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Column: China and its North American energy ambitions

There has been an almost surgical focus by China on foreign acquisitions in the energy space, taken one giant step further by the acquisition of NEXEN by CNOOC (nope, that’s not code, I promise).  More »

Obama goes pro-coal in campaign radio ad

Mitt Romney bashed the president’s effort to win over the fossil fuel industry, saying Obama has used his years in office to wage “a war on coal.”  More »

Black Hills to shutter some coal-fired plants

Black Hills Corp. said Monday that its utilities will close some older coal-fired power plants because it would cost too much to bring them in compliance with new federal and state environmental regulations.  More »

Coal rebound on the future for power generation?

Natural gas matched coal as the primary fuel for U.S. power generation this year for the first time since the government started collecting data.  More »

Coal industry wins challenge to EPA water standards

The coal industry won a court ruling that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency water-quality standards infringed on state authority to regulate surface mining.  More »

Sports star set to be new face of coal

Just in time for the election cycle, a newly released commercial by American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity will tout the importance of coal. See who is the star of the new advertisement campaign.  More »

Surging coal exports boost Kinder, bother Democrats

U.S. coal exports nearly doubled between 2009 and 2011, according to a report released today by Democratic members of the House Natural Resources Committee.  More »

Coal operators watched from above

Government inspectors have been keeping a close eye on coal operators through aerial surveillance in central Appalachia, a region that’s been the center of debate over so-called mountaintop removal mining.  More »

Coal company files for bankruptcy

In the latest signs of coal’s decline, a Midwestern company files for bankruptcy just as coal is dethroned as the nation’s leading power producer.  More »

CBO: Future bleak for carbon-cutting technology

Despite the goverment’s $6.9 billion investment in emissions-cutting technology in coal power plants, carbon capture and storage isn’t gaining traction, the CBO reported.  More »

DC Circuit Rejects All Challenges to PSD greenhouse gas regulation. What Now?

Yesterday the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit issues a stinging rebuke to state and industry challengers’ petition to prohibit the EPA from regulating greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act, and extending that regulation to prevention of significant detioration for major stationary sources. The unanimous decision stated that the EPA’s endangerment […]  More »

Perfect storm sinking coal-fired generation, report says

A perfect storm of lower natural gas prices, new emission rules and weak national demand for electricity is causing many utility companies to ditch coal-fired power generation, according to a new report.  More »

Coal-generated electricity hits historic low

Coal’s popularity in the power industry has hit its lowest level since at least 1973, generating 34 percent of the electricity in March.  More »

Craigslist ad offers people $50 to wear pro-coal T-shirt

A Craigslist advertisement offered Chicago residents $50 and a free lunch to attend an Environmental Protection Agency meeting while wearing a pro-coal industry T-shirt, according to a now-deleted ad.  More »

BLM rejects permit for methane bacteria project

Federal land managers have rejected an application by a Colorado company to use bacteria to produce methane from northeast Wyoming coal beds.  More »
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