Zain Shauk

Zain Shauk

Zain Shauk covers energy for the Houston Chronicle. He can be reached by phone at 713.362.7572 or through his email address: Follow him on Twitter: @ZainShauk

Drillers and doctors join forces to find oil and save babies

Chevron and other oil companies develop social responsibility plans as a way to integrate into countries where they work. But critics say the approach skirts deeper problems in developing nations.  More »

Hybrid engine uses less fuel while drilling for it

At a plant east of downtown Houston, a North Carolina company is building hybrid power systems for oil rigs.  More »

Average pump price passes $3.50 for first time in 6 months

The national average price for a gallon of regular gasoline passed $3.50 for the first time since Sept. 18, jumping 23 cents over the last 34 days, according to AAA.  More »

Report: Fracking could raise earthquake risks in California

A potential boom in hydraulic fracturing in California would increase the risks of earthquakes in the state, according to a report that environmental groups released Thursday.  More »

Air Liquide starts up nitrogen plant for North Dakota drillers

Air Liquide has started up a nitrogen plant in North Dakota to supply oil field operations there, the company said Wednesday.  More »

Dow Chemical plans new research compound near Houston (video)

Dow Chemical Co. is building a new campus south of Houston where 2,000 employees will focus on product innovation, the latest Texas investment by a chemical company benefiting from the shale rush.  More »

Keystone XL southern leg having major effect on US oil hub

The southern leg of the Keystone XL pipeline has drained supplies of oil at the hub of Cushing, Okla., to their lowest levels in more than two years, according to a federal report released Tuesday.  More »

U.S. more energy secure because of shale, chamber says

The United States became more energy secure in 2013 as the shale boom continued to pad domestic resources, according to an analysis by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.  More »

Is shale running short on ‘PowerBars’?

North America may be in the midst of an energy renaissance, but that could be slowed or derailed by several limitations, including nature.  More »

Shell puts pioneering natural gas-based motor oil on store shelves

Royal Dutch Shell has produced motor oil from natural gas, a product that is now available in stores, the company will announce Friday.  More »

Translating ‘naphtha’ into Chinese

Behind all of the suits at the IHS Energy CERAWeek conference, sitting in soundproof booths and looking through plexiglass windows, a group of interpreters chatters away in Russian and Chinese.  More »

Solar will live, even when subsidies die

Subsidies or not, solar power is here to stay, speakers said Thursday at the IHS Energy CERAWeek conference in Houston.  More »

Renewables to help electrify Africa

Renewables are likely to play a large role in the electrification of Africa, likely making traditional grids less important, energy ministers said Thursday at the IHS Energy CERAWeek summit in Houston.  More »

Spotted at CERAWeek: Houston’s highest paid executive

Sitting on a stool, scrolling through his smartphone, Houston’s best paid executive passed the time in between sessions at the IHS Energy CERAWeek conference.  More »

Amid boom, difficulty adding natural gas customers

Natural gas may be abundant in the United States, but finding ways to sell more of it has been a challenge for companies that have supplied it for decades.  More »
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