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Judge dismisses coal case on procedural grounds

A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit over a coal mine in Southcentral on procedural grounds.  More »

Republicans singing a familiar tune about coal

House Republicans are set to play a familiar theme this week before heading out to campaign for the November election, trying to head off rules from the Environmental Protection Agency to curb pollution.  More »

Progress Energy to retire coal-fired power plant

North Carolina’s main electric company is shutting down a coal-burning power plant near Goldsboro as it shifts to generating power with cleaner natural gas.  More »

The Long Term Tie Between Energy Supply, Population, and the Economy

The tie between energy supply, population, and the economy goes back to the hunter-gatherer period. Hunter-gatherers managed to multiply their population at least 4-fold, and perhaps by as much as 25-fold, by using energy techniques which allowed them …  More »

Carbon County anxious to get coal-to-gas plant

Carbon County officials say they’re optimistic that a Texas company will follow through on plans to construct a plant to turn coal into gasoline by 2016.  More »

Closure of 3 W.Va. coal-fired plants looms

Three coal-fired power plants in West Virginia will soon stop generating electricity under a plan by FirstEnergy Corp. to shutter some aging facilities because of new environmental regulations.  More »

Coal miners not paid for attending Romney event

Coal miners are saying they lost a day’s salary and required to attend an event for Republican Mitt Romney at their Ohio mining, but a company said those claims may be a bit overstated.  More »

Big coal faces steel slowdown amid shale-gas pain

Four of the largest U.S. coal producers made $20 billion of acquisitions last year to reduce their dependence on the domestic power industry. Instead those deals have added to the companies’ pain.  More »

DC Panel Goes “Through the Looking Glass” in Cross State Air Pollution Rule decision

On Tuesday, a panel of the DC Circuit released its long awaited opinion in EME Homer City Generation v. EPA. This case was brought about on consolidated challenges to the EPA’s attempt to implement the Cross State Air Pollution Rule, a follow up to the CAIR (Clean Air Interstate Rule) that the DC Circuit found […]  More »

Romney supportive of coal industry he said ‘kills people’

In early May, Republican Mitt Romney made a pilgrimage worth about $1.7 million to the White Palace Ballroom in Wheeling, West Virginia. He was greeted by almost 700 donors assembled with the help of host Bob Murray, chief executive officer of Murray Energy Corp. and a coal mine owner.  More »

Feds: Calif. man wanted $13M from W.Va. coal exec

A California man accused of trying to extort $13 million from a West Virginia coal company executive and threatening to kill relatives if he didn’t pay up was indicted on federal charges.  More »

Merkel’s green shift forces Germany to burn more coal

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government says RWE AG (RWE)’s new power plant that can supply 3.4 million homes aids her plan to exit nuclear energy and switch to cleaner forms of generation. It’s fired with coal.  More »