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Brazil prosecutors seek $10.7B from Chevron, Transocean

Chevron Corp. and Transocean Ltd. were asked by a Brazilian federal prosecutor to suspend all activity in Brazil and pay $10.7 billion in damages after an oil spill last month.  More »

Cameron appeals BP Gulf spill trial plan, wants case before jury

Cameron International Corp. (CAM) told a federal appeals court its right to a jury trial would be infringed under a plan to have a judge determine which companies should be blamed for the 2010 BP Plc oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  More »

Chinese fishermen file suit against ConocoPhillips

A group of more than 100 Chinese fishermen filed a lawsuit Tuesday seeking compensation from ConocoPhillips China, blaming oil spills from some of its offshore wells for damage to their sea cucumber catches.  More »

House passes bill to toughen pipeline safety

A final compromise to toughen safety rules on the nation’s fuel pipeline network cleared the House Monday, with Senate passage expected to follow shortly.  More »

Transocean says it doesn’t owe fines for below-surface spill

Transocean Ltd. said it can’t be forced to pay federal fines or penalties for oil spilled below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico in the Deepwater Horizon incident because of an indemnity contract with BP Plc.  More »

2 injured in Houston-area refinery blast

Two people were injured when explosions rocked an independent refinery in the industrial Houston suburb of Pasadena.  More »

House, Senate leaders agree on pipeline safety bill

House and Senate leaders said yesterday they had reached an agreement on legislation to reauthorize and strengthen pipeline safety programs through fiscal 2015.  More »

Chevron may need to drill relief well at Frade, Chambriard says

Chevron Corp., the second-largest U.S. oil company, may need to drill a relief well at its Frade project in deep waters off Brazil’s coast as part of measures to counter a spill, Magda Chambriard, a director at the country’s oil regulator, said in Rio de Janeiro today.  More »

Appeals filed in CITGO fine

CITGO Petroleum Corp. and the U.S. Justice Department have appealed a recent judge’s ruling that the company pay $9 million in a lawsuit the government brought over a major 2006 oil spill at the company’s Lake Charles refinery.  More »

NATO fuel tankers set ablaze in Pakistan

Assailants torched more than 20 tankers in Pakistan carrying fuel for U.S. and NATO troops in neighboring Afghanistan on Thursday, in the first reported attack since Islamabad closed the border to protest coalition airstrikes that killed 24 Pakistani troops last month.  More »

Coast Guard says two crude pipelines in Texas City ‘threatened’

Crews are removing oil from two pipelines containing 1,000 barrels after a retaining wall at an Enterprise Products Partners LP dock in Texas City, Texas, partially collapsed, the U.S. Coast Guard said in a statement posted on its website.  More »

Inhofe asks EPA about Pavillion and fracking

The ranking Republican on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee is asking the head of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for more information about an EPA investigation into groundwater contamination in a Wyoming gas field.  More »

Public criticizes federal plan for drilling leases in Gulf, Arctic

Just four speakers turned out for the first Houston public hearing on the federal plan on offshore leasing.  More »

Brazil may fine Chevron $84 million for spill

Chevron Corp. (CVX), the second-largest U.S. crude producer after Exxon Mobil Corp. (XOM), may be fined $84 million by Rio de Janeiro state for environmental damage from an offshore oil spill.  More »

Radiation traces found in Japanese baby formula

Traces of radiation spilled from Japan’s hobbled nuclear plant were detected in baby formula Tuesday in the latest case of contaminated food in the nation.  More »