Natural gas fueling plans may spur vehicle growth

The United States has record supplies of natural gas and plenty of reasons to promote natural-gas powered cars, but so consumers, manufacturers and fuel suppliers haven’t shown much interest.  More »

W.Va. DEP gets more staff, search on to fill jobs

A new Marcellus shale regulatory law gives the Department of Environmental Protection money to hire more natural gas well inspectors and support staff. But filling the 14 new positions will take some time.  More »

Lafayette moving toward natural gas

Two public fueling stations for natural gas-powered vehicles are set to open next year as part of initiatives that include new buses and converting at least 40 city-parish vehicles to run on the fuel.  More »

Royal Dutch Shell says Nigeria spill contained

The worst Nigeria offshore oil spill in more than a decade has been contained before reaching the West African nation’s coast, officials with Royal Dutch Shell PLC said Monday, less than a week after one of its lines bled crude into the Atlantic Ocean.  More »

Turkey, Azerbaijan sign pipeline deal

Turkey and Azerbaijan signed an agreement today to establish a consortium that would build a pipeline to transport 565 billion cubic feet per year of Azeri gas to Turkey and Europe.  More »

Morgantown lets illegal drilling ban stay on books

Morgantown is keeping a municipal ban on Marcellus shale gas drilling and hydraulic fracturing on the books even though a judge has declared it unconstitutional and unenforceable.  More »

ND rules order disclosure of ‘frack’ fluids

Proposed new North Dakota rules say oil companies have to disclose the recipe for special fluids they pump underground.  More »

Brazil slaps new fine on Chevron

Brazil’s environmental protection agency has slapped a new fine on Chevron for what it says was the U.S. oil company’s poor handling of a spill last month off the coast of Rio de Janeiro state.  More »

Oil settles near $100 on global security concerns

Tensions between Iran and western nations, along with unrest in Syria, Bahrain, Kazakhstan and Iraq have raised worries that oil supplies could be disrupted.  More »

Popemobile goes green

Pope Benedict XVI’s popemobile may be getting an ecological upgrade.  More »

SEC requiring coal firms to report safety problems

A lawyer suing the former Massey Energy Co. says investors might have made better decisions about putting money into the coal company had it been required to report safety violations to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission before last year’s Upper Big Branch mine disaster that killed 29 miners.  More »

Fuel pipeline explodes in Colombia, killing 11

A fuel pipeline exploded in Colombia on Friday, killing at least 11 people, injuring more than 70 others, and destroying homes.  More »

Shell offshore Nigeria spill came amid tanker-loading

A faulty pipe from an offshore oil field run by Royal Dutch Shell PLC near Nigeria’s coast spewed crude oil into the ocean for as much as 25 hours as workers loaded a waiting tanker, the company acknowledged today.  More »

Russian oil rig sinking casts doubt on Arctic plan

The sinking of a floating oil rig that left more than 50 crew dead or missing is intensifying fears that Russian companies searching for oil in remote areas are unprepared for emergencies — and could cause a disastrous spill in the pristine waters of the Arctic.  More »

Chesapeake relocates prairie dog family from drill site

A small colony of the critters was living in a vacant field on a proposed natural gas drilling site near the city golf course and an area targeted for economic development known as Old Town.  More »