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White House questions Syrian weapons claim

The Obama administration has played down reports that Syria used chemical weapons on its own citizens during a December attack on rebels in the city of Homs  More »

World Bank cautions on economic stimulus

Global growth forecast for 2013 remains weak and developing countries are urged to focus on fundamental prosperity drivers ahead of quick fixes  More »

Silver Lake at centre of Dell deal talks

A deal would amount to the biggest buyout ever of a technology concern, topping the $17.5bn paid for semiconductor company Freescale in 2006  More »

Walmart pledges help for US producers

Bill Simon, chief executive of Walmart US, claims that promises of more local sourcing of products and more jobs for military veterans are not a ‘stunt’  More »

Opening forebodes long, contentious trial over fuel additive

Lawyers for the state of New Hampshire and petroleum giants ExxonMobil and Citgo mocked their opponents’ evidence and disparaged their witnesses for a second day Tuesday as they prepared jurors for a long, contentious trial over the gasoline additive MTBE.  More »

Kinnucan jailed over insider trading

Sentencing follows a two-year standoff that culminated in slurs against prosecutors and FBI agents and his guilty plea last July  More »

Morgan Stanley defers bonuses for top staff

2012 bonuses for highest-paid bankers could put off for three years in effort to appease financial watchdogs calling for more restraint on Wall Street  More »

Obama poised to set out gun control plans

Possible measures include putting more emphasis on the mental health of gun buyers, as the president faces Congress fight over banning assault weapons  More »

Chariot completes 3D seismic program offshore Mauritania

Chariot Oil & Gas Ltd. (AIM:CHAR) has completed a 3,500-sq km (1,351-sq mi) 3D seismic acquisition program offshore Mauritania.  More »

Facebook ramps up Google search fight

New feature gives social network’s users the ability to conduct targeted searches for people, photos, places and interests within company’s ‘social graph’  More »

Court rules against Big Oil in dispute over ethanol blend

Despite protests from the oil industry, a federal appeals court on Tuesday refused to allow a challenge to an Environmental Protection Agency decision encouraging more ethanol to be blended into gasoline.  More »

Stocks slip as risk rally wavers

Bulls say the pullback signals merely a period of reflection and consolidation, but bears argue most positive factors are already discounted  More »

Goldman backs down on UK bonus delay

Investment bank has decided not to press ahead with plans that would have allowed bankers to benefit from cut in top rate of tax from 50% to 45% after April 6  More »

Hardliners shift stance on US debt ceiling

Move underscores concern that political stand-off over extending borrowing limit would diminish public support for sharp cuts in government spending  More »

Spain calls on Germany to boost growth

Rajoy calls for expansionary policies from eurozone’s creditor countries, and says Madrid was right with its decision not to request ECB aid last year  More »
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