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Renewable energy leads growth for Texas’ electric grid

Renewable energy from windy West Texas has outpaced the growth of coal, natural gas and other power resources feeding Texas’ electric grid, according to a recent report by the Energy Information Administration.  More »

Texas manufacturers criticize proposed changes to power grid

Texas manufacturers are asking state regulators not to adopt a proposed modification to the state’s electricity market that would pay generators for keeping additional capacity available at peak times, saying the change would be costly to consumers and would dampen state growth.  More »

Grid plan could overload power bills

The companies that sell electricity to Texas residences and businesses say their customers will have to pay more if the state makes changes in the market that some power industry officials and regulators are proposing.  More »

Panel grants pollution waiver for Illinois coal plants

The Illinois Pollution Control Board has agreed to give a Texas company extra time to install pollution controls at five Illinois coal-fired power plants.  More »

Retailers save millions by curbing energy use

Energy efficiency improvements had helped Gap, Walgreens, Cinemark and TCS Basys Controls save more than $200 million annually.  More »

Verizon to guard smart meters from hackers

In a sign of the growing threat that hackers pose to smart meters and other Internet-connected devices, Verizon Enterprise Solutions announced Tuesday that it will launch a service to help utilities block those attacks.  More »

Iowa landowners fight proposed power line

A group of Iowa landowners are organizing to fight a proposed $2 billion electric transmission line that would provide a boost to wind power in the state.  More »

Utility, solar company battle over rooftop panels

The state’s largest utility, Arizona Public Service, has spent more than $3.7 million to convince the public that homeowners using solar panels are costing other customers money, and it wants utility regulators to OK a proposal it says would make the system more fair.  More »

Luminant suspends nuclear plant expansion bid

The owner of a North Texas nuclear power plant has tabled its request for federal permission to expand.  More »

Japan nuke-plant water tanks flawed, workers say

Officials and experts and two other workers interviewed by the AP say the quality of the tanks and their foundations suffered because of haste — haste that was unavoidable because there is so much contaminated water leaking from the wrecked reactors and mixed with ground water inflow.  More »

Calpine Chief Operating Officer Thad Hill to become CEO in May

Thad Hill will succeed Jack Fusco as CEO of Calpine Corp.  More »

In this ranking of energy efficiency, we’re No. 33.

Massachusetts took the No. 1 spot in an energy efficiency scorecard that ranked Texas No. 33.  More »

Duke Energy earnings rise on lower merger costs

Duke Energy Corp. is the nation’s largest electric utility.  More »

Centerpoint anticipates IPO for midstream venture

CenterPoint Energy plans an initial public offering next year of units in its new midstream venture, Enable Midstream Partners.  More »

TransCanada’s quarterly profit rises on higher power prices

TransCanada Corp., the Calgary-based company seeking to build the Keystone XL oil-sands pipeline, said third-quarter profit rose 30 percent as it took advantage of higher electricity prices.  More »