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Texas grid managers say cold weather pushed prices up to system max

Freezing temperatures that raised power demand while knocking some generators offline were key factors in a Jan. 6 power emergency that pushed Texas close to blackouts, the grid operator confirms in a new report.  More »

International power supply hinges on incremental generation advances

Power-generation technology will have to adapt to a massive increase in decentralized energy sources expected to come online in developing economies in Africa and Asia in coming years, a trend that reverses the energy industry’s focus on large coal and gas-fired plants in the U.S. and wealthier countries, an energy executive said Thursday.  More »

Expanding power generation methods requires grid investment

Using diverse generation sources for electricity adds efficiency and reliability, but also requires investment in grid and fuel transportation infrastructure, IHS CERAWeek panelists said.  More »

Power grid takes on the West Texas drilling boom

The booming oil and gas industry in the Permian Basin has created a voracious demand for power in West Texas, one that the grid is struggling to keep pace with, a Texas grid manager said Thursday.  More »

Renewables to help electrify Africa

Renewables are likely to play a large role in the electrification of Africa, likely making traditional grids less important, energy ministers said Thursday at the IHS Energy CERAWeek summit in Houston.  More »

Grid operator says 4 new plants will ease demand

Peak demand this summer is expected to exceed 68,000 megawatts.  More »

Energy CEO: Climate change is real, driven by humans

BHP Billiton CEO Andrew Maxkenzie, who leads the world’s largest mining company, said that climate change is real and driven by human activity during remarks Tuesday at the annual CERAWeek conference in Houston.  More »

Texas power conservation alert expires

Texans set a record for March power demand, but the grid operator let a conservation alert expire Tuesday morning as temperatures rose.  More »

Buffett regrets $2B bet on Texas utility

Warren Buffett lost more than $870 million betting on Energy Future Holdings, and says he wished he had never heard of the company.  More »

Texas power market monitor to resign

An independent monitor who watches for problems in the Texas electric power market under contract with regulators will leave the post later this month.  More »

Cold weather, hot market: Texas power price reaches max

Wholesale electricity in Texas, typically less than $100 per megawatt hour, reached $5,000 as heating demand approached generation capacity.  More »

Grid operator asks for conservation as cold grips state

The state’s grid operator is asking electric customers to conserve power as more cold moves through Texas and heating demand rises.  More »