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Oil sheen found on Yellowstone near Exxon refinery

A spokeswoman for the Exxon Mobil refinery in Billings says workers are cleaning up a small oil sheen found in a side channel of the Yellowstone River in Billings.  More »

A tough time to be an electric company in Texas

Past purchases of wholesale power price spikes in Texas has led to multiple failures among electric retailers. So far, the impact of this past summer’s prices spikes seem more muted, although lots of companies have been bought and sold in the past month.  More »

ConocoPhillips explores pipeline problem in N. Idaho

Officials for ConocoPhillips are investigating if a northern Idaho section of the oil company’s gasoline pipeline has sprung a small leak, and they have imposed some precautionary measures to minimize the risk to public health.  More »

EPA softens stance on cross-state air pollution rule

The Environmental Protection Agency, facing intense opposition from some states and industry, softened today a new rule that requires again power plants to sharply cut emissions that cause smog and soot in neighboring states.  More »

Nuclear agency urged to review spent fuel pools

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission should take immediate steps to improve the safety of pools containing radioactive waste stored at U.S. nuclear plants, an internal report said.  More »

Residents sue Exxon for Yellowstone River oil spill

Several landowners whose property was damaged when an ExxonMobil Corp. pipeline spilled oil into the Yellowstone River have filed a lawsuit seeking unspecified damages for long-term harm to their property and businesses.  More »

TNMP to Valero: What we have here is a failure to communicate

The company that runs the power lines supplying Texas City’s vast refining complex said it is taking measures to deal with ongoing power outages that have hit the facilities this year.  More »

Responders must train for hybrid, electric car rescues

With all-electric and hybrid vehicles, or cars with both combustion engines and battery packs, becoming more prevalent, fire departments across the country have instituted new courses to instruct personnel on the potential hazards they may encounter at a motor vehicle accident.  More »

Report highlights need to clean Gulf

Coastal states must work together to restore key elements of the Gulf of Mexico that have made it a backbone of the U.S. economy before the ecosystem becomes so weak and polluted that it is no longer habitable for animals or people, according to a preliminary report released today.  More »

Exxon Mobil says jury’s gas-leak damages award was excessive

Exxon Mobil Corp. said it shouldn’t be forced to pay more than $1 billion in punitive damages over a 2006 gasoline leak in Maryland that allegedly fouled residents’ drinking water.  More »

Chemical plant burns near Waxahachie *update*

A Magnablend chemical plant near Waxahachie caught fire Monday, sending potentially toxic clouds into the sky and leading to evacuations of nearby schools.  More »

Republicans take aim at EPA’s cement pollution regulations

The House will likely vote this week on measures to delay or weaken Environmental Protection Agency rules reducing air pollution from industrial boilers, incinerators and cement plants.  More »

Gas boom means little space for Pa. flood victims

Pennsylvania residents who lost their homes to Tropical Storm Lee more than three weeks ago are having a tough time finding affordable housing, or any housing at all, because workers in the area’s natural gas drilling boom have filled nearly every room.  More »

Shell hopes to break the ice on Arctic drilling

A ship taking shape along the balmy Gulf Coast will have to sail a long way to do what it does best.  More »

ERCOT to pay fines for 2008 errors

Texas’ main power grid operator will pay $384,000 in fines for failiing to meet federal reliability standards several times in 2008.  More »