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The Oil Drum writers: Where are they now?

Nate Hagens is at The Monkey Trap JoulesBurn (Brian Maschhoff) is at Picojoule Euan Mearns is at Energy Matters Heading Out (Dave Summers) is at Bit Tooth Energy Rune Likvern is at Fractional Flow Gail the Actuary (Gail Tverberg) is at Our Finite World…  More »

The Last Post

The Oil Drum (TOD) was an internet energy phenomenon that ran for over eight years from April 2005 to September 2013. The site was founded by Prof. Goose (also known as Professor Kyle Saunders of Colorado State University) and Heading Out (also known a…  More »

The House That Randy Built

One of the nice aspects of the 7+ years I have been involved with The Oil Drum has been attending conferences and meeting with some of my cyber friends, who by and large figure among the nicest bunch of folks I ever met. In 2007 I attended the ASPO mee…  More »

Twenty (Important) Concepts I Wasn’t Taught in Business School – Part I

Twenty-one years ago I received an MBA with Honors from the University of Chicago. The world became my oyster. Or so it seemed. For many years I achieved status in the metrics popular in our day ~ large paychecks, nice cars, travel to exotic places, g…  More »

So, What Are You Doing?

It’s September and we still have 7 more ‘final’ posts in the queue (myself, Joules, Jerome, Jason, Art, Dave Murphy, and Euan…) and will run them every 2 days until finished. Leanan will post a final Drumbeat later this week where people can leave we…  More »

The Exponential Legacy of Al Bartlett

Dr. Albert Allen Bartlett, emeritus professor of physics at the University of Colorado, died September 7, 2013 at the age of 90. It is coincidental that, in the year that he “officially” retired from teaching (1988), I first heard his famous lecture Ar…  More »

Of Milk Cows and Saudi Arabia

Under the desert in eastern Saudi Arabia lies Ghawar, the largest oil field in the world. It has been famously productive, with a per-well flow rate of thousands of barrels per day, owing to a combination of efficient water injection, good rock permeab…  More »

IEA Sankey Diagrams

The International Energy Agency has taken its share of abuse from The Oil Drum over the years for its rather optimistic forecasts. But it deserves a hearty shout-out for an invaluable resource it has on its web site: Interactive Sankey Diagrams for the…  More »

My Last Campfire Post

I checked my user profile for this site and discovered that as of today I have been a member for 7 years and 37 weeks. Wow! So much has happened to me and my family over those years and a lot of it was shared on The Oil Drum. For reasons I’ll explain…  More »

The Economic and Political Consequences of the Last 10 Years of Renewable Energy Development

I’ve been privileged to be an editor of TOD over the past several years, and am glad to have been invited to do a final post as the site moves to an archive status. When I started writing about energy on the blogs in 2003/2004, I was writing mostly ab…  More »

The Last Drumbeat

Is the idea of peak oil a false projection or impending reality? The world has recently been exposed to many optimistic estimates on the future of oil production and the media has eagerly picked up these projections. International Energy Agency estimat…  More »

Swan Song Wish List

I began posting on TOD in 2008 when I was a PhD student working with Charles Hall on basically everything energy but focusing specifically on the connections between EROI (energy return on energy invested) and the economy. Most of that work is summariz…  More »

Drumbeat: September 01, 2013

Egypt says preparing timetable for energy debts (Reuters) – Egypt is preparing a timetable for repaying arrears on debts it owes to foreign oil companies to encourage them to continue investing in the country, the Petroleum Ministry said on Sunday. Eg…  More »

Tech Talk – A Dickensian Situation Revisited

Back in March 2005, I posted my first offering to the new site that Kyle and I had agreed to call “The Oil Drum.” Now, some eight years later, this will be my final Tech Talk to appear on the site, and it is perhaps appropriate to go back to that f…  More »

Campfire: Towards Homo Sapiens – A Movie Script

For a few years, on Saturdays, hosted a “Campfire” discussion – with a focus not on charts and graphs, but more on the social science glue connecting the many subjects revolving around energy, the environment and society. Rather than a …  More »
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