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Texas cities fall short in ranking of energy efficiency policies

Houston ranked 13th of 34 major U.S. cities for its policies on energy efficiency, receiving strong marks for its buildings and transportation, according to the City Energy Efficiency Scorecard.  More »

Arizona regulators drop power deregulation push

The Arizona Corporation Commission has dropped its consideration of deregulating the state’s retail electricity market, a move that clears uncertainty surrounding two energy projects in neighboring New Mexico.  More »

Hydroelectric power makes big comeback at US dams

On a typical summer weekend, hundreds of boats glide across the shimmering surface of Iowa’s Lake Red Rock, the state’s largest body of water.  More »

China bans new coal-fired plants in 3 regions

China announced Thursday that it will ban new coal-fired power plants in three key industrial regions around Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou in its latest bid to combat the country’s notorious air pollution.  More »

Feds consider ban on new coal plants that lack expensive carbon controls

The EPA agreed to revise a similar proposal from last year in response to opposition by utilities and coal producers who said it would effectively kill coal as a power source.  More »

Power sector spending surging

Major names in electricity and other utilities boosted investments to $86.5 billion in the 12 months before July, an 11 percent rise over last year, according to SNL Energy.  More »

Barbour: US needs variety of energy sources

Former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour on Tuesday defended a coal-fired power plant that’s under construction in Kemper County, saying the U.S. should develop a variety of energy sources, including Mississippi-mined lignite that will be used at the plant.  More »

Calif lawmakers close to passing energy bill

California is close to passing a sweeping overhaul of its energy regulations that could affect electrical rates for millions of customers and rewrite rules on solar power usage.  More »

Mild temperatures cool off Texas electricity prices in August

Sweating through weeks of solid 90-degree heat, you probably didn’t realize you saved on your electric bill last month.  More »

Moody’s: Bankruptcy of TXU Energy’s parent company is imminent

Energy Future Holdings may be headed for bankruptcy by the end of the year, according to a Moody’s report issued on Monday morning.  More »

Switch that can lower electric bills

As grid planners work to ensure that Texas can generate enough electricity when people use it most, electric companies are helping — and potentially profiting — by rewarding customers who use power when demand is lower.  More »

Renewable power falls as Texas wind underperforms

U.S. renewable power generation fell 4 percent in August, compared with the same month a year ago, as Texas wind and other resources underperformed, according to an analysis from research firm Genscape.  More »