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Power partially restored at nuclear plant in Japan

Power has been restored to two fuel storage pools at Japan’s Fukushima Dai-ichi plant, which was severely damaged in the 2011 tsunami. But concerns linger about the fragility of the facility, which still runs on makeshift equipment.  More »

Deregulation is working against clean coal in Texas

Summit’s project is promising, but it remains a subsidized laboratory, not a viable solution to our generating problems.  More »

CenterPoint $11B deal reaches further into shale

Houston-based CenterPoint Energy will combine its pipeline assets with those from Oklahoma’s OGE Energy in an $11 billion deal that will give the partnership’s network more access to shale plays and added sources of cash.  More »

Energy storage technology to surge worldwide

The market services required to store electricity is expected to grow tenfold in the next ten years, as energy storage technology starts to become available around the globe, a market research report said Friday morning.  More »

Dynegy buying Ill. coal plants from Ameren

Power producer Dynegy is buying five coal power plants from utility Ameren to increase its power generation capabilities in Illinois and will assume $825 million in Ameren’s debt.  More »

CEO: NRG’s system in Haiti shows power of solar

American electricity giant NRG Energy is installing a solar power and battery storage system this week at a hospital in Haiti that demonstrates the advantages of drawing energy from the sun, CEO David Crane told FuelFix.  More »

Solar industry reports record growth in 2012

The U.S. solar industry had record growth in 2012, according to a report released Thursday.  More »

IBM helps CenterPoint meters get smarter

Call CenterPoint Energy to complain about service outages in your neighborhood within the next few months, and the call center may have an explanation before you even get started.  More »

Nuclear industry withers in US as wind pummels prices

The U.S. wind-energy industry went on a $25 billion growth binge in 2012. The surge is creating havoc for nuclear power and coal generators that sell their output into short-term markets.  More »

Inaction amps up summer power worries

The Public Utilities Commission could and should take steps to ease the threat, it probably won’t.  More »

Steffy: Rolling blackouts loom with PUC inaction

By the time the Public Utility Commission gets around to addressing the reliability crisis facing the Texas’ electricity grid, it may be holding meetings by candlelight, says Houston Chronicle columnist Loren Steffy.  More »

Energy will need a diversity of sources

After a week cheering the newfound U.S. natural gas bounty and its promise, audiences at a Houston energy conference heard sobering reminders Thursday that gas alone won’t keep American lights on.  More »

Shale boom hurts Europe’s climate goals, exec says

The shale gas revolution has complicated Europe’s efforts to combat climate change, leading to failures because of policies that did not take into account the effect of the American energy boom, a leading energy executive said Thursday.  More »

Energy execs: Don’t eulogize coal yet

Coal-fired power may be on the wane in the United States, but reports of its death are greatly exaggerated, energy executives said Thursday. Also overblown: Predictions that natural gas will overtake all other forms of generating electricity in the U.S.  More »

Summer demand may raise heat on Texas grid

As residents fight summer heat, a hot debate could grow over how to provide enough electricity to run Texas air conditioners, the state’s power leaders said at the IHS CERAWeek conference in Houston Thursday.  More »