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CenterPoint heads north to assist in deadly tornado’s aftermath

CenterPoint Energy, the Houston-based power distribution company, is sending crews to Oklahoma to help restore electricity to homes and businesses rocked by Monday’s devastating tornado.  More »

Global Energy Systems – June 26-28 2013

Our energy system is evolving due to depletion of cheap fossil fuels and the need for carbon emission constraints. Government and business are under pressure to tackle the energy challenges of rising energy costs, energy security, and reducing greenhou…  More »

Texas House OKs utility-backed bill affecting rate cases

At issue is money that transmission companies collect from customers in advance to cover federal taxes on company profits.  More »

Feds predict Texas will get hot, Texans will run ACs

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission says Texas may squeeze its electric generation reserve margins as temperatures rise this summer.  More »

Reliability, regulation among top concerns for utilities

Utilities still spend most of their money on reliability investments, but environmental projects, energy efficiency and even computer security are edging up on the list.  More »

Renewable power generation grew 7 percent in Texas last year

Electric generation from renewable sources increased 7 percent in 2012 in Texas, according to the latest figures from the Electric Reliability Council of Texas.  More »

Electricity, energy costs hike consumer prices

Energy costs rose 2.3 percent in March and April, largely because of an 8.2 percent jump in the cost of electricity, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Thursday.  More »

House bill would suspend environmental penalties when blackouts loom

Legislation approved by a House committee on Wednesday would give lectric utilities a free pass for keeping the lights on and power flowing whenever the government orders them to continue operations — even if that means running afoul of environmental mandates.  More »

Drones can combat power outages, expert says

Power companies could borrow an anti-terrorism tool to aid them in responding to outages after big storms. A nonprofit research group believes that drones could be used to gather information quickly about damage and speed up the ability of crews to restore electricity to customers.  More »

Duke Energy earnings helped by weather, rates

The largest U.S. utility posted earnings Friday of $634 million for the first quarter.  More »

April electricity demand hits three-year low

Power demand hit a three-year low in April, as temperatures were warmer than usual on the east and west coasts and below-average temperatures lingered in the Upper Midwest.  More »

Energy Future reports $569 million first-quarter loss

Energy Future Holdings Corp., the Texas power company seeking to restructure at least $32 billion of debt, reported its ninth consecutive quarterly loss.  More »