Category: Accidents

2 energy workers burned in South Texas explosion

Emergency officials say a fiery explosion at an energy company site in South Texas has left two workers with burns.  More »

Deadliest danger for oil workers is on the road

Talk to almost anybody in the oil business and they’ll tell you it’s inherently dangerous.  More »

Fla. county to examine possible theft of BP funds

Investigators are scheduled to update Okaloosa County commissioners on their widening investigation into the possible theft of tourism funds provided by BP in the aftermath of the 2010 Gulf oil spill.  More »

Families slowly moving back after gas pipe blast

Officials are welcoming families back to a Northern California neighborhood destroyed by a 2010 gas pipeline explosion.  More »

Total says gas leak stopped at Nigeria field

French oil company Total SA said Sunday it stopped a natural gas leak at one of its plants in Nigeria’s crude-rich southern delta after 54 days, an emergency that forced the firm to shut down the field and evacuate the area.  More »

Regulator: No fines in Wyoming gas well blowout

Wyoming’s top oil and gas regulator says the companies involved in a natural gas well blowout in eastern Wyoming last month won’t face any fines.  More »

Chevron Brazil spill shows drillers still trip in crises

Last Nov. 7, something went wrong at a deep-sea oil well operated by Chevron Corp. (CVX) 230 miles (370 kilometers) northeast of Rio de Janeiro.  More »

Report released on Chesapeake well blowout

State oil and gas regulators are blaming mechanical failure for a natural gas well blowout in eastern Wyoming last month.  More »

Total will attempt to plug leaking Elgin well within days

Total SA, Europe’s third-largest oil producer, plans to begin within days an attempt to plug a North Sea well that has leaked natural gas for almost seven weeks.  More »

India’s top court refuses entry to Exxon Valdez

India’s Supreme Court has banned the Exxon Valdez from entering India, saying the ship involved in one of the worst U.S. oil spills will not be allowed in for dismantling until it has been decontaminated.  More »

Total ‘on track’ to begin Elgin well operation within days

Total SA (FP), Europe’s third-largest oil producer, said it’s “on track” to begin a well intervention operation to plug a North Sea gas leak in the coming days.  More »

BP system to cap out-of-control wells by air

Sitting at a construction yard along Houston’s Ship Channel is a 35-foot-tall, 100-ton hunk of steel that its owners hope never to use.  More »

Ex-BP engineer from Katy in court in New Orleans

A former BP drilling engineer from Katy, Texas, was expected in court today over charges he deleted text messages that indicated the company’s blown-out Gulf of Mexico well was spewing far more crude than BP was telling the public.  More »

Training, standards, culture cited as key to safety

Charlie Williams, who heads the oil and gas industry’s new Center for Offshore Safety, talked about his plans.  More »

Response systems focus on Gulf of Mexico

Leaders of the two emergency response systems developed after the 2010 Macondo well spill say they’ll share ideas with foreign operators, but will remain focused on the Gulf of Mexico.  More »