Puneet Kollipara

Puneet Kollipara

Puneet Kollipara covers politics and the energy business from the Washington, D.C., bureau of the Houston Chronicle and Hearst. He holds a bachelor's degree in economics and physics from Washington University in St. Louis. Follow him on Twitter: @pkollipara

Green, health groups threaten to sue if EPA doesn’t update soot, dust standards

The groups allege the EPA, by not issuing a proposed rule by yesterday to update particulate-matter standards, failed to meet a Clean Air Act deadline for finishing a five-year review of standards from 2006.  More »

House votes to block EPA’s ability to regulate coal-ash disposal

The bill passed 267-144, with all but three Republicans voting in favor and 37 Democrats joining them. Republicans said the bill would prevent EPA from issuing a rule that a utility industry group has said would cost up to 316,000 jobs.  More »

EPA fires back at pipeline group’s attack on oil-and-gas emissions rule

The EPA says reduction of greenhouse gases is a “co-benefit” of a new rule aimed at reducing smog, not the primary goal.  More »

Next on Republicans’ list: EPA’s proposed coal-ash rule

The House will likely approve a bill Friday to block the Environmental Protection Agency from issuing its first-ever regulations restricting how utilities can dispose of coal ash.  More »

House votes to delay EPA rule on boiler emissions

The vote, 275 to 142, with all Republicans and 41 Democrats in support, represented the latest symbolic vote in Republicans’ recent push to slow down and weaken EPA regulations they say could slow job creation and harm businesses during a weak economy.  More »

Trade group fights EPA regs on nat gas pipelines

The Environmental Protection Agency had “no defensible reason” to include natural gas transmission pipelines in a proposed emissions rule for the oil and gas industry, a trade group charged this week.  More »

Spectra CEO named to board of trade group

A natural gas and pipeline trade group appointed Spectra Energy Corp. CEO Gregory Ebel as chairman of its board.  More »

Poll finds Americans oppose efforts to delay EPA emissions rules

A strong majority of American voters oppose delaying upcoming Environmental Protection Agency rules for reducing toxic emissions from power plants as Republicans in Congress have sought to do, a new poll found.  More »

Democrats, Republicans spar over fuel-economy standards

Obama administration officials defended recently unveiled fuel-economy standards for cars, minivans and pickup trucks made from 2017 to 2025 against Republicans’ concerns the proposal came from a secret deal with auto makers and lacked consumers’ input.  More »

House panel to grill administration on fuel standard plan

Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., has suggested the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which drew up the standards together, violated the law by making a deal in secret, without the input of consumers and without a process based on “rational science.” Officials from the EPA and NHTSA are listed as witnesses.  More »

Groups sue Obama for scrapping stricter smog limit

Environmental groups sued the Obama administration today for scrapping a stricter limit for smog-forming pollution, saying the decision violated the law and put politics ahead of protecting public health.  More »

Republicans pass bill to delay new EPA regulations

House Republicans leaders have taken aim in recent weeks at a new EPA rule that would require mercury and other harmful emissions to be reduced by 90 percent, calling it a job killing regulation. The rule is set to go into effect in 2013.  More »
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