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House members want details on fatal offshore fire

Democratic lawmakers want the CEO of Houston’s Black Elk Energy to provide details about a fire on an offshore platform that killed at least two workers.  More »

Dolphin nursed back to health after oil spill

A dolphin found alive but stranded near Mobile Bay after the BP oil spill has survived his ordeal and is now learning to live in captivity.  More »

Worker burned in Gulf oil platform fire dies

One of the men critically burned in an offshore oil platform fire has died in a Baton Rouge hospital, the Philippine ambassador said Friday.  More »

Backhoe damaged pipe, led to natural gas explosion

Investigators say a backhoe damaged a high-pressure line and led to a natural gas explosion in Carbon County that injured two workers.  More »

Houston’s Black Elk Energy had history of violations before fatal fire

Before last week’s fatal fire at one of Black Elk Energy’s oil production platforms, the five-year-old firm had racked up more than 300 documented mistakes and violations offshore, according to federal regulators who cracked down on the Houston-based company Wednesday.  More »

Chevron fire moves governor to form task force

Gov. Jerry Brown has formed an interagency working group on refinery safety after questions emerged following a fire at Chevron’s Richmond refinery about whether California is diligently inspecting oil plants, officials said Tuesday.  More »

2 workers hurt in natural gas explosion near Price

An explosion Tuesday at a natural gas facility in Utah injured two workers and set off a fire that damaged several buildings.  More »

Search for missing oil platform worker ends

Black Elk Energy has halted the search for a worker missing since Friday’s fire aboard the company’s oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico.  More »

Probe looks to “hot work” in fatal offshore fire

“Hot work,” what the industry calls operations involving welding, burning or other activities that can ignite fires, is an early focus of the probe into Friday’s fatal fire on an offshore platform.  More »

Federal officials intensify platform inquiry

Federal officials deepened their probes Monday into the safety and procedures aboard a Gulf of Mexico oil platform where an explosion and fire last week left one worker dead and another missing.  More »

Federal investigators subpoena Black Elk records

Federal investigators today issued a broad subpoena to Black Elk Energy in connection with the lethal fire Friday on one of the company’s oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.  More »

Embassy identifies worker killed in oil platform fire

The Filipino contract worker killed in an oil platform fire in the Gulf of Mexico Friday has been identified as Elroy Corporal, 42, according to the Embassy of the Philippines.  More »

Platform fire stokes fresh criticism of offshore oil development

Coming just one day after a legal settlement in connection with the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill, Thursday’s platform fire off the Louisiana coast drew immediate criticism from oil industry foes, despite few similarities with the BP disaster.  More »

Manslaughter plea in spill may hand feds a stronger case for civil negligence

BP’s agreement to plead guilty to manslaughter may increase the chance that it will face a finding of gross negligence — which could hike the penalties BP faces as the government pursues civil environmental charges.  More »

An emotional day for victims’ survivors

Choking out words through her tears, the mother of Transocean rig worker Roy Wyatt Kemp who was killed in the 2010 BP disaster, said, “I want justice to be done.”  More »