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Chevron launches news site for California town

The Richmond Standard offers a daily stream of local news, crime and sports stories, with an emphasis on short, entertaining features.  More »

Study: Chevron refinery plan won’t boost pollution

Chevron Corp.’s plan to upgrade its aging Richmond refinery won’t add to air pollution if the oil company follows all its proposed steps, according to a draft environmental report released Tuesday by the city.  More »

Saudis tap US solar company for massive panel factory

Saudi officials signed an agreement Tuesday with Belmont, Calif.-based SunEdison Inc. to explore building a solar panel factory in the kingdom.  More »

Climate change warning stickers on gasoline pumps?

A group of Bay Area environmentalists wants to slap warning stickers on gasoline pumps, telling drivers that the fuel they’re buying is cooking the planet. The stickers would constantly remind consumers of the link between driving and climate change.  More »

California needs changes to meet 2050 emissions goals

Without policy changes and/or new technology, California will badly miss its target of slashing emissions 80 percent by 2050, according to a study by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.  More »

Solar switch forces utilities to shift priorities

Utilities fear solar’s rapid spread across homes and businesses, combined with the increasing efficiency of modern buildings and appliances, could slowly erode their ability to grow.  More »

Diary of the legal drama in lawsuit against Chevron

In April 2007, New York lawyer Steven Donziger flew to Ecuador convinced he was on the brink of victory against a formidable foe — Chevron Corp. On Tuesday, he’ll go on trial in New York, accused by Chevron of masterminding a massive judicial fraud.  More »

Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown supports hydraulic fracturing

Speaking at a panel discussion on fracking, the head of California’s Department of Conservation, Mark Nechodom, said the governor backs the oil-production technique.  More »

New website tracks tar sands shipments to West Coast

Activists fighting Canadian oil sands launched a website that tracks tanker ships carrying the diluted bitumen from the oil sands and even alerts you when a “tar sands tanker” sails into your area.  More »

Electric car charging stations – a new way to pay

ChargePoint is developing a new financing option that would let drivers of electric vehicles get a new charging station without paying the upfront cost of equipment or installation.  More »

Environmentalists turn on ally over fracking bill

California state Sen. Fran Pavley’s bill to regulate fracking in California is under attack from some of his most ardent supporters — environmentalists.  More »

‘Acidizing’ oil wells — bigger than fracking?

A report this week examines “acidizing” in California, an oil production technique that involves pouring large amounts of hydrofluoric or hydrochloric acid down wells and which could be more effective than hydraulic fracturing as a way to unlock the Monterey Shale.  More »

How Chevron turned the tables in Ecuador

The lawyers who sued Chevron in Ecuador, winning that eye-popping judgment, have come under non-stop attack from the oil company. That aggressive strategy has worked wonders, putting Chevron’s opponents on the defensive and convincing many people that the Ecuador suit is a sham.  More »

How Obama’s climate change speech supported fracking

In his landmark speech on climate change, Pres. Obama never uttered the word “fracking.” And yet, he left little doubt on his position on the controversial oil and natural gas extraction technique.  More »

Fracking foes push California governor for ban

Fracking opponents have formed a united front in California, calling for a halt to the controversial oil-industry practice. And they’re trying to push a reluctant Gov. Jerry Brown — who has not yet taken a position on fracking — off the fence.  More »
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