Rig survivor wants court date before BP deal approved


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Amid the emotional outpouring from families of those who died aboard the Deepwater Horizon is a simple request that U.S. District Judge Sarah Vance needs to grant before she approves BP’s record criminal settlement later this month.

Buddy Trahan, a Transocean manager and the most seriously injured survivor of the Deepwater Horizon disaster, remains in legal limbo, his case against BP entangled with other civil claims pending in a different New Orleans federal court.

In a statement filed with Vance last week, Trahan asked her to free his lawsuit from that combined civil litigation and return it to the Houston state court in which he originally filed it.

Trahan is permanently disabled from injuries he sustained in the rig explosion. As BP and the government were putting the final touches on their criminal settlement late last year, he was preparing for his eleventh surgery.

Trahan’s statement was among a handful filed by survivors and family members of the 11 men killed in the disaster.

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