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National panel questions reliability of Texas’ electric grid

The state is now under more pressure than ever to encourage generation, and that’s likely to mean higher prices at a time when the deregulated market was supposed to be delivering lower prices to consumers.  More »

Steffy: Sunset panel is no friend of power consumers

It didn’t take the Sunset Advisory Commission long to leave consumers in the dark.  More »

Gas exports will boost solar industry, exec says

CEO Arno Harris said Recurrent Energy’s new solar plants will sell power for as low as 7 cents a kilowatt-hour, nearly as cheap as natural gas-fired plants. He favors gas exports because they could lift the price of gas, making renewable energy more competitive.  More »

Texas energy use down nearly 3 percent in 2012

Much of the decrease can be attributed to the blazing summer of 2011, which led to a 5 percent increase in energy use that year.  More »

Grid operator: Texas electric transmission capacity will fall short of demand

Texas is adding $8.9 billion in electricity transmission improvements by the end of 2017, but it won’t be enough to meet growing demand, the state’s main grid operator says.  More »

University works to design future of electric power

In a lab at Old Dominion University, students and professors are helping design the future of electric power.  More »

Wind tax credit in Senate fiscal cliff legislation

Wind energy may emerge as one of the winners of the fiscal cliff tax negotiations, as compromise legislation passed by the Senate on Tuesday morning included a tax credit for renewable energy, according to the Associated Press.  More »

Southern Co. faces risks on Mississippi power plant

Betting that natural gas prices will rise again, Southern Co. is funneling billions into a new coal-to-gas power plant, technology that critics say is untested and costly.  More »

Sandy legacy has utilities opening wallets for drones

One slice of Hurricane Sandy’s $80 billion in economic damages was $3.3 billion just to repair the New York-New Jersey electrical grid — a casualty that’s inspiring utilities to re-engineer their disaster plans.  More »

Texas grid planners extending pilot project to lower peak demand

Texas grid planners are extending a pilot program that pays customers who agree to cut their electricity use during power emergencies.  More »

Fiscal cliff could short-circuit power company cash flow

Electric utilities could face a cash crunch if government spending cuts and tax hikes known as the fiscal cliff create uncertainty and prompt businesses to cut back expenses, according to a report by Moody’s.  More »

Conference: Global Energy Systems – June 26-28 2013

Our energy system is evolving due to depletion of cheap fossil fuels and the need for carbon emission constraints. Government and business are under pressure to tackle the energy challenges of rising energy costs, energy security, and reducing greenhou…  More »