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To Forbes – A Gentle Cough of Correction at TOD’s End

Forbes recently issued a commentary on the closing of The Oil Drum, which deserves some rebuttal, since, as with many stories on the “Peak Oil” topic, it conveys too many incorrect statements and false assumptions. Just over eight years ago I became i…  More »

Drumbeat: July 20, 2013

Canadian Investigators Says Failed Brakes Led to Crash The brakes on the train that crashed and burned in Quebec this month weren’t applied with enough force, Canadian investigators have found. The braking on the Montreal Maine & Atlantic Railwa…  More »

Drumbeat: July 19, 2013

Peak oil, not climate change worries most Britons (Reuters) – Most people in Britain want to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, but due more to fears of shortages and rising prices than to fears about climate change, according to a poll developed by res…  More »

British Geological Survey Bowland Shale Gas Assessment

The latest exuberant shale gas news comes from a report by the British Geological Survey estimating enormous new shale gas resources in the central UK. On June 27, 2013, the British Geological Survey (BGS) released a natural gas resource assessment for…  More »

Drumbeat: July 17, 2013

Senators Grill Refiners Over High Prices Amid Oil Boom Lawmakers grilled representatives of oil producers and refiners seeking an explanation for a rise in gasoline prices at the pump amid a boom in U.S. oil production. Senators at an Energy and Natur…  More »

World Oil and Gas Production Forecasts Up to 2100

With the recent announcement of closure, this will be the last guest post by Jean Lahérrere at TheOilDrum. By fortune it is an update on Jean’s famous long term petroleum and natural gas forecasts; may it serve also as a long term reference to all the…  More »

Drumbeat: July 15, 2013

The receding threat from ‘peak oil’ Mr Halff told BBC News that concerns about an approaching “peak” in oil production have been “moved to the back burner”. “Just a few years ago, everybody thought US production was in permanent decline, that the nati…  More »

Drumbeat: July 13, 2013

Ideas to Bolster Power Grid Run Up Against the System’s Many Owners WASHINGTON — Bill Richardson often denigrated America’s power transmission network as a “third-world grid” when he was President Bill Clinton’s energy secretary, but the mo…  More »

Live Until August 31st, Oil Drum Successors Discussion, and User Profiles

We have been overwhelmed by the many positive stories over the last number of days from the great community here following the announcement to turn the website into an archive. A large thank you for sharing all types of kind personal remarks and storie…  More »

Drumbeat: July 12, 2013

IEA hedges bets on new 20-year supply peak in non-OPEC oil The International Energy Agency has painted a picture of softer market fundamentals in 2014, but gone to lengths to point out a number of intangibles which could ultimately derail its latest pr…  More »

Drumbeat: July 10, 2013

OPEC Sees U.S. Shale Boom Eroding Demand for 2014 Crude The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries forecast the world will need less of its crude next year, even as global oil demand growth rebounds to its strongest pace since 2010, amid competi…  More »

Randy Udall – A Comet Passes

[Ed: For those who may not have heard, James "Randy" Udall, a co-founder and driving force in building ASPO-USA, died recently while hiking in Wyoming's Wind River Range. Below is a tribute from three friends who enjoyed many years working alongside Ra...  More »