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Andrew Cox, Maritime Sales Manager, FLIR Systems, Inc. demonstrates a a FLIR camera at OTC 2013 at Reliant Park Monday, May 6, 2013, in Houston. ( James Nielsen / Houston Chronicle )

Thermal vision beats night vision

Thermal imaging displays tiny differences in heat and technology has allowed it to become miniaturized, and commercialization has caused its price to drop.
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What’s the biggest threat to the Gulf of Mexico?

A Texas A&M academic gives a surprising one-word answer to the question, “What’s the biggest threat to the Gulf of Mexico?” Chronicle SciGuy Eric Berger comments.
Neelam Singh and Charudatta Galande work on the battery in their lab. (Jeff Fitlow/Rice University)

Spray-on batteries could be a reality in the future

As Apple and other tech designers seek sleeker and ever-more powerful batteries to power laptops and devices, they’re pushing engineers to create unconventional, more space-efficient batteries.
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Diving suit has futuristic look, but is graceful underwater

It looks like a cross between a diving suit from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and the Michelin Man, but the hard diving suit on display at the Offshore Technology Conference is neither science fiction nor a cartoon.
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Jess Burrow, left, and James Patterson, look over the damage caused outside the home of Joe and Mary Reneau when their chimney was toppled by Saturday's earthquake, in Sparks, Okla. (AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki)

Link between fracking and quakes unsure

A 4.0 magnitude earthquake near a Youngstown, Ohio, natural gas well on New Year’s Eve has invigorated the public debate on the safety of hydraulic fracturing.
NASA astronaut Rex Walheim, STS-135 mission specialist, is guided through the water as he starts a training simulation in the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory near the Johnson Space Center on Thursday, March 10, 2011, in Houston. ( Smiley N. Pool / Houston Chronicle )

Oil and gas workers to be trained like astronauts

To simulate the microgravity of space, astronauts have practiced in an extremely large, 40-foot deep swimming pool in southeast Houston for more than 15 years.
(AP file photo/Courtesy of Mary Sage, Joseph Napaaqtuq Sage)

Eric Berger breaks down IEA’s global warming prediction

The International Energy Agency, founded in the wake of the 1970s oil crisis, had some blunt words on climate change and energy today in its annual World Energy Outlook.
(Photo: Mr. Thomas/Flickr)

Believe it or not, Harvard chemists can snuff flames with electricity

Since the time humans first began to control fire around 400,000 years ago we have had just a few simple tools to douse the flames. Now some Harvard University chemists believe they have found a way to bring fire suppression into the digital age by controlling flames with electricity.
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Gulf Oil Eating Bugs

Microbes ‘licked their plates clean’ after Gulf oil spill

Texas A&M University study finds ocean organisms helped take care of methane plumes deep in the Gulf after the Deepwater Horizon disaster.(Photo: Science via AP)
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