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Opinion: Natural-gas vehicles will run best without subsidies

Few areas of American governance have been as incoherent in recent decades as energy policy, which is saying something. But lately, we keep seeing reasons for optimism.  More »

High methane in Pennsylvania water deemed safe by EPA

Tests by the Environmental Protection Agency of water in Dimock, Pennsylvania, found elevated levels of methane consistent with leakage from gas drilling nearby, according to scientists who reviewed the data.  More »

Chevron, Merck disclose funding to 2010 attack-ad groups

Some secret donors who gave money to groups that paid for millions of dollars in attack ads during the 2010 midterm elections are becoming public.  More »

Total considers relief well to stem North Sea Elgin gas leak

Total SA is considering drilling a relief well to halt a natural-gas and condensate leak from its Elgin platform in the U.K. North Sea.  More »

North Sea leak may deny brent crude relief from Libya’s return

The halt of Total SA (FP)’s Elgin platform in the North Sea after a gas leak may deny the Brent crude market the relief that was set to come with resurgent Libyan oil exports, according to BNP Paribas SA.  More »

Enbridge pipelines to ease crude logjam

Enbridge Inc. (ENB)’s plans to expand U.S. pipeline capacity may help generate as much as $15 billion for Canadian oil-sands producers such as Suncor Energy Inc. (SU) and boost government tax revenue as Alberta crude begins to command a higher price.  More »

Newfield focused on oil after first gas drilling halt

Newfield Exploration Co. (NFX), which received about 70 percent of its output from natural gas in 2010, isn’t drilling for dry gas for the first time in its 24- year history, Chief Executive Officer Lee Boothby said.  More »

Petrobras America sues over broken chain on Gulf oil system

Petrobras America Inc. (PETR4) sued marine chain-maker Vicinay Cadenas SA for at least $180 million over losses allegedly caused by a broken chain that let parts of a floating oil production system sink and drift away in the Gulf of Mexico last year.  More »

Enbridge venture plans oil pipes to Gulf as Keystone blocked

Enbridge (ENB) Inc., the biggest Canadian pipeline company, and Enterprise Products Partners LP (EPD) plan to expand shipments from the northern U.S. to the Gulf Coast as supplies increase from Canada’s oil sands and the Bakken shale in the Northern Plains.  More »

Kenya says four exploratory oil wells to be drilled in 2012

The government of Kenya, which yesterday announced its first oil discovery, expects four exploratory wells to be drilled in the country this year.  More »

California’s Brown says he’ll consider fracking standards

Governor Jerry Brown said he’ll consider opening California (STOCA1), fourth among oil-producing states, to a drilling method known as hydraulic fracturing to increase natural-gas production.  More »

Texas tops finds from Brazil to Bakken as best prospect

Energy companies in search of oil riches rivaling the biggest finds from Brazil to Angola are flocking to Texas shale, where new wells have triggered a 230- fold increase in crude output in three years.  More »

Obama vows more U.S. oil production

President Barack Obama, defending his energy policy from Republican criticism, vowed his administration will support domestic oil production while saying that won’t be enough to bring gasoline prices down.  More »

Quake risk from fracking seen cut with disclosures

U.S. energy companies should report information on waste water from hydraulic fracturing to help officials reduce the risk of earthquakes, the head of the U.S. Geological Survey said.  More »

Chevron’s Brazil license risks being revoked on oil spill

Brazil’s petroleum regulator is considering revoking Chevron Corp.’s (CVX) exploration contract after finding the U.S. oil producer could have avoided a 3,000-barrel spill off Rio de Janeiro’s coast.  More »