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Chevron CEO urges more diversity in energy employment

Chevron Corp. CEO John Watson said the energy industry needs to do more to increase the diversity of its workforce and urged improved efforts to promote science and math education among minority students.  More »

Drillers and doctors join forces to find oil and save babies

Chevron and other oil companies develop social responsibility plans as a way to integrate into countries where they work. But critics say the approach skirts deeper problems in developing nations.  More »

Lawyer to appeal ruling in Chevron-Ecuador case

The ruling left Steven Donziger with a slimmer chance of securing compensation for rain-forest dwellers in Ecuador’s Lago Agrio area.  More »

Don’t expect international shale boom quite yet, experts say

While tight oil plays in the U.S. are booming, reproducing that success abroad could be challenging for American companies, energy executives and analysts said Tuesday.  More »

Chevron CEO says $100 a barrel is the new $20

Rising labor costs are challenging oil companies, even amid an era of oil prices around $100 a barrel, Chevron’s CEO said Tuesday.  More »

One gas well sealed after fatal blast in Pennsylvania

The well caught fire Feb. 11.  More »

Report: Chevron offered pizza coupons to residents near well explosion

Chevron offered coupons for pizza and soda to residents of a Pennsylvania community in the aftermath of a well explosion last week, the Philadelphia Daily News reports.  More »

U.S. safety board rejects overhaul of Calif. refineries

The U.S. Chemical Safety Board rejected a proposed overhaul of California’s refinery safety practices – recently touted by its chairman after the 2012 Chevron refinery fire in Richmond, Calif., – saying the overly ambitious plan would do little to immediately improve safety and needs further study.  More »

EPA says Chevron violated law at California refinery

The blaze sent thousands of people to hospitals seeking medical attention.  More »

Canadian court says Ecuadoreans can pursue Chevron assets

A lawsuit by a group of Ecuadoreans to seize Chevron Corp.’s Canadian assets can proceed in the country, a Canadian court ruled Tuesday.  More »

Chevron plans to cut spending in 2014

Chevron plans to pull back the reins on its aggressive capital spending in the coming year, reducing its budget by $2 billion from its expected investments this year.  More »

Chevron resumes search for shale gas in Romania

Thousands of people have rallied across Romania in recent months to protest against government support for shale gas exploration.  More »
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