Richard Dunham

Richard Dunham

Rick Dunham of the Houston Chronicle is a leading expert on journalists' use of social media and niche web sites. He created Texas on the Potomac in 2007. He also is the president of the National Press Club Journalism Institute, the educational and charitable arm of the world's leading professional organization for journalists.

Obama budget targets oil and gas industry — again (updated)

Another year, another budget blueprint from President Obama, another attempt to increase the taxes paid by the oil and gas industry. After trying and failing for four consecutive years, the budget to be released this morning by the president includes what senior administration officials describe as “closing of unfair tax loopholes” including “tax loopholes for […]  More »

Rep. Brady to head energy tax reform effort

Rep. Kevin Brady, a Republican from The Woodlands, said his goal is to modernize energy tax code provisions to focus on “making it more competitive globally.”  More »

Kevin Brady to head House tax reform task force on energy

Rep. Kevin Brady is a busy man these days. He’s chairing Congress’ Joint Economic Committee. He’s heading up the House Ways & Means Committee Health Subcommittee. And now he’s taking on new and significant responsibilities: He’s been asked by House Ways & Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp to coordinate a bipartisan task force looking at  Read More  More »

Boone Pickens picks Romney for president

It may not be the biggest political surprise of 2012 — after all, he is a conservative energy executive — but Dallas billionaire T. Boone Pickens is backing Mitt Romney for president. Two days before Election Day, Pickens explained in an op-ed piece in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette why he picked the former Massachusetts governor over  Read More  More »

Four Texas counties rank among nation’s top ten for gasoline consumption

Four Texas counties are among the nation’s top ten users of gasoline, according to a new study released today by the Sierra Club, League of Conservation Voters and the Natural Resources Defense Council.  More »

NRC’s new chair determined to examine earthquake risks

Allison MacFarlane, the new chair of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, is a geologist — the first to lead the commission. And she views that as a fortunate thing for the commission and the industry.  More »

Republicans accuse ex-EPA official of ducking House hearing to meet with Sierra Club

“The fact that Dr. Armendariz was just blocks away and still refused to testify at our hearing raises even more questions. If he had time on his schedule to meet with the Sierra Club, it is even less clear why he was unable to fulfill his prior commitment to testify,” said Rep. Fred Upton.  More »

As OTC starts, heat’s on energy industry during election year

Another day, another oil-bashing proposal in the nation’s capital.  More »

Rick Perry: Global warming isn’t real, it’s a result of scientists’ manipulation

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, the red-hot candidate for the Republican president nomination, scoffed at global warming at a breakfast meeting with business leaders in Bedford, N.H., this morning.  More »

Pete Olson: Expansion of energy exploration is essential to economic turnaround

Rep. Pete Olson, R-Sugar Land, writes a guest column about the expansion of energy exploration and its ties to turning around the economy.  More »

Analysis: Blame Washington as gas prices stay high

When it comes to energy policy, Democrats and Republicans agree high gasoline prices are bad. But after a year of bipartisan finger-pointing as the price of gas at the pump has gone up and up, Congress and the White House have done little to counteract high prices or to free America from its dependency on imported oil.  More »

Kay Bailey Hutchison wants action, not rhetoric, on Gulf leases

Promises from the White House to ramp up domestic energy production didn’t convince the Texas senator, who said she would continue to push legislation to extend leases for offshore operators to make up for time lost as a result of the Gulf drilling ban last year.  More »

Rep. Kevin Brady: Fed policies add 56 cents per gallon of gas

“Americans are paying a steep price at the pump as a result of the weak dollar policies pursued by this administration and the Federal Reserve,” Brady, R-The Woodlands.  More »

Energy tax breaks under attack: Bipartisan effort targets ethanol subsidies

Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California and Oklahoma Republican Sen. Tom Coburn have joined forces with Tea Party activists to kill $6 billion a year in ethanol subsidies, taking on the corn lobby and anti-tax crusader Grover Norquist.  More »

Attorney General to monitor whether drop in oil prices is passed along to consumers

The feds will coordinate with state attorneys general to see if gas stations lower their prices as quickly as they raised them during the speculation-fed run-up in crude oil prices over recent months, the White House says.  More »
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