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South Mobile students still suffering from spill

For the children of south Mobile County, the effects of 2010′s Deepwater Horizon oil spill didn’t wash away as shorelines were cleared of tarballs and as waters reopened to fishing.  More »

Nigeria to ask for compensation from Shell on Bonga spill

Nigeria will “soon” ask for compensation for an oil spill from Royal Dutch Shell Plc (RDSA), Europe’s largest oil company, President Goodluck Jonathan said.  More »

BP emails reveal company veiling spill rate

On the day the Deepwater Horizon sank in the Gulf of Mexico, BP officials warned in an internal email conversation that if the well was not protected by the blow-out preventer at the drill site, crude oil could burst into the Gulf of Mexico at a rate of 3.4 million gallons a day, an amount a million gallons higher than what the U.S. government ultimately estimated spilled daily from the site.  More »

Chevron’s rig fire in Nigeria may last 30 days, radio says

Chevron Corp. doesn’t expect to put out a fire that started last month at its offshore Funiwa field in Nigeria within the next 30 days, Radio Nigeria reported.  More »

Fired BP worker says he was asked to fake spill data

A man who supervised the BP cleaning efforts along the Mississippi shores claims he was fired after alerting federal officials that the company was falsify data to make the shores look cleaner than they were, according to court records.  More »

Conoco to pay $160 million for China oil spill claims

ConocoPhillips said Wednesday that it and China National Offshore Oil Corp. reached a $160 million agreement to settle compensation claims from oil spills off northeastern China.  More »

Chevron rig fire on 9th day off Nigeria’s coast

Chevron Corp. says it is still trying to extinguish a nine-day old fire that consumed the visible part of its rig off Nigeria’s coast and killed two foreign workers.  More »

Judge pares down fees for attorneys in BP case

A federal judge has ruled that people pursuing their Gulf of Mexico oil spill claims against BP outside of federal court do not have to pay fees to hundreds of lawyers working on behalf of about 120,000 claimants fighting the oil giant in court.  More »

Chevron rig fire on 5th day off Nigeria’s coast

Chevron Corp. says it is still trying to extinguish a five-day old fire on its rig off Nigeria’s coast after presuming two foreign workers dead.  More »

U.S. says BP, Transocean and Anadarko should be liable for spill before trial

BP, Transocean and Anadarko Petroleum Corp. should be found liable before trial for violations of federal pollution laws stemming from the April 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill, lawyers for the U.S. argued at a hearing in federal court in New Orleans.  More »

Nigeria: 2 presumed dead after Chevron rig fire

Chevron Corp. says it has ended its search for two workers who went missing in a fire on an offshore rig near Nigeria’s coast.  More »

Judge says bird law doesn’t apply to oil pits

A federal judge ruled Tuesday that oil companies shouldn’t face criminal charges for the deaths of a half-dozen ducks in waste disposal pits, saying that prosecutors went too far in applying a law that protects migratory birds.  More »