Vegas, Nev.  (AP Photo/Joe Cavaretta, File)

Solar energy to power iconic Vegas welcome sign

Elected officials and project leaders flipped a switch Wednesday linking solar panels on 25-foot towers to the iconic neon “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign.
Green Mountain Energy is building a 10-kilowatt demonstration solar system at the existing Elbow Creek wind farm near Big Spring in West Texas.

Role of Texas wind power debated after winter emergency

Critics say Monday’s close brush with blackouts raises questions about the role of wind in grid reliability.
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Recycled phone books to be used to generate energy

Old, unwanted phone books on Oahu are being collected to eventually recycle and generate power.
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Power demand in Texas hits winter record amid sub-freezing temperatures

The Texas grid met cold-weather demand a day after freezing temperatures and power plant problems nearly forced rolling blackouts, and grid operators discontinued a conservation alert.
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Coal surge sullies Germany’s clean energy image

The share of electricity generated from coal rose in Germany last year as the country seeks to achieve its ambitious aim of switching off all nuclear power plants by 2022.
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Unexpected plant outages pushed Texas into winter power emergency

The unexpected closure of two plants in north central Texas Sunday night pushed the grid close to the brink of rolling blackouts Monday morning, according to the Texas grid planner.
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Texas under power conservation alert amid freezing temperatures

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas has cancelled its earlier announced Energy Emergency Alert, saying that conditions have improved and that rolling blackouts are no longer a serious threat.
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German power costs to fall further as coal expands

Power prices in Germany, Europe’s biggest electricity market, probably will weaken for a record fourth consecutive year as utilities add the most coal-fired capacity in more than a decade.
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Tamar offshore rig, off the coast of Israel
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Noble Energy and Israeli partners ink deal to supply West Bank plant

Noble Energy and its Israeli partners in an offshore natural gas field will get about $1.2 billion to supply a Palestinian power plant in the West Bank for the next 20 years.