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Business gains seen in U.S. standards for power plants

Rules to cut greenhouse-gas emissions from operating U.S. power plants will be a boon for companies willing to invest in clean energy, said Carol Browner, a former Environmental Protection Agency administrator.  More »

Brazil prepares to surprise drillers this time with gas

As Brazil prepares for its first-ever auction of shale-gas acreage, it has a message for global prospectors: The country that discovered the world’s biggest offshore oil finds this century may have almost twice as much natural gas onshore as is currently estimated.  More »

BP investors allowed to add more statements to fraud case

BP Plc’s investors can add more claims to a multibillion-dollar lawsuit accusing the company of lying before and after the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill, a U.S. judge ruled.  More »

SEC settles insider trading case with Houston man

U.S. securities regulators settled an insider-trading case with a Texas man who allegedly bought National Semiconductor Corp. shares based on a tip about its acquisition gleaned from his wife, a lawyer whose firm consulted on the deal.  More »

US halts offshore drilling on wells with faulty bolts

Drilling regulators have directed offshore operators to halt work on oil and gas wells in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico after discovering faulty bolts made by General Electric Co. on equipment used to prevent blowouts.  More »

Houston companies among top polluters on federal list

Natural gas and oil production is the second-biggest source of U.S. greenhouse gases, the government said, and ConocoPhillips and Apache Corp. operations are among the top polluters.  More »

Pemex workers return with source of gas buildup still unknown

Petroleos Mexicanos employees return today to their Mexico City headquarters where 37 people died last week as authorities search for the source of a gas buildup that caused the nation’s deadliest explosion since 2006.  More »

Occidental Petroleum seeks to build Texas ethylene plant

Occidental Petroleum Corp. (OXY) applied to build an ethylene plant in Texas, the latest company to propose new capacity for the region as booming shale gas supplies cut costs for U.S. chemical makers.  More »

Murkowski says gas boom should back clean-energy options

Senator Lisa Murkowski, citing a need for policies to deal with abundant energy supplies after years of scarcity, offered proposals that include expanding oil and gas development to help underwrite clean-energy research.  More »

U.S. imports could lower Japan’s fuel bill

Japan may cut its liquefied natural gas bill 10 percent by importing less-expensive supplies of the fuel from the U.S., a government energy adviser said.  More »

Shipping landlocked Alberta oil north an option

Alberta’s landlocked oil producers facing pipeline bottlenecks to the south, west and east are welcome to ship their product north, according to Northwest Territories leader Bob McLeod.  More »

Judge denies petition to block Spectra pipeline

Spectra Energy Corp.’s plan to build a 16-mile pipeline to bring natural gas into Manhattan from New Jersey was cleared by a New York state judge who rejected an environmental group’s challenge to the project.  More »