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Loren Steffy

Loren Steffy test drives a Tesla Roadser (Photo: Marcy Zlotnik)

Steffy: After 9 years, a fond farewell

In the old days of news­papers, when copy was still edited on paper, the symbol -30- was used to mark the end of the story.
Commercial vessels spray water on the fire aboard the West Delta 32 production platform. (Coast Guard photo)

Steffy: Offshore safety still isn’t making the grade

Offshore drilling safety still isn’t making the grade.
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BP's Bob Dudley speaks at CERAWeek 2013. (Johnny Hanson/Houston Chronicle)

Steffy: BP CEO overlooks a lesson lost

Almost three years after the Deepwater Horizon came to define it, BP wants to tell a different story.
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Daniel Akerson, chairman and CEO of General Motors (AFP Getty Images)

GM CEO wants feds to back natural gas fueling stations

Daniel Akerson is all too aware of the fact that someone people will never forgive General Motors for the government bailout that kept it in business, but the automaker’s chief executive is once again calling on the government for help.
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Steffy: Oil and granola mix at CERAWeek conference

At the week-long conference, world energy leaders are displaying the industry’s new boom mentality, one that goes hand in hand with a newfound environmentalism.

Hess agrees to replace some directors amid investor pressure

Investors led by Elliott Associates have accused chief executive John Hess of stacking the board with cronies, some of whom had served as directors for almost three decades.
Chevron's Genesis platform is shown in the Gulf of Mexico.  (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

Steffy: There’s no free ride in the Gulf

Let us pause for a moment to gaze with perfect clarity in the rearview mirror and talk about the revenue that might have been.
Steven Chu

Steffy: With a new energy secretary, we need a new energy strategy

After four decades of policies based on a scarcity of energy resources, we need a plan that capitalizes on abundance, that recognizes the tremendous fortuity that increased domestic production represents.
(Photo: BFS Man)

Steffy: Sunset panel is no friend of power consumers

It didn’t take the Sunset Advisory Commission long to leave consumers in the dark.
Aubrey McClendon, co-founder of Chesapeake Energy Corp., is pictured during an interview in Oklahoma City, Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2005. (AP Photo)

Steffy: Chesapeake gives shareholders more say, CEO less pay

The board of Chesapeake Energy offered a stinging referendum on the leadership of chief executive Aubrey McClendon, embracing sweeping governance changes and slashing executive and director pay.