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Romney shifted on energy as presidential politics beckoned

As the Republican nominee for president, Mitt Romney is far more apt to talk about oil drilling than energy-efficient cars. He has presented a plan to open up more land and coastline to oil and gas drilling, grant speedy approval to the Keystone pipeline to transport crude oil from Canada to the United States, end wind and solar power subsidies and curb regulations that discourage burning coal for electricity. It is an agenda far different than the one he outlined in his early days as governor.  More »

Green Blog: Clouds and Climate Change: Taking Readers’ Questions

The Green blog is taking questions on an unresolved area of climate research: whether clouds will blunt, or amplify, global warming.  More »

Green Blog: Q&A: Greening the City’s Zoning Rules

New York City’s sustainability director and a green developer discuss how changes in zoning rules could speed the adoption of green roofs, renewable energy and energy-efficient features.  More »

Green Blog: Report Finds Pipeline Oversight Wanting

Current federal rules do not take into account the long-term risks and environmental impacts of new pipeline routes, a report commissioned by the National Wildlife Federation argues.  More »

Green Blog: E.P.A. Official Resigns Over ‘Crucify’ Comments

An official who spoke of seeking to “crucify” big polluters says that he does not want his remarks to distract people from the E.P.A.’s “important work.”  More »

Green Blog: Rural Life Without the Hard Edges

Nine months into a year off the grid, a realization dawns that it’s not that hard. And then, there’s the unending natural beauty.  More »

Green Blog: Will Oil Extraction Harm Western Parks?

The government is considering whether to open roughly 2.3 million acres of land in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming to two controversial types of energy development.  More »

Dot Earth Blog: Worth Watching: ‘African Men, Hollywood Stereotypes’

A short video pushes back against popular stereotypes of African men.  More »

Dot Earth Blog: A Critique of the Broken-Record Message of ‘Green Traditionalists’

An environmental writer examines the rift between green traditionalists and green modernists.  More »

Green Blog: Ministers Wrap Up Clean Energy Meeting

Ministers meeting in London agreed to share technology on energy-efficient appliances, map the potential for solar and wind energy and bring modern lighting to two million people in India by the end of 2015.  More »

Green Blog: Natural Gas Is on a Roll, Executive Declares

The effects of the shift from coal to natural gas will be felt for decades to come, a top executive says.  More »

Green Blog: E.P.A. Official Spoke of ‘Crucifying’ Polluters

After the release of a video by a Republican senator, an E.P.A. administrator scrambles to apologize for “offensive” remarks.  More »

Green Blog: Will The Stars Align for Small Nuclear Reactors?

Westinghouse has lined up a commercial partner for its small modular reactor, which gives it an advantage in seeking licensing approval and federal aid.  More »

Dot Earth Blog: Making Information Matter in a Noisy Age

From an Istanbul slum to fracking country, finding ways to make information matter.  More »

Green Blog: A Daunting Emissions Quest for U.S. Cities

A case study shows that overall emissions reductions in the Pittsburgh area were achieved through a contraction in the steel industry and population declines — hardly an ideal strategy.  More »
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