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Fed minutes show slow crisis reaction

Transcripts of Federal Reserve meetings raise question of whether the recession would have been less severe if US central bank had reacted faster  More »

China accounts probe hits Caterpillar

The US group is forced to take a charge of $580m after it uncovered overstated profit and inventory at the Siwei subsidiary it acquired last year  More »

Best paid plans going astray for bankers

Despite all the noise about pay, the real change at the Wall Street banks has been cuts in headcount rather than individual bonuses  More »

National Oceans Policy Is About Streamlining

This blog was written by Dr. Amber Mace,  Associate Director, Policy Institute for Energy, Environment & The Economy, University of California, Davis. Prior to joining UC Davis, Dr. Mace served as assistant secretary for coastal matters at the California Natural Resources Agency. Soon President Obama will release his final National Ocean Policy Implementation Plan. With […]  More »

Chinese growth figures support shares

Equities advance after China’s economy posts better than expected fourth-quarter growth, breaking a run of seven weaker readings  More »

Irish burger baron denies cost cutting

Larry Goodman said ABP Food Group had never bought or traded in horse meat and suspected contamination came from product sourced from the Continent  More »

‘Private Empire’ delivers in-depth look at ExxonMobil’s evolution

In his weekly book review, Houston Chronicle business columnist Loren Steffy reviews New Yorker writer Steve Coll’s ‘Private Empire: ExxonMobil and American Power’.  More »

IMF warns Greece may need €10bn more

Fund praises a raft of Athens austerity and reform legislation, but warned that the biggest risk to the plan’s success remained the country’s political stability  More »

Chinese labour pool begins to drain

China’s working age population has shrunk for the first time in recent history, marking the beginning of a trend that will accelerate over two decades  More »

Goldman doubles Blankfein stock bonus

News of Mr Blankfein’s stock bonus comes two days after the New York-based investment bank reported its most profitable quarter in about three years  More »

Attack dismantles comfort of protected lives

Raid on the In Amenas gas plant will raise questions about the safety of economically crucial but high-risk hydrocarbon facilities throughout the region  More »

Republicans to pass debt limit extension

House Republicans said that if the House or Senate did not pass a budget by mid-April, lawmakers’ salaries would be withheld, saying ‘no budget, no pay’  More »

GE lifted by strong emerging markets growth

High-growth markets responsible for the rise in the company’s industrial revenues to $111bn, with China sales up 19%, Latin America 22% and Russia 23%  More »

Morgan Stanley swings to quarterly profit

Investment bank’s shares jump as it reports boost from trading amid efforts to reorient the business towards retail brokerage and wealth management  More »

Live: Algeria hostage crisis

The situation in the remote corner of Algeria where armed forces assaulted the gas facility where armed Islamists were holding hostages remains shrouded in uncertainty  More »
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