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Commentary: Considering the conundrum in China

The key takeaway is that China is willing to accept a slowdown in the near term, dealing with its growing pains and promoting structural reform rather than trying to stimulate its way out of its current predicament.

Highlighting Some Trends in Global Renewable Generation

For the last couple of months I’ve been digging into the hydrocarbon space and studies from LNG exports to NGVs to gasoline, so it seemed a prudent time to go off on a tangent and take a random walk through something non-fossil fuel-ish. So here are ten tidbits I have garnered on my recent travels […]
A driver fills up his vehicle at a compressed natural gas station.  (AP file photo/Douglas C. Pizac)

Commentary: 10 points to consider in the great natural gas vehicle debate

The perception of natural gas as a mainstream fuel for vehicles runs the gamut. Here are ten points to stir up the melding pot of the great natural gas vehicle debate.

‘Peak Car’…It’s All Downhill From Here

There have been a number of recent research reports addressing the notion of ‘Peak Car’ – whether driving has peaked per person in the US. So here are a bunch of interesting tidbits and nuggets I have gleaned from the reports ‘A New Direction‘ and ‘Has Motorization in the US Peaked?’, as well as an […]

Straight-shooting From CLNG President Bill Cooper On LNG Exports

My recent posts about LNG exports seem to have struck a chord with the energy community; features across various sites have yielded positive feedback, while being name-checked and linked to by the Wall Street Journal has done nothing to hinder readership. All this traction has culminated in a most wonderful opportunity to quiz the President of the Center for LNG (CLNG), […]
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EIA’s Reports This Week on Shale, Gales, and Tipping the Scales

Alrightee, there have been a number of key reports from the EIA this week which have prompted me to present some pertinent points, and pose some ponderations. So below is the skinny from three reports on shale,  gales (well, hurricanes), and tipping scales (…of market balance).  Shale Oil and Shale Gas Resources First up is […]
An LNG carrier departs an Australia harbor. (kenhodge13/Flickr)

Commentary: Weighing up the prospects of LNG exports

Voices blogger Matt Smith breaks down the key points of a recent study on LNG exports, noting that shipping U.S. natural gas overseas will increase prices for consumers at home, but modestly.

Weighing Up LNG Exports (Part 1)

This post is more of an appetizer compared to a more hearty meal which is to follow. The main course served later delves into a study on LNG exports and their potential economic impact. But before tucking into that, it seemed prudent to recap recent events regarding LNG exports and all that gubbins. –There have […]
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Interview With Nick Grealy, The Shale Gas Guru

Nick Grealy is one of the leading advocates of shale gas in Europe. As well as being the publisher of the site No Hot Air, Nick consults on the impact of shale gas, and has appeared in front of UK Parliamentary Committees and on such shows as BBC’s Newsnight to discuss the topic. Nick is very passionate, […]

Commentary: Joining the dots between record low mortgage rates and the recent sell-off in oil

Commodities — specifically oil, which has taken part in the risk-on trade for much of the recovery of the last few years — is diverging from the equity market.
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