Daily Archives: January 5, 2013

Officials close to towing grounded drilling rig

Salvagers are preparing to try pulling Shell’s grounded Arctic drilling rig from a rocky Alaskan island’s coast as soon as critical equipment arrives on the scene and weather permits _ possibly before the weekend’s end.  More »

Shots fired during Belfast flag protest

Police are probing reports that shots were fired at them during Loyalist rallies about restrictions on the flying of the Union flag at city hall  More »

Drumbeat: January 5, 2013

Exports of American Natural Gas May Fall Short of High Hopes HOUSTON — Only five years ago, several giant natural gas import terminals were built to satisfy the energy needs of a country hungry for fuels. But the billion-dollar terminals were obsolet…  More »

Salvage crews plan to rescue grounded drilling rig

Salvagers are preparing to pull Shell’s stranded Arctic drilling rig from the rocky coast of an Alaska island, drawing on visits to the beached vessel and five flyovers conducted on Friday.  More »

Indian police accused of fatal delay

Television interview with victim’s companion likely to reinforce widespread perception that police are indifferent and unprofessional  More »

Rig grounding could put Shell’s Arctic drilling plans on ice

Even if Shell is able to free its grounded Kulluk drilling rig from a rocky Alaskan island shore, it may be too damaged to resume hunting Arctic oil this summer. The 29-year-old conical drilling unit is uniquely designed to weather floating ice, and replacements aren’t readily available. Even if Shell Oil Co. could find an Arctic-ready rig, it almost certainly would not secure air pollution permits for a different vessel in time to resume drilling wells this July.  More »