Puneet Kollipara

Puneet Kollipara

Puneet Kollipara covers politics and the energy business from the Washington, D.C., bureau of the Houston Chronicle and Hearst. He holds a bachelor's degree in economics and physics from Washington University in St. Louis. Follow him on Twitter: @pkollipara

Exelon says EPA should finalize cross-state, toxics rules, citing costs

Chicago-based Exelon Corp. said Thursday the Environmental Protection Agency should finalize its upcoming Cross-State Air Pollution Rule and a separate power plant toxic emissions rule, saying that option would come at a much lower cost for electric utilities than subsidizing or mandating renewable energy.  More »

Electric utilities, state official heading to D.C. to testify on air pollution rule

Susana N. Hildebrand, chief engineer for the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, is among those who will speak at a hearing Friday on proposed revisions to the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule. The state of Texas has sued the EPA to block the rule.  More »

Energy Department to stress funding for carbon capture, use and storage absent climate legislation, official says

The Department of Energy will emphasize funding for carbon capture, sequestration and utilization research and projects as a way to “move the needle” on climate change in the coming decade in the absence of climate legislation, a top official said today.  More »

Lawmakers push EPA on requiring fracturing fluid disclosure

Top House Democrats on environmental issues are suggesting the Environmental Protection Agency require oil and gas companies to report the ingredients of the fluids they use to hydraulically fracture wells after congressional investigators received inaccurate information on one ingredient.  More »

House panel approves bill to require Congress to vote on high-cost regulations

The House Judiciary Committee cleared a bill today that would require Congress to sign off on federal regulations that Republicans say threaten job creation and cost millions to comply with.  More »

Group says ‘farm dust’ rule ban would also block EPA fossil-fuel emissions regs

A Republican-fronted bill meant to stop the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating coarse dust particles from farms and rural roads would inadvertently ban the agency from regulating dust emissions from industrial sources such as power plants, an environmental group said today.  More »

House votes to bar U.S. airlines from EU emissions-trading scheme

The House of Representatives voted Monday to bar U.S. airlines from participating in the European Union’s emissions-trading scheme.  More »

Embattled EPA air pollution rules “must continue,” top official says

The EPA will continue to push stronger rules on emissions by utilities despite industry and congressional opposition, the agency’s top air quality official says.  More »

Senators seek Pickens-style incentives for nat gas buses and trucks

A bipartisan group of senators is proposing to offer incentives to encourage individuals and businesses to buy natural gas-powered vehicles.  More »

Senate bill would block EPA regulation of coal ash

A bipartisan group of senators has introduced a bill similar to one in the House that would keep the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating disposal of ash from coal-burning power plants.  More »

Green gains in importance to manufacturers, survey says

Almost two-thirds of manufacturers say energy conservation and other green practices are important to their businesses, according to a trade association survey.  More »

Texas lawmakers say revised EPA rule still could cause power blackouts

Thirty-one of Texas’ 32 members of Congress said today that “though any relief is helpful,” flawed assumptions incorporated in the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule caused the agency to overestimate how much excess electricity the state grid operator will likely provide.  More »
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