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Guest commentary: Pipeline wars or pipe dreams?

Aviezer Tucker, assistant director of the Energy Institute at the University of Texas in Austin, says today’s Eurasian pipeline wars are quickly becoming obsolete because of U.S. shale and new economic and technological realities.  More »

Indonesia steps toward fuel hike amid protests

Indonesia’s Parliament voted to approve a budget package on Monday that lays the groundwork for the slashing of government fuel subsidies, as police fired tear gas and water cannons outside to disperse hundreds of angry protesters.  More »

Asia’s largest solar-thermal power plant launches (photos)

Godawari Power & Ispat Ltd. has started Asia’s biggest solar-thermal plant, but analysts say its too soon to declare the project a success.  More »

Shell eyeing investment in LNG import terminal in China

Royal Dutch Shell is looking at investing in a liquefied natural gas import terminal in east China, the company said Thursday.  More »

Shale exploration in China set to explode, analyst says

“PetroChina has overtaken Exxon Mobil as the largest company in the world in terms of E&P capital investments,” Barclays wrote in a report this week.  More »

US shale boom shapes international energy markets

The shale boom in the United States has impacted the entire domestic economy, but also is shaping world thinking about energy use, panelists said at the kick-off session for a KPMG conference on global energy in Houston on Wednesday morning.  More »

Day 2 at OTC was all around the world

The Offshore Technology Conference’s international character came into focus Tuesday as Petrobras predicted big growth from reservoirs in Brazil, China outlined its long-term plans for harnessing shale gas and France’s Total touted the success of a massive 49-well project off Angola.  More »

China: Growing quickly, but slow to exploit its shale resources

For those who wondered when China will begin to exploit its shale resources, a Chinese energy executive had some answers Tuesday. It isn’t likely to happen quickly, and it won’t be easy.  More »

PetroVietnam CEO to Houston oil and gas experts: Come to Vietnam

Vietnam’s hunger for energy is growing by leaps and bounds, outpacing PetroVietnam’s resources and opening potential doors for international opportunities.  More »

Tech Talk – The BP View of the Future

I suspect I should apologize. Here I am talking about the future projections for energy production made by companies such as ExxonMobil and Shell, as though they were still the key and only players in the world. Yet in reality, Saudi Aramco (12.5 mbdo…  More »

Japanese energy firm leases space in Galleria area

The space will serve as the national headquarters for Osaka Gas and will be the company’s largest presence in the United States.  More »

Salaries soaring for oil workers overseas

See the Top 15 countries where foreign oil and gas workers are making the largest salaries. As pay in the United States climbs rapidly, companies with overseas operations are ponying up bigger bucks to attract top talent.  More »

Japan to become largest solar market after China

Japan will probably become the largest solar market in the world after China this year, boosted by an incentive program that offers above-market rates for energy from renewable sources, according to a Bloomberg New Energy Finance said in a research note.  More »

Newfield has ‘largest’ success in discovery off Malaysia

Newfield estimates there are 1.5 trillion to 3 trillion cubic feet of gas initially in place after its discovery.  More »

India opens shale oil and gas for production

India will allow explorers, including Oil & Natural Gas Corp. and Reliance Industries Ltd., to produce shale oil and gas for the first time as Asia’s second-biggest energy consumer seeks to cut reliance on imports.  More »