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Chevron to suspend production at Brazilian field after seep

It is not clear how long the field’s production could be shut down, or how it might influence an already tight world oil market.  More »

Brazil says new Chevron oil leak off coast

Oil started leaking again from cracks on the ocean floor near an offshore Chevron well where at least 110,000 gallons spilled late last year, Brazil’s oil regulator said.  More »

Senate passes highway bill with Gulf Coast restoration measure

The Senate approved a transportation bill on Wednesday that contained a bipartisan measure to direct certain civil penalties assessed against companies involved in the 2010 oil spill to the Gulf Coast for restoration purposes.  More »

Court takes over oil spill claims

A federal judge has agreed to one component of a settlement between BP and plaintiffs who suffered economic or medical damages in the Gulf Oil Spill.  More »

$1.6M Exxon-Montana oil spill settlement finalized

Montana officials have finalized a $1.6 million settlement with Exxon Mobil over an oil pipeline break that spilled 1,500 barrels of crude into the scenic Yellowstone River.  More »

More claims ahead for BP, despite $7.8 billion spill settlement

BP’s dea with those who suffered medical or economic damages in the 2010 Gulf oil spill leaves the company facing environmental claims for which state and federal governments will demand billions more.  More »

Steffy: BP settlement may raise questions for victims’ families

Business columnist Loren Steffy talks with Katherine Rodriquez, whose father died at BP’s Texas City refinery, about a tentative settlement over the Deepwater Horizon case.  More »

BP, plaintiffs reach spill $7.8 billion settlement

A federal judge says BP and a committee representing plaintiffs suing over the 2010 Gulf oil spill reached an $8 billion agreement Friday night.  More »

Steffy: Uncharted legal territory for BP ahead

A possible deal between BP and business owners and individuals harmed by the Deepwater Horizon disaster would call for BP to close the fund it’s been using to pay claims for the past two years and apply the balance to settle a mammoth legal case awaiting trial in New Orleans.  More »

Gulf oil spill response consortium better equipped

A consortium set up by major oil companies to clean up offshore oil spills by quickly marshaling boom and skimmers says it has expanded its resources.  More »

Nigeria president visits village near rig fire

Nigeria’s president attempted to calm anger in villages Monday near a Chevron Corp. offshore natural gas rig that has been engulfed in a raging fire for weeks, though no official could say when the inferno will be extinguished.  More »

Gas driller: Pipe leak worse than first thought

A natural gas driller says a leaking pipe at a southwestern Pennsylvania well site contaminated more soil than initially thought.  More »