Simone Sebastian

Simone Sebastian

Simone is assistant editor for She's an award-winning journalist who has covered energy for the Houston Chronicle and education for the San Francisco Chronicle, among other major newspapers. You can follower her on Twitter, @SimonesNews. Contact her at 713-362-6145 or

Coal power plants to lose up to a quarter of capacity by 2035

Stiffer environmental regulations and the falling price of natural gas could cause the nation to lose between 15 percent and 24 percent of coal power generation by 2035, according to a GAO forecast.  More »

Natural gas advocates push CNG as cheaper fuel for trucking fleets

A detailed formula developed by the Drive Natural Gas Initiative calculates that a fleet of small delivery trucks would cost $72,543 each over their lifetime running on diesel, compared to $50,072 on compressed natural gas.  More »

Noble Energy announces discovery in deepwater Gulf

News of Noble Energy’s deepwater Gulf of Mexico oil find came amid disappointing reservoir results from its exploration well in the Falkland Islands.  More »

Caspian sale slims ConocoPhillips

ConocoPhillips is selling its stake in the enormous Kashagan offshore field in Kazakhstan in a $5 billion deal, the latest move to shrink and streamline its businesses, the corporation announced Monday.  More »

Wind power sweeps Texas into higher green spot

Texas is the third-friendliest state for renewable energy, rising in the biannual Ernst & Young ranking because of improvements to transmission lines that carry wind-generated power across the state.  More »

Despite carbon concerns, new coal plants planned globally

About 1,200 coal-fired power plants have been proposed worldwide, including 36 in the United States, according to a report by World Resources Institute.  More »

Oil-friendly Texas also gives a howdy to renewables

The nation’s oil capital rose two places in the biannual Ernst & Young ranking for renewable energy, thanks to its robust wind energy program and solar energy potential.  More »

Oil and gas pipeline demand to surge through 2016

Demand for oil and natural gas infrastructure will rise by more than 6 percent each year through 2016, as drilling proliferates across new U.S. regions, according to researchers at The Freedonia Group.  More »

Embassy identifies worker killed in oil platform fire

The Filipino contract worker killed in an oil platform fire in the Gulf of Mexico Friday has been identified as Elroy Corporal, 42, according to the Embassy of the Philippines.  More »

Two missing, 11 injured in offshore fire

A search is continuing for two workers missing after a fire on a shallow-water production platform off the coast of Louisiana.  More »

An emotional day for victims’ survivors

Choking out words through her tears, the mother of Transocean rig worker Roy Wyatt Kemp who was killed in the 2010 BP disaster, said, “I want justice to be done.”  More »

Industry confident about future of U.S. natural gas

About 92 percent of respondents to a survey said they are optimistic that the natural gas industry will grow in North America, driven by power generation and exports.  More »

Refining chiefs expect more regulations under Obama

CEOs of Phillips 66 and Marathon Oil company said the reelection of Pres. Barack Obama means a wave of new regulations on their industry, during an energy conference Tuesday.  More »

U.S. energy security shouldn’t lead to isolation, Bolton says

John Bolton, former ambassador to the United Nations, warned against using the United States’ growing oil production as a reason to reduce its military position in the world.  More »

Obama second term will be onerous, oil consultant says

In an address to industry insiders, Hart Energy consultant John Kneiss laid out a grim forecast for the oil and gas business for the next for years, including new regulations on hydraulic fracturing.  More »