Tom Fowler

Tom Fowler

Some say Enron deserves brighter legacy

The name Enron has become shorthand for many things in the 10 years since the company went bankrupt, few of them positive.  More »

Enron’s fall foreshadowed 2008 crash

The collapse of Enron was a closely watched and thoroughly documented corporate event, a slow-motion cataclysm chronicled in thousands of articles, dozens of case studies, movies and even a play.  More »

Hers is a picture of survival

In the hours before they were laid off from Enron Corp., Meredith Moore and her colleagues sat by their desks wrapping Christmas presents.  More »

Legal cloud starting to lift for Fastow

December will be a watershed month for Andrew Fastow.  More »

Enron case was much bigger than FBI agent first thought

When Mike Anderson launched the FBI’s investigation of Enron’s collapse in early December 2001, he thought assigning a couple of agents to the case would be a good start.  More »

British bankers’ guilty pleas ‘put an end to a nightmare’

David Bermingham was 5,000 miles and 12 months away from home when the Department of Justice made him the offer.  More »

FuelFix Newslinks |11.18.11|

• Shell produces oil from world’s deepest underwater well • Joe Barton: Chu could be Solyndra “fall guy” • Republicans push drilling plan to pay for roads, bridges • House panel scrutinizes plan for frack water rules • Texas electric complaints decline, but 3X higher than pre-dereg • Chesapeake CEO says services unit may be worth […]  More »

FuelFix Newslinks |11.17.11|

BP probation challenge. E-mails challenge fair review. Exxon wants to export.  More »

FuelFix Newslinks |11.16.11|

McMoRan finds some more. Progress on Brazilian spill. Nabors looking to sell assets.  More »

FuelFix Newslinks |11.15.11|

Bye-bye Bromwich. New U.S. oil peak by 2020. BHP, ENI spending big.  More »

FuelFix Newslinks |11.14.11|

Bust for Keystone, boon for Enterprise? Barnett in decline. A ‘natural’ slick off Brazil.  More »

FuelFix Newslinks |11.11.11|

Keystone stalled. Nabors’ exec jet investigation.Frac fluids found in aquifer.  More »

FuelFix Newslinks |11.10.11|

Study fails to find frac link. A new Keystone route. When 911′s a no-show.  More »

UT study: No direct fracking-water contamination link

Preliminary results of a University of Texas study on hydraulic fracturing say it doesn’t appear the subterranean process is directly contaminating groundwater, but fracturing sites may have a higher incidence of surface problems that can occur with any type of drilling.  More »

FuelFix Newslinks |11.09.11|

Feds take five for drilling. Crude demand lowered. Ship Channel changes abound.  More »
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