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Banks near $10bn foreclosure agreement

Largest US lenders are close to a deal with regulators to resolve claims that they broke rules by seizing homes of defaulting customers  More »

Sony rejoins BMG for Parlophone bid

Move will heighten competition for the labels that regulators forced Vivendi’s Universal to sell as a condition of its £1.2bn purchase of EMI last year  More »

Bankruptcy regime for nations urged

Many say rulings against Argentina highlight the weakness of current approach to government debt workouts and urge revisiting IMF’s 2002 proposal  More »

Cracks widen in US debt ceiling debate

Politicians air their stark differences over how to divide the burden for deficit reduction between new taxes and fresh spending cuts  More »

How bad language can catch financial rogues

More than 3,000 key words and phrases used in emails among employees engaged in wrongdoing have been identified via anti-fraud technology  More »

Venezuelans contemplate life after Chávez

If the ailing leader is forced to relinquish power, all eyes will be on Nicolás Maduro, who was named heir to the so-called ‘Bolivarian revolution’  More »

UK companies respond to pressure on pay

Rises in executives’ pay becoming aligned with those of other employees as shareholders stepped up their campaign to keep remuneration in check  More »

Banks win more flexible Basel rules

Banks will be able to count a wider range of assets toward requirements, including some equities and mortgage-backed securities  More »

Londonderry hopes title will transform image

Year-long programme of cultural events aims to stimulate arts, tourism and urban regeneration in one of the UK’s most disadvantaged cities  More »

Missoni chief’s flight goes missing in Venezuela

Business head of the Italian fashion dynasty Vittorio Missoni has disappeared in a light aircraft off the coast of South America  More »

Big displays of ambition in China handsets

Local manufacturers are following global brands into the supposedly higher-margin segment of ‘phablets’, with bigger screens and tablet-like features  More »

France hints at lowering 75% tax rate

Struck-down supertax may return at lower threshold but last for the rest of its five-year mandate, not just the two years initially proposed  More »

Islamic scholar urges Pakistan reforms

Moderate calls for rule of law and taps into widespread frustration at the domination of the political scene by a small group of families  More »

Immigrants abandoning recession-hit Italy

Chinese people leaving boarded-up shops in Rome are not the only ethnic group which has decided to move in search of greener pastures  More »

A&M scientists study plant waste as a potential biofuel

A research group headed by Texas A&M University has been awarded $2.4 million by the Department of Energy to work on converting lignin — a component of plants usually discarded as a waste product — into a biofuel.  More »
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