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With tighter financial sanctions, Iran clings to oil lifeline

Just after 3 p.m. on Nov. 29, about 200 demonstrators ransacked the British Embassy in Tehran, chanting “Death to England,” setting fire to the Union Jack, carting off a portrait of Queen Elizabeth, and detaining staff as Iranian security officers stood by. It bore all the marks of a state-orchestrated provocation.  More »

Nabors’ high-flying executive perks draw SEC inquiry

Even as shareholders and corporate governance experts are decrying Nabors Industries’ $100 million severance for former chief executive Eugene Isenberg, the company history of lavish executive perks are drawing the attention of regulators. Nabors, it seems, may have a private jet problem. In a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission Wednesday, the oil drilling [...]  More »

Some Dynegy units file for Chp. 11 bankruptcy

A decade ago this month Houston-based Dynegy was in a position to save rival Enron Corp. from collapse. Monday evening some units of the company filed for bankruptcy.  More »

Energy Transfer will ‘not rule out’ talks with Williams

Energy Transfer fought tooth-and-nail with Williams for Southern Union Co. this summer. That doesn’t mean they aren’t willing to make a deal with them, however.  More »

Nabors CEO Eugene Isenberg talked about his pay

Back in 2007 Nabors Industries Chairman Eugene Isenberg talked to the Houston Chronicle about his pay package, which was eye catching even back then.  More »

Nabors will give investors annual vote on exec pay

The good news is Nabors shareholders will get to vote every year on executive pay at the company. The bad news is the votes can be ignored.  More »

Isenberg’s final payout of $100 million under fire

Eugene Isenberg’s $100 million pay deal for stepping down as CEO yet staying on as chairman “defies logic,” says shareholders.  More »

Analyst: Isenberg’s $100 million parting package “offensive to some”

The financial performance for Nabors Industries has underperformed compared to the broader market and other energy firms. The pay package for Chairman Eugene Isenberg — including his $100 million parting gift — is a case of overperformance versus the peers.  More »

One more wallow at the trough for Nabors’ Isenberg

You wouldn’t expect Houston’s most over-compensated chief executive to go cheaply into retirement, and Nabors Industries’ Eugene Isenberg didn’t disappoint. As the Chronicle’s Tom Fowler pointed out, Isenberg will get a $100 million cash send off as he relinquishes the CEO title to his hand-picked successor, Anthony Petrello. Isenberg will remain the company’s chairman. Nabors [...]  More »

$100 million bonus to Nabors boss for stepping aside

Eugene Isenberg, the former Chairman and CEO of Nabors Industries, will be paid a $100 million cash bonus as he drops his CEO title.  More »

SEC lowers the bar for telling investors of cyber threats

There used to be a lot of gray area surrounding just how much companies needed to tell their investors about threats from cyber attack. A new interpretation of the existing rules lowers the bar threshold for what needs to be reported significantly.  More »

Dril-Quip Chairman and CEO steps down suddenly

Dril-Quip co-founder, Chairman and CEO Mike Walker has stepped down from the company unexpectedly, leading analysts to wonder if the company may now become a takeover target.  More »